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King Lear

by William Shakespeare

King Lear

by William Shakespeare

David Doiashvili
David Doiashvili
Coordinator Assistant:
David Murman Kartozia
Assistant Director:
Laura Grosu
Florin Fieroiu
Liliana Cenean
Original Music:
Nikoloz Rachveli Memanishvili
Shooting team:
Mihai Radinoiu, Alexandru Popescu, Marius Donici
Video montage:
Cornel Ionescu
Technical Director:
Costy Lupșa, Dumitru Scobeniuc

Premiere: 11.12.2016

Duration: 3 h 30 min / Pause: Yes


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A long time ago, probably in 1605, a man named William Shakespeare, using a feather, has written a play about the legendary British King Lear and his three daughters. The writing of this play had consequences nobody could have foreseen. It gave birth to an endless series of theatrical enactments, many of these in languages Shakespeare had never heard and in countries he did not suspect they existed. It enhanced – or, ever so often, it diminished – the reputation of many actors. It stimulated other writers – playwrights, novelists, poets, essayists – to produce an enormous number of works. It generated a plethora of works of artists from other media – visual arts, music, opera, film and television. It generated, especially in the 20th century, a rich body of critical writings. But, above all, it gave birth to a creation considered not only one of the greatest Shakespearean literary achievements, but also to one of the most profound and provocative outlooks on human nature.

46 years after the memorable show of the National Theatre with King Lear by Radu Penciulescu, with George Constantin in the lead role, the Shakespearean masterpiece returns in a new version for the stage, the one of the National Theatre of nowadays, signed by one of the major directors of the contemporary theatrical world, Georgian David Doiashvili, with the lead role performed by … Mihai Constantin !

An enactment announcing itself spectacular and full of surprises, with a very particular visual inventiveness, on the specific note of the director from Tbilisi, whom the Bucharest spectators could discover on the occasion of the NETA Festival in the summer of 2015, when he was present in Bucharest with a splendid enactment of ”A Midsummer Night’s Dream”…


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu  



Lear, king of Britain: Mihai Constantin                      Fool: Marius Manole
Earl of Gloucester: Ioan Andrei Ionescu                      Earl of Kent: Gavril Pătru
Goneril: Monica Davidescu                      Cordelia: Crina Semciuc
Regan: Raluca Aprodu                      Edgar, Gloucester`s son: Istvan Teglas
Edmund, Gloucester`s illegitimate son: Tudor Aaron Istodor                      Oswald, Goneril`s steward: Lari Giorgescu
Duke of Cornwall: Silviu Mircescu                      Duke of Albany: Rareș Andrici
Duke of Burgundy: Pavel Ulici                      King of France: Idris Clate

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to King Lear – the show in which life defeats the heart. Pulse, rhythm, efficiency, candour, brightness, excellence, abyss, universal, here, now, there.

... a Lear destroyed by the love towards the land – moments from the perishable subconscious of the one who shall certainly remain in the annals of Romanian theatre– His Majesty Mihai Lear Constantin.

We all felt the need of a Shakespeare in the Grand Hall of the National Theatre of Bucharest and we welcomed him properly. With the dedication of a Lear who more than anything loves his profession as „Majesty” of a kingdom which was said, not long ago, to crumble, succeeding however to build new defence walls and rise to an aesthetic, communicational, higher quality level. (...)

I take a bow. The heartbeats are for “King Lear".                

Dragoș N. Savu, Dilema Veche - Lear – Electrocardiogram 

"The most beautiful moments are the simplest – an actor in the spotlight telling us, conveying us the truth of his character. Mihai Constantin – King Lear – is a paradoxical actor: an overwhelming force through his scenic presence doubled by inner candour and tenderness bringing tears to your eyes. A giant with the soul of a child beyond what he says and how he says it emanates so much truth and humanity, that it conquers an entire hall; with a rare instinct for the stage, obvious professionalism and an authentic faith in everything he performs on stage.

(...) „King Lear” from NTB is an event, beyond any doubt. It is an enactment taking itself very seriously and towering completely, monumentally over the grand stage".

Alina Epîngeac, Yorick – The Monumental King Lear    

"Deposited under the rocks of four centuries of history – the lust for power, envy, lying, greed and hatred – are “reconditioned” in a new coat by ingenious director David Doiashvili, a name of resonance not only in native Georgia, but also in the area of European theatre.

David Doiashvili pays – through this show – a tribute to theatre itself, not only through its organic theatricality, but also through the way in which the stage director has discovered unsuspected meanings in the poetics of great Will. Shakespeare’s text is endowed with new clothes, and the thirst for power receives topical connotations.

The world on stage oozes with vitality, boiling with passions and intrigues (...). The director confirms his mastery in creating tragic frescos, unveiling the modulations of a bygone era, but also of the contemporary ones, illustrating the obscurity behind the light and the monstrosity lurking behind speeches.

David Doiashvili puts into context, paraphrases, in a postmodern register, preserving the themes of Shakespearean drama, and King Lear on the stage of the National Theatre of Bucharest becomes an illustration of the accumulation and intensification of the process of (self) knowledge, at a pace “à bout de souffle”.

Mădălina Dumitrache, Web Cultura – The Strict Harmony of the Monochrome


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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