Current Repertory

Loose Knit

by Theresa Rebeck

Loose Knit

by Theresa Rebeck

Translation: Andreea Bibiri
Ion Caramitru
Coordinator Assistant:
Patricia Katona
Florilena Popescu Fărcăşanu
Călin Țopa
Cristi Șimon, Ionel Manolea
Dorel Sidorof, Florea Necșoiu
Technical Director:
Paul Tănase

Premiere: 14.09.2018

Duration: 2 h / Pause: No

12 Oct 2018 (The Black Box H ...) 19:30

40 lei

20 lei (balcon)

Project achieved within the programme Open Doors to Everyone.

Designated by the New York Times one of the most intelligent comedy of manners, „Loose Knit” is a play abundant in witty, sarcastic and incredibly funny dialogues.

Five friends frequently meet to knit; these knitting parties are, actually, but a mere pretext for talks about the men from their lives or, moreover, about the lack thereof. The humour of these ladies partially conceals a dark picture in which relationships between people develop as difficult as they loosen, like the knitted fabrics which the protagonists of the play create.

„I am a woman, an American, a mother, sometimes I write for the television, sometimes I write movie scripts; I play the piano, I knit, I snap at the universe; I am furious, I am sad; I have a fibre of a comical realism, but also a note of misanthropy and idealism. You can classify both me and my work in many ways. But me, personally, I would rather be considered a playwright.” Theresa Rebeck


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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Liz: Irina Cojar                      Lily: Costina Cheyrouze
Paula: Lamia Beligan                      Gina: Brânduşa Mircea
Marga: Raluca Petra                      Bob: Tomi Cristin
Miles: Marius Bodochi                     
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