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08 December 2016 - 23 February 2017

Intrare liberă / Free entrance

Letters and Characters – Georgeta Năpăruș 20 September 2017
  20 years since the passing away of the unrivalled visual artist Georgeta Năpăruș, the beauty-loving audience shall have the occasion to see, gathered in a graphic exhibition, works signed by her in her last years of life, borrowed from the Grigorescu Family Collection. Entitled Letters and Characters – Georgeta Năpăruș, the exhibition, organised by Colony Art Gallery in partnership with the National Theatre (within the framework of the programme NTB-Paratheatrical – Visual Arts), shall be varnished on Wednesday, 20th September 2017, from 6.00 p.m. in the lobby of the Media Hall (Intercontinental), where it can be viewed until 24th October 2017. On this occasion, an album shall also be released, containing reproductions of these works, with a preface by art critic Pavel Șușară, who shall also be present at the opening in order to present the exhibition. ”For almost fourty years, throughout her career extended between 1957 and 1996, Georgeta Năpăruș has been known for her paintings. In the nineties, she started experimenting with art as an object („The Horse” from MNAC, the bread figures, the go tablet, the painted abaci). In her last two years of life, limited in her movement due to the disease, she produced at least 120 drawings and water colours, which are today owned by some private collections. The present exhibition features approximately half of this œuvre, shedding a light on a new and surprisingly vivid side of the artist’s work. The drawings are more present than in the beginnings, although they are born under the threat of the ending, in a low-key tribute paid to creativity.” Ilie Grigorescu ”Apparently derived from the folk epos and the narrative succulence of the rural imagination, as a simple playful exercise or a mere tremendous and self-sufficient display, the compositions of Georgeta Năpăruş are, in fact, ample comments on creation, on generative energies and the necessity of being – Pavel Șușară comments in the preface to the album. Like the Creator Himself, who does not choose, does not explain and does not take sides, Georgeta Năpăruş contemplates everything with the same amazement and with matching love (…). Georgeta Năpăruş knows how to conjugate unmistakably the feeling of duration with the iridescences of the instant, the archetypal with spontaneity and the strict statement with the exaltation of the gaze”. The exhibition can be visited daily from 11.00 – 19.00, except for Mondays. The audience’s access is made through the foyer of the NTB Studio Hall, next to the box office or directly from the esplanade leading to the Media and Painting Halls.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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