101. Dialogue with Mihai Șora

21 January 2018

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The NTB Conferences on DVD 30 June 2018
Launched almost eight decades ago by Ion Marin Sadoveanu, the National Theatre Conferences have returned to the stage of the Black Box Hall since 2006 with the lectures of prominent personalities of Romanian culture on the most diverse and exciting topics. Gathered in a collection of DVDs aiming at keeping these testimonials of wisdom, culture and civilisation, 32 of the conferences from the previous seasons can be purchased at the box office or in the lobbies of the halls before or after the shows. The collection of DVDs, accompanied by brochures containing the texts of the conferences, comprise the following titles: N. C. Munteanu – Me and My Dog, the Securitate Basarab Nicolescu – Does the Universe Make Sense? The Contemporary Dialogue Between Science and Religion Ion Pop – From the Avangarde to the Rearguard Cristian Bădiliță – Why We Need a New Translation of the Septuagint and of the New Testament Ilina Gregori – When Was the 19th Century? Eminescu and Modernity Teodor Marieș – In Search of the Truth Alex Leo Șerban – And Yet, Why Do We Watch Movies? Andrei Șerban – About Chekhov or Who else wants to go to Moscow? Alexandru Tocilescu – About Theatre and Its Matters Dorana Coşoveanu - At that time when the paintings were shot Bujor Nedelcovici – Writers and the Exile His Royal Excellency Prince Radu – The Wise Ruling Neagu Djuvara – The 77 Years War (1914-1991) Mircea Dinescu – The Curse of Being a Parody Writer Nicolae Manolescu – Do We Not Have Playwrights? Lucia Hossu Longin – The Exercise of Memory Dan C. Mihailescu – Who Is the Neo-Interwar Generation and What Does It Want Octavian Paler – With Melancholy, about the Barbarians Stelian Tanase – The Panait Istrati Case Theodor Baconsky – Orthodoxy and United Europe Adrian Cioroianu – Romanian Communism between Hope and Traps Ileana Malancioiu – The Tragic Guilt Ion Caramitru – The Limits of Waiting Radu Beligan – My Professors Cristian Tudor Popescu – The Sticker Man Robert Turcescu – The Burial of a Myth: Farewell, Free Press! Ion Vianu - Antigone, a Dissident Andrei Pleşu – About the Heart Doina Jela – Deceptive Memory Neagu Djuvara – A Brief Experience with Western Intelligence Services Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu – The Securitate Leaking, an Imperative for Democracy Vladimir Tismăneanu – The Revolutionary Year 1956 Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu – Romanian Ethics and Public Sense 200 Years Ago Adrian Vasilescu – Religion and the Star Varujan Vosganian – Elites and Counter-Elites in Transitional Romania Radu Beligan - Radu Beligan 90 Emil Hurezeanu - Romania in Europe and Europe in Romania Ana Blandiana – The Romanian Fun Making, from Defense to Suicide Herta Müller – Always the Same Snow and Always the Same Uncle Theodor Paleologu – The Topicality of Political Theology Sorin Alexandrescu – Visual Culture, Pros and Cons Solomon Marcus – A Peak of Romanian Culture: Traian Lalescu Horia-Roman Patapievici – About Wasted Opportunities in History Cristian Bădiliţă – Judas and Mary Magdalene Between Damnation and Exoneration The series of conferences shall continue in this season as well, on each Sunday, once every two weeks, with new spiritual challenges, discussion topics and lectures. The price of a DVD is 25 RON!   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu
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Silvia Colfescu: Stories from Bucharest – a City with the Calling of Survival 29 April 2018
Photo by Dinu Lazar On Sunday, 29th April 2018, from 11.00 a.m., in the NTB Black Box Hall, Mrs. Silvia Colfescu shall hold the conference on the topic Stories from Bucharest – a City with the Calling of Survival. About the Conference „From 1711 to 1916, Romania was invaded by the Russians ten times, and in the years 1940 and 1944 they added two further occupations to this list. As all invaders, also the great friends from the East have robbed the country, humiliated the inhabitants, regardless whether they were great aristocrats or simple peasants, they behaved as any winner in a defeated country. A consequence of the invasion from 1828-1829, during the Russian-Turkish War, has been however, to a certain extent, beneficial: the Russians have occupied the Principalities until the payment of the war damages by the Turks. The tzar has commissioned Count Pavel Kiseleff to lead both Principalities. The count has inaugurated an order and discipline regime and has issued the first Constitution of the country, the Organic Regulation. It was a period in which the Principalities have made big steps on the path of civilisation. The memory of the count is perpetuated by the Kiseleff Road, thus named in his honour. Kiseleff, a tamed invader, defeated by the discrete charm of the city. In the end, assimilated in a way. Assimilation – one of the survival methods of a city which, for centuries, has always been finding ways of survival. And flourishing. Because things, that do not grow, die out. And Bucharest, always hurt, often despised, untidy to a great extent, is alive.” Silvia Colfescu About Silvia Colfescu BA degree from the Faculty of Arts History, the Nicolae Grigorescu Institute of Fine Arts (nowadays National Art University Bucharest) Co-founder (1990) and editorial manager of „Vremea” Publishing, Bucharest Author and illustrator: children’s books, literature, travel book, tourist guides Translator for French-Romanian, English-Romanian Selective bibliography 1982 – A Happy Family, Ion Creangă Publishing, Bucharest, republished 1990, Vremea Publishing, text and illustrations 1985 – Romanian Dictionary for Pupils, fine arts department, Didactic and Paedagogic Publishing, republished 1999 Cartier Publishing, Bucharest 1988 – George Topârceanu – Autumn Rhapsodies, Junimea Publishing, Iași, illustrations 1991 – The Cherry Pie, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest, text and illustrations 1992 – The Most Beautiful Stories, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest, illustrations 2000 – Bucharest, Tourist, Artistic, Historical Guide, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest 2004 – Two Months in Europe, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest 2009 – Cats from Bucharest – Cats of Bucharest, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest 2013 – Fabulous Aunts and Other Bucharest Short Stories, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest Translations from French 1992 – Georges Simenon –Maigret’s Revolver, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest 1997 – Jacques Sadoul – Story of Modern SF, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest 1998 – Charles Perrault – Fairy Tales, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest, reprinted 1999, 2000, 2001   2007 – Nicolas Werth – Cannibal Island, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest 2011 – Antoine Vitkine – Mein Kampf. History of a Book, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest 2013 – Erik Orsenna – On the Paper Road, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest Translations from English 1993 – H.P. Lovecraft – The Thing on the Doorstep, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest 1993 – A.E. van Vogt – Dormant, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest 1994 – A.E. van Vogt – Mission to the Stars, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest 1995 – Ira Levin – This Perfect Day, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest 2007 – T.J. Macgregor – Out of Sight, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest 2008 – James Hadley Chase – I’ll Get You For This, Vremea Publishing, Bucharest Graphics 1980-1990 – disk covers (design and illustration), Electrecord, Bucharest 1980 – 1990 – book covers (design and illustration), Medical Publishing, Ion Creangă Publishing etc. 1980-2004 – participations in collective exhibitions, painting and illustration   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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