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13 June 2018
Project Contest. 9G at NTB – Fifth Edition 18 April 2018
The “I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest, through the “Ion Sava” Centre for Theatre Research and Creation, is launching the fifth edition of the 9G programme at NTB (New Generation), dedicated to young playwrights, graduates of relevant faculties, aged 35 or under, who are not employed in theatre institutions. The programme has been launched in January 2014, while 19 projects have been selected to date, 15 of which are included in the permanent repertoire of the Small Hall, within the 9G Season at NTB. 9G at NTB takes place in the Small Hall, space exclusively intended for young artists. 9G at NTB. Procedure: - The “I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest and the “Ion Sava” Centre for Theatre Research and Creation provide the premises for the preparation of the show, in the Small Hall or one of the rehearsal halls of the theatre, for a period of three weeks (of which one week on the stage of the Small Hall). Depending on the theatre’s rehearsal schedule and the availability of halls (rehearsal halls, foyers etc.) or the complexity of the proposed project, the time necessary for the preparation of the show can be prolonged. - NTB provides the technical facilities of the Small Hall, the costume stock, the scenery stock, the props, the theatre’s workshops, without making any additional investment in connection with the production of the show, but also the theatre’s logistical support and counselling. - The shows resulting from the selected projects shall have 3 free representations, with free entrance, without payment of copyright or related fees. - Following the performances with audience, and with the consent of the NTB artistic board, the show can be included in a season (with the possibility of contract prolongation) in the repertoire of the Small Hall, in the 9G Season at NTB, requiring minimal investments in production and payment of copyrights, according to the recipe of the representation, payment collection and promotion. Terms of participation in the project pre-selection: - The team proposing the project must consist of independent artists, graduates of relevant faculties, aged 35 or under. - There is no type of requirement or restriction related to the enlisted texts (classical and contemporary dramaturgy) or to the kind of proposed aesthetics, but the show concept focused on the art of the actor represents an advantage. Projects shall be sent per e-mail to the address: They shall comprise (according to the attached form): the directorial concept of the show (maximum 2 pages); the cast, and the resumes of the team members. (Links with recordings of previous shows of the team members may be added or recorded performances can be sent as transfers). Furthermore, the technical requirements of the project shall be listed in detail. The play, the adaptation for the stage, the script (any text underlying the project) must be attached in a separate document. - The space of the Small Hall shall be used according to the attached outline (Italian stage).   Projects shall be enlisted starting from 18th April 2018 until 12th May 2018, whereas by mid-May (the date shall be set according to the number of registered projects), the shortlisted titles and teams shall be announced. Following a discussion with the teams, the projects shall be selected which shall go into rehearsals in the first stage of the 9G programme (according to the regulation). Documents in romanian: Fisa de inscriere 9G - 2018 Sala Mica - schita      
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The Language of the Commedia Dell`Arte. Masterclass Held by Stefano de Luca 21 March 2018
The ,,Ion Sava” Centre for Research and Theatrical Creation, in partnership with Piccolo Teatro di Milano and with the “I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest organises, in the time frame 21 – 31 March 2018, a masterclass on Commedia dell`arte given by Italian actor and director Stefano de Luca. The masterclass shall occur daily, from 10.00 – 14.00, respectively 15.00 – 17.00 in the Media Hall of the ,,I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest and aims at initiating and training actors in the commedia dell`arte. Stefano de Luca has graduated from the Piccolo Teatro di Milano Theatre Academy, under the guidance of Giorgio Strehler. Together with Ferruccio Soleri, he reconstituted the show Harlequin, Servant of Two Masters in the last vision for the stage, signed by Strehler. He was, furthermore, deputy manager of the International Commedia dell'Arte Academy at the famous Piccolo Teatro. The ,,Ion Sava” Centre for Research and Theatrical Creation is at its 11th workshop on the Art of the Actor, the first of this kind being held in 2006, through the presence of Ferruccio Soleri, who worked with actors on the methods of commedia dell`arte. Thus, the “Ion Sava” Centre had, as guests, throughout time: Ferruccio Soleri – The Masks of Commedia dell'arte, 2006, Radu Penciulescu - Shakespeare, 2007 and 2008, Yaemon Yamashina, Yoshito Sekine,Takashi Zenchiku, Noriyoshi Okura and Ryuhei Zenchiku - Japanese Nō Theatre, 2009, Andrei Șerban - The Itinerant Academies from Ipotești, 2011; Mogoșoaia, 2013; Arad, 2016; ARCUB, 2017, Yuri Kordonsky – Chekhov Workshop, 2017. At the end of 2017, the Centre has organized a meeting of the Theatre Academies of Romania – Around the Art of the Actor. Seven Days, Seven Lessons on Theatre, the workshop being a good opportunity for study and debate of the working method in the Art of the Actor. Invited for 10 days, Stefano de Luca shall work at a sustained pace with the participating actors, in order to deepen the notions of commedia dell’arte. The masterclass is, thus, a tribute paid by the ,,Ion Sava” Centre to the great artist Giorgio Strehler.   Graduate from the Theatre Academy of Piccolo Teatro din Milano, under the guidance of Giorgio Strehler, he finished his studies in 1990, earning the degree in acting and then direction. He participates in seminars held by Peter Brook, Ian McKellen, Cicely Berry (Royal Shakespeare Company), Carolyn Carlson (Piccolo Teatro) and Lev Dodin (Malîi Teatr, Sankt Petersburg). From 1995 to 1998, he is the directing assistant of Strehler at a series of shows, such as The Island of Slaves by Pierre de Marivaux, The Good Person of Szechwanby Bertolt Brecht, Harlequin, Servant of Two Mastersby Carlo Goldoni and La Grande Magia by Eduardo De Filippo. He further collaborates with Lamberto Puggelli, Carlo Battistoni, Guido Ceronetti. Together with Ferruccio Soleri, he reconstituted the show Harlequin, Servant of Two Masters in the last vision for the stage by Strehler.                                                                                             He was a deputy manager of the International Commedia dell'Arte Academy at the famous Piccolo Teatro.  The shows directed at Piccolo Teatro include: „Pinocchio, the Story of a Puppet” by Carlo Collodi; „Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry; „ the Clouds” by Luca Boschi, Stefano De Luca, Giulio Giorello; La Barca dei Comici by Carlo Goldoni. Other shows include: Platonov (Untitled play) by A. P. Chekhov, presented at the 8th edition of the UTE Festival; Orestes by Vittorio Alfieri, with Massimo Popolizio and Laura Marinoni, for Olimpico Teatro di Vicenza; Ubu King by Alfred Jarry, for the National Theatre of Timișoara, 1999 (in Romanian), where he also directed in 2014 White Nights after F. M. Dostoyevsky; The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie, with Adriana Innocenti; Alcestis by Euripides (in Hungarian), for the Odry Theatre (within the framework of the Theatrical Arts and Film University) from Budapest; Oh, These Ghosts! by Eduardo De Filippo and Henry IV by Luigi Pirandello, at the Radnoti Theatre of Budapest;Baal by Bertolt Brecht and Three Sisters by A. P. Chekhov (in German), produced by the Wilhelma Theatre of Stuttgart. He founded the independent theatre company Lupusagnus, with whom he enacted the Family Trilogy of Italian playwright Aquilino, Mamma Mammazza (Ringhiera di Milano Theatre), Verginella (Filodrammatici Theatre, Milan), Canicani (Binario 7 di Monza Theatre, Teatro della Cooperativa di Milano).  At Piccolo Teatro, on the occasion of the Goldonian tricentenary, he stages in 2007, La Barca dei Comici and Darwin… in the Clouds, in 2009, a show for children created together with Giulio Giorello and Luca Boschi, in order to celebrate two hundred years since the birth of the English scientist. His most recent creations include Don Giovanni by Mozart, produced by the Social Theatre of Como and the As.Li.Co Association; the great success from the spring of 2010, The Lovers by Goldoni at Malîi Teatr (Moscow) and at the Piccolo Theatre (Strehler). Still at Malîi in Moscow he enacts, with equal success, Filumena Marturano by Eduardo De Filippo and The Slave of Two Masters by Goldoni. In 2013, he enacts Othello, created on the occasion of the bicentenary of Giuseppe Verdi, within the framework of As.Li.Co. (Pomeriggi Musicali), performed at Teatro degli Arcimboldi di Milano. He taught acting and direction classes at the universities of Moscow, Budapest, Stoccarda, Shanghai, as well Scala from Milan. He held courses of commedia dell’arte within the Berkeley, UCLA and GITIS (Moscow) Universities.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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