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08 December 2016 - 23 February 2017

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The Romanian Photographer Salon, Fourth Edition 09 June 2017
Private event hosted by the National Theatre of Bucharest. The organiser is exclusively liable for the quality and content of this event! The exhibition shall be open in the time frame 9th June – 2nd July 2017     On Friday, 9th June 2017, from 6.00 p.m., the Rotunda of the Small Hall foyer of the din ”I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest shall host the opening of the fourth edition of the Romanian Photographer Salon. The organisation of this Salon – aiming at supporting Romanian photography schools, but also independent photographers – is courtesy of the Art and Image Cultural Association, non-profit organization founded in the year 2015 for the organisation of cultural events in the field of fine arts, especially photography, but not limited to this form of visual expression. It directly took over the organisation of the previous edition, from 2016, of the Romanian Photographer Salon and wishes to also get involved in the organisation of other national events in partnership with similar European associations. It is committed to supporting young talents in the field of photography, especially those with scarce possibilities to have a personal exhibition. The National Theatre exhibition, unique through the proposed concept, shall gather the works of numerous Romanian photographers from all generations, approaching all photographic genres (nature, journalism, portrait, urban, event, conceptual, etc.) wishing to present the faithful mirror of what Romanian photography means at a certain point, including getting the audience acquainted with the existence of manifold ”schools” of photography currently active in Romania. For this reason, the condition imposed itself ever since the third edition, that all exhibited photographs are to be taken in the year of the respective edition The exhibition shall contain at least 100 works in the format 70cm x 50cm, printed by the AME design * company, in a traditional photographic technology (exposure on photosensitive material and chemical development) and finished in the shape of pictures with thin aluminium frames, all production costs being covered by this company, who is thus sponsor of this event. The exhibition shall be open to the public until 2nd July 2017 and can be visited daily between 14.00 – 19.00, except for Mondays. The audience’s access to the exhibition Rotunda shall be made from the Small Hall entrance to NTB, from the Carol Blvd. About AME design AME design is an undisputed market leader regarding large-scale and high-resolution print quality, featuring total lack of print lines, very high colour densities, the RGB colour range (with specific profiles for each material), very high printing speed, the lack of the raster dot, because it uses a technology in continuous tones, traditionally photographic (exposure on photosensitive materials and development in developer and fixer), thus resulting in an apparent resolution of 4000 DPI on mat, glossy and metallic paper for front lighting applications and on transparent (duraclear) and translucent (duratrans) film for backlighting applications. Beside printing on these materials, the company is specialised in the application of the printed material on diverse rigid surfaces (coating) or the framing of photographs with wooden or aluminium frames, including the well-known aluminium profile ultralight, which shall also be applied to all pictures from the exhibition The Romanian Photographer Salon, sponsored by AME design. Translated by Simona Nichiteanu
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