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07 Mar 2017 Project Contest. 9G at NTB – Fourth Edition
Project Contest. 9G at NTB – Fourth Edition

The “I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest, through the “Ion Sava” Centre for Theatre Research and Creation, is launching the fourth edition of the 9G programme at NTB (New Generation), dedicated to young playwrights, graduates of relevant faculties, aged 35 or under, who are not employed in theatre institutions. The programme has been launched in January 2014, while 15 projects have been selected to date, 13 of which are included in the 9G Season at NTB. 9G at NTB takes place in the Small Hall, space exclusively intended for young artists. 9G at NTB. Procedure: - The “I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest and the “Ion Sava” Centre for Theatre Research and Creation provide the premises for the preparation of the show, in the Small Hall or one of the rehearsal halls of the theatre, for a period of three weeks (of which one week on the stage of the Small Hall). Depending on the theatre’s rehearsal schedule and the availability of halls (rehearsal halls, foyers etc.) or the complexity of the proposed project, the time necessary for the preparation of the show can be prolonged. - NTB provides the technical facilities of the Small Hall, the costume stock, the scenery stock, the props, the theatre’s workshops, without making any additional investment in connection with the production of the show, but also the theatre’s logistical support and counselling. - The shows resulting from the selected projects shall have 3 free representations, with free entrance, without payment of copyright or related fees. - Following the performances with audience, and with the consent of the NTB artistic board, the show can be included in a season (with the possibility of contract prolongation) in the repertoire of the Small Hall, in the 9G Season at NTB, requiring minimal investments in production and payment of copyright, according to the recipe of the representation, payment collection and promotion. Terms of participation in the project pre-selection: - The team proposing the project must consist of independent artists, graduates of relevant faculties, aged 35 or under. - There is no type of requirement or restriction related to the enlisted texts (classical and contemporary dramaturgy) or to the kind of proposed aesthetics, but the show concept focused on the art of the actor represents an advantage. - Projects shall be sent per e-mail to the address: They shall comprise (according to the attached form): the directing concept of the show (maximum 2 pages); the cast, and the CVs of the team members. (Links with recordings of previous shows of the team members may be added or recorded performances can be sent as transfers). Furthermore, the technical requirements of the project shall be listed in detail. The play, the adaptation for the stage, the script (any text underlying the project) must be attached in a separate document. - The space of the Small Hall shall be used according to the attached outline (Italian stage). Projects shall be enlisted starting from 7 March 2017 until 7 April 2017, whereas by mid-May (the date shall be set according to the number of registered projects), the shortlisted titles and teams shall be announced. Following a discussion with the teams, the projects shall be selected which shall go into rehearsals in the first stage of the 9G programme (according to the regulation).

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10 Apr 2017 The Stradivarius Gala
The Stradivarius Gala

On Monday, 10 April 2017, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra invites you to the first edition of the Stradivarius Gala. An event highlighting the craftsmanship of the most famous luthier in the world, Antonio Stradivarius, the concert shall be hosted by the Grand Hall of the “I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest, starting from 7.30 p.m. Alongside conductor George Tudorache, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra invites you to take part in a special evening, giving you the opportunity to listen to the wonderful music of W.A. Mozart. The invited soloists shall perform on Stradivarius violins and are two of the most appreciated performers of the international musical stages: Genevieve Laurenceau - **Stradivarius violin 1682 **and Svetlin Roussev - **Stradivarius violin 1710 Camposelice**. The programme further comprises the Divertimento no. 1, KV136 and Divertimento no. 3, KV 138. Founded in 2007, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra is a first-class Romanian musical ensemble. It was founded by three young and ambitious musicians, composed of the most valuable Romanian instrumentalists. Desiring to offer music lovers the possibility to get in touch with quality music, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra has developed original and innovative concepts, transposed on the stage of the Hello Culture! annual season. The mission of the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra is promoting excellence in music and attracting young people to the concert halls. Partners: the Mayor’s Office of District 6, the European Cultural Centre of District 6, PONSA, Texcargo, Media partners: Adevărul, Dilema Veche, EuropaFM, Media Advertising   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu

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01 Mar 2017 Make a Gift Together with NTB: The Theatre Gift Vouchers
Make a Gift Together with NTB: The Theatre Gift Vouchers

  Because people love beauty, they want to make gifts and because people who love beauty belong to our faithful audience, we have thought of meeting them with an unusual gift: the theatre voucher. The theatre voucher is the special gift we are launching on 1st March, but it is dedicated to all special moments of this year. Initiated last year, the Make a Gift Together with NTB campaign has launched for the first time on the market of cultural products, the theatre gift vouchers, meant to assist the ones who wish to give their loved ones the possibility of choosing their favourite theatre show from the repertoire of the ”I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest, on various anniversary occasions. The ones who had received a theatre gift voucher, were able to purchase from the NTB box office, to the extent that there were places free, tickets to the theatre shows, at prices falling within the value inscribed on the voucher. This year, we are bringing to your attention an offer consisting of three types of theatre gift vouchers, addressed to the various audience categories: The Gift Voucher, worth 100 lei, gives the possibility of purchasing in the range of low and medium prices within the NTB offer. The Premium Voucher, worth 200 lei, is the voucher that can be exchanged for tickets within the category of maximum prices from the offer of the National Theatre. The Student / Senior Voucher, worth 40 lei, is a special voucher, dedicated to students and seniors (our theatre-loving grandparents!), enabling the purchase from the NTB box office of tickets from the category for students and retired people. For exchanging this special voucher, the ones coming to the box office are kindly asked to show their student ID or a pension slip. Unlike last year, when vouchers could be exchanged only at the theatre’s box office, this year, the vouchers from the Gift and Premium categories can also be used online, for the purchase of tickets via the websites and On the online ticketing site,, the shows for which you can purchase tickets with the aid of the series inscribed on the vouchers, shall bear a distinctive mark indicating this possibility, so that they can be easily identified. Vouchers contain barcodes and can be read with the aid of a special sensor, should they be exchanged at the box office. In case of their exchange on the online platform, the inscription of the voucher series shall be necessary, matching the barcode, in the space intended for the validation of vouchers, by the purchasing software of The ones willing to join this campaign, through the purchase of a larger number of gift vouchers, are asked to contact us, as the print-run of these vouchers is limited. Translated by Simona Nichiteanu  

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