Maia Sandu: Why parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova at the beginning of next year are important for Romania?

21 October 2018
21 Oct 2018 (The Small Hall) 11:00

16 lei

The NTB Conferences on DVD 30 June 2019
Launched almost eight decades ago by Ion Marin Sadoveanu, the National Theatre Conferences have returned to the stage of the Black Box Hall since 2006 with the lectures of prominent personalities of Romanian culture on the most diverse and exciting topics. Gathered in a collection of DVDs aiming at keeping these testimonials of wisdom, culture and civilisation, 59 of the conferences from the previous seasons can be purchased at the box office or in the lobbies of the halls before or after the shows. The collection of DVDs, accompanied by brochures containing the texts of the conferences, comprise the following titles: New titlesBogdan Aurescu – The National Interest and the Topicality of Sovereignty. Romania’s Foreign Policy and the Paradigm of the WinnerCristian Badilita - Mircea Eliade’s GlassesVladimir Belis - Half a Century of Serving Forensic MedicineGigi Caciuleanu - L'Om Gigi: Lines_Tracks_Signs_MeaningsDorin Chirtoaca – The Romanian People. Past, Present and FutureNeagu Djuvara - Actor and Poetry PerformerNora Iuga – Mister Beligan Is to Blame for My Becoming a PoetRadu Penciulescu – The Long Path of the Text towards the StageGheorghe Piperea – About Judicial TalibanismIrinel Popescu – The Organ Transplantation – an Adventure of the Human SpiritAlexander Rodewald – The Genetic Origin of the Romanian PeopleAlex Stefanescu – Who Needs Literature Today?Matei Visniec – Theatre and Journalism. Mutual InfluencesDan Voinea – The Legal Truth about the Miner Strike of 13-15 June 1990Dan Voinea – The Legal Truth about December 1989 N. C. Munteanu – Me and My Dog, the Securitate Basarab Nicolescu – Does the Universe Make Sense? The Contemporary Dialogue Between Science and Religion Ion Pop – From the Avangarde to the Rearguard Cristian Badilita – Why We Need a New Translation of the Septuagint and of the New Testament Ilina Gregori – When Was the 19th Century? Eminescu and Modernity Teodor Maries – In Search of the Truth Alex Leo Serban – And Yet, Why Do We Watch Movies? Andrei Serban – About Chekhov or Who else wants to go to Moscow? Alexandru Tocilescu – About Theatre and Its Matters Dorana Cosoveanu - At that time when the paintings were shot Bujor Nedelcovici – Writers and the Exile His Royal Excellency Prince Radu – The Wise Ruling Neagu Djuvara – The 77 Years War (1914-1991) Mircea Dinescu – The Curse of Being a Parody Writer Nicolae Manolescu – Do We Not Have Playwrights? Lucia Hossu Longin – The Exercise of Memory Dan C. Mihailescu – Who Is the Neo-Interwar Generation and What Does It Want Octavian Paler – With Melancholy, about the Barbarians Stelian Tanase – The Panait Istrati Case Theodor Baconsky – Orthodoxy and United Europe Adrian Cioroianu – Romanian Communism between Hope and Traps Ileana Malancioiu – The Tragic Guilt Ion Caramitru – The Limits of WaitingRadu Beligan – My Professors Cristian Tudor Popescu – The Sticker ManRobert Turcescu – The Burial of a Myth: Farewell, Free Press!Ion Vianu - Antigone, a Dissident Andrei Plesu – About the HeartDoina Jela – Deceptive MemoryNeagu Djuvara – A Brief Experience with Western Intelligence ServicesConstantin Ticu Dumitrescu – The Securitate Leaking, an Imperative for DemocracyVladimir Tismaneanu – The Revolutionary Year 1956Mihai Razvan Ungureanu – Romanian Ethics and Public Sense 200 Years AgoAdrian Vasilescu – Religion and the StarVarujan Vosganian – Elites and Counter-Elites in Transitional RomaniaRadu Beligan - Radu Beligan 90Emil Hurezeanu - Romania in Europe and Europe in RomaniaAna Blandiana – The Romanian Fun Making, from Defense to SuicideHerta Müller – Always the Same Snow and Always the Same UncleTheodor Paleologu – The Topicality of Political TheologySorin Alexandrescu – Visual Culture, Pros and ConsSolomon Marcus – A Peak of Romanian Culture: Traian LalescuHoria-Roman Patapievici – About Wasted Opportunities in HistoryCristian Badilita – Judas and Mary Magdalene Between Damnation and Exoneration  The series of conferences shall continue in this season as well, on each Sunday, once every two weeks, with new spiritual challenges, discussion topics and lectures. The price of a DVD is 25 RON!   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu
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Prof. Alexandru Vlad Ciurea MD, PhD., MSc., Dr. hc Mult.: Alzheimer’s Made Simple 10 March 2019
On Sunday, March 10th, 2019, from 11.00, the NTB Small Hall shall host the conference of Prof. Alexandru Vlad Ciurea MD, PhD., MSc., Dr. hc Mult., entitled Alzheimer’s Made Simple. About the conferenceAlzheimer's disease was described by the German psychologist Alois Alzheimer in 1906 after the neurological trauma of the patient Auguste Deter, the disease being characterized from the outset as a disease of forgetfulness. The autopsy of the patient revealed a major cortex atrophy and amyloid deposits in the neurons, as well as neurofibrillary changes. Over time, the disease was defined as a dementia disorder with the alteration of mental processes and primarily affecting cognitive activity, memory disturbances and changes in patient behaviour.Alzheimer's is currently an important form of dementia with a major incidence (over 6 million American citizens were diagnosed in 2018). The number of cases diagnosed with Alzheimer's both in the US and in Europe is steadily rising due to nervous system overwork, sleep deprivation, and disorderly life, stress, and associated pathology.Alzheimer's is considered incurable, with a long preclinical period and a progressive course of the disorder, from minor to severe forms. Many political, artistic and sports personalities have died from this disorder, and the main therapeutic method is prevention (diet, lifestyle, connections, social life, music, tourism and positive thinking, etc.). Alexandru Vlad Ciurea About Alexandru Vlad Ciurea1974: PhD in Medical Sciences; 1979 - present: Chief Physician Neurosurgeon 3rd degree; 2007: Master’s degree in Health System Management. Professional experience:      1997 - present: Professor of Neurosurgery, University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" Bucharest; PhD Coordinator; 2004 - 2008: Prodean University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" Bucharest; 2009 - present: First degree scientific researcher; 1999-2011; 2014 - present: Chairman of the National Committee for Neurosurgery of the Ministry of Health. Publications:      Neurosurgery Treatise, Ciurea AV, Romanian Academy Publishing House, 2007; Neurosurgery Treatise, Vol. I and Vol. II, Ciurea AV (coordinator), Medical Publishing Bucharest, 2010/2011; Intracranial Hypertension, M. St. Iencean, Ciurea AV, Nova Biomedical, New York, 2009; main author of 35 treatises and monographs published in Romania and abroad. Major distinctions:"Commander" National Order, granted by the President of Romania, Emil Constantinescu "For the Defense of Public Health", 2000; Honoris Causa awarded by six universities: Galati, Oradea, Kishinev, Iasi, Pitesti, Constanta ; Visiting Professor at 11 universities (eg. Harvard University - Boston, INI - Hannover, Mercer University - Atlanta). Special scientific contributions:Construction of the first bank of tumour tissues in Eastern Europe (2003); One-tube drain (2005); Coordination of construction National Centre of Excellence in Neurosurgery under the aegis of the Ministry of Health, 2005; Hidden Anatomy  in Michelangelo's Work, Certificate of Innovation registered at OSIM in 2011. Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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Toni Grecu: Let Us Be Joyful Lest We Are Sad 24 February 2019
On Sunday, February 24th, 2019, from 11.00 at the NTB Small Hall, Toni Grecu shall hold the conference with the topic Let Us Be Joyful Lest We Are Sad. About Toni Grecu Born in 1959 in Iasi, Toni Grecu attended the Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty of Iasi, performing shows either individually or in various formulas in the student literary circles. At the same time, he launches together with other colleagues the Divertis Group. The engineering career is short, intense and insignificant, but helps him reach Bucharest, where, immediately after the Revolution, he gives up computers and devotes himself exclusively to artistic activity, both on stage and on television. In the eighties, Divertis goes on several tours around the country at student events such as the Amphitheater Galas, the Moldavia Literary Circle, the Sea or the Snow Celebrations. In 1983, he won the first prize at the National Student Humour Festival, both individually, at the monologue section and with Divertis. In 1988, alongside Doru Antonesi, he writes the text for the one-man show "I am Staying Home Tonight", staged by Silviu Purcarete and starring master Stefan Iordache at the Small Theater. It was an appreciated performance, unique in its way primarily for the courage and harshness of satire on topical subjects. The representation, which was sold out, seemed to predict the end of the communist regime. Since 1990, he has been working with Divertis on television, first on TVR and then on Pro TV and Antena 1 as a presenter and screenwriter. Along with Divertis, he has performed over 1,000 shows and hundreds of TV shows, achieving true audience records. He retires from Divertis in 2008 and continues the series of TV shows in a new formula with the project "Romanian Comedy Service" at Pro TV for another five years. He then creates the news comedy show "Superjournal" at Digi24 for two seasons in 2015. Meanwhile, he and Adrian Onciu write together the script of the comedy The Bride Was Stolen in 2012 and produce the sitcom Dementia Hospital in 2012-2013 also for Pro TV. Following the general trend, in 2016, he began working as a screenwriter and developer of comedy projects for the online environment that gathers millions of views. He resumes the stage activity and, together with Catalina Grama - Jojo, Catalin Neamtu, Claudiu Maier and Cosmin Natanticu, he creates the humour show One day in my life, a mix of comedy of several genres, monologue, impro, sketch, stand-up , parody, imitation, which shall soon be resumed in a new season. Toni Grecu, who in 2010 received the UNITER Award for Entertainment, "for His contribution to the living history of Romanian humour," shall hold a conference on humour, schadenfreude and pool cormorants at the Bucharest National Theatre.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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