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21 Oct 2016 Three NTB Shows at the National Theatre Festival
Three NTB Shows at the National Theatre Festival

On Friday, 21 October 2016, the „I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest shall host the official opening of the 26th edition of the National Theatre Festival. In the foyer of the NTB Grand Hall, as of 6 p.m., introducing the show in the festival opening, the varnishing of the exhibition-document dedicated to the great dancer and choreographer Gigi Căciuleanu shall be held. As of 9.00 p.m., the audience is expected in the Painting Hall, where it shall watch The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, one of the three NTB shows shortlisted in the NTF. Each show shall have two representations within the festival. Thus, also on Saturday 22 October 2016, as of 5.00 p.m., you may witness this wonderful NTB show, inspired by a novel of Mark Haddon, directed by young Bobi Pricop and with the remarkable scenography of Adrian Damian, complemented by Liliana Cenean’s costumes. The show has been very successful, both at the headquarters and on tour, whereas the gifted performers - Ciprian Nicula, Emilian Oprea, Ana Ciontea, Carmen Ungureanu, Rodica Ionescu – were rewarded with prizes, nominations and applause. Recently, the show has received not less than three awards at the Short Theatre Festival of Oradea (FITO 2016), bestowed for Best Show, for Best Direction and upon Ciprian Nicula for Best Actor. On Sunday 23 October, 7.00 p.m. and Monday 24 October (a premiere in its own way, because never before has the show been performed on a Monday!), as of 9.00 p.m., you can watch the exceptional show No Matter How Hard We Tried by Dorota Masłowska, directed by Radu Afrim, the fourth show of the director at NTB, after "The Avalanche", “Thieves" and "Scourge". The remarkable stage set of the show is courtesy of Irina Moscu. The cast features well-known actors, harder to recognise at first sight, in surprising creations: Dorina Chiriac, Marius Manole (UNITER 2016 Gala Award for Best Supporting Actor!), Liliana Ghiţă, Natalia Călin, Istvan Teglas, Cezar Antal, Florentina Ţilea. A memento, but also a serious alert, woven into the texture of a dark comedy of the highest quality, scenically spiced up through music-hall moments, travesties, compositions and reversals, aptly coordinated by the director. On Saturday 29 October, as of 7.00 p.m. and on Sunday 30 October, as of 8.00 p.m., at the Black Box Hall, the programme of the festival gives you the opportunity to meet L'Om DAdA, the second choreographic show signed by renowned artist Gigi Căciuleanu at NTB, after Caragiale’s "Our Kind of Stuff". Two outstanding performers, actors and dancers, in a string of revelations and surprises; this time, the great artist and choreographer is on stage, an actor in the true sense of the word. The show is produced under the auspices of the „Ion Sava” Centre for Research and Theatrical Creation, in collaboration with the "Gigi Căciuleanu Romania Dance Company" and the "Art Production" Foundation, with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute, representing a free and challenging artistic interpretation of the Dadaist spirit on the occasion of the centenary. And, because almost all roads to NTB lead through the University passage, it is useful to know that starting with Monday, the University passage has become again, for two weeks, the NTF Passage. From here, you can get informed about everything happening at the Festival: performances, casts, producers, where tickets can be found and how they can be purchased, exhibition varnishings and book launches, addresses of theatres, as the organisers estimate, as well as other information to facilitate the spectator’s participation in the National Theatre Festival.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu  

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14 Oct 2016 Young People Go Again to the Theatre. 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres to Recommence
Young People Go Again to the Theatre. 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres to Recommence

On Friday, 14 October 2016, a new edition of 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres is launched. Already a tradition, the project dedicated to teenagers shall start the 6th phase, with an event reuniting all participants from this year – organisers, partner theatres, students and teachers from the capital. The launch shall take place at the Ion Creangă National College of Bucharest, on Friday, as of 10:00 a.m. The ECDL Foundation Romania, alongside its partners, UNITER, the Bucharest Town Hall and the School Inspectorate of the Bucharest Municipality, invite you to get acquainted with the young artists and theatre spectators. 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres is an educational project encouraging the involvement of teenagers in cultural projects, through their access to theatre institutions and plays, challenging them simultaneously to a competition of theatre plays. Theatres are opening their season to other 150 pupils from 5 high schools of the capital, including members of school theatre troupes. They shall witness for free plays from the programme of each of the 5 Bucharest theatres, partners in the project dedicated to young people, 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres: the Small Theatre, the I.L. Caragiale National Theatre of Bucharest, the Jewish State Theatre, the Ion Creangă Theatre and the Metropolis Youth Theatre. The new schools of the capital participating in this edition of 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres are: the Iulia Haşdeu National College, the Nichita Stănescu Theoretic High School, the Jean Monnet Theoretical High School, the Ion Creangă National College, and the Virgil Madgearu Schools of Economics. This time as well, high school theatre troupes shall be able to take part in interactive activities performed by the partner theatres and shall be coordinated by them for the enactment of a short play on the topic of human rights. The project shall be conducted in the time frame October – December 2016 and shall end with the 5 High Schools – 5 Theatres Gala, when the representations, the jury assessment and award ceremony for the five plays created by teenagers shall take place. On the occasion of the 5 High Schools – 5 Theatres launching event, we intend to determine the impact of the programme among the students and teachers involved in this new phase. Since the first edition started in 2011 at the initiative of the ECDL Foundation Romania, other 750 students from 20 different Bucharest high schools have participated in this project. The alternative education has a major role for the development of young people, who must further be oriented towards real and correct values, including cultural values. The ECDL initiatives promote the balanced development of young people, pursuing international careers and certifications, but also aware of the act of culture, as a completion of their knowledge and the abilities accumulated in school.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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05 Dec 2016 Grigore Leșe: At Heaven’s Gates
Grigore Leșe: At Heaven’s Gates

On 5 December 2016, in the Studio Hall of the ”I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest, Grigore Leșe shall perform the festive concert At Heaven’s Gates, starting with 7:00 p.m. In the evening of St. Nicholas, Grigore Leșe and his guests: Olga Podobinschi-pian, Maria Chifu - bassoon, Mihaela Pletea - voice, Amir Heidarkhodaee – chord instruments, pulsatile instruments and vocal, shall enchant people with Christmas carols, star songs and other melodies from the traditional, but also classical repertoire, carefully chosen for the evening when ” heavens are opening” to be really felt as a holiday. ”Holiday means having a good time, clean place and purified soul”, says Grigore Leșe. The weather shall be good, the venue is the freshly renovated hall, newly redeemed to the audience, in the new building of the National Theatre of Bucharest, and the unique and special voice of Grigore Leșe shall certainly turn this concert into an unforgettable moment for everyone present. The event shall facilitate the audience the encounter not only with the music of Grigore Leșe, but also with his books Now I Know Who I Am and Singing From the Throat. Guardian Angel and Temptation, as well as an autograph session after the concert, in the Studio Hall foyer. There, spectators shall be able to also find a few of the DVDs launched lately by the artist, under the Humanitas publishing house. Grigore Leșe assumed, almost by himself, the calling of discoverer of the current and authentic folklore, travelling the country and seeking voices heard nowadays in the Romanian villages, “on the quest for profound Romania”, as he likes to say. ”I have always wondered: what were the songs like in times of yore in the Romanian villages? What was the music like in the areas relying on sheep farming, what were the fiddlers like and what did they represent for the community? What is left from this music? The answer came to me after many years, observing the phenomenon closely, getting to know people, talking with the fiddlers, listening to them in their homes. There is a profound Romania and there is music in these communities and this music must be mainstreamed and introduced at international level. It is a different kind of world. And this world has never been promoted". Grigore Leșe   Tickets are available at the box office of the National Theatre of Bucharest and on   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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