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No Man`s Land

by Danis Tanović

No Man`s Land

by Danis Tanović

Translation: Andrei Marinescu
Alexander Morfov
Alexander Morfov
Assistant Director:
Claudia Machedon
Alexander Morfov
Nikola Toromanov
Decor Assistant:
Ioana Iliescu
Andrada Chiriac
Light design:
Chris Jaeger
Fight stage:
Attila Nemeș
Translator during the rehearsals:
Iulia Bahovski
Technical Director:
Silviu Negulete
Andrei Florea
Ionel Docan
Organ operator lights:
Cristian Simion
Aurel Sima, Florin Necșoiu

Premiere: 16.11.2016

Duration: 2 h / Pause: No

07 Apr 2017 (The Studio Hall) 19:00
23 Apr 2017 (The Studio Hall) 19:00

70 lei

50 lei

20 lei

The show is forbidden for children under 16 years old 


Adaption for the Stage after Danis Tanović’ Movie

2001 Oscar Award

In a world tormented by terrorism and wars, led by global organisations and dependent on mass media, NTB presents No Man’s Land, a satire against war, against the international community and the press chasing the sensational and rating.

The absurd of the Bosnia-Serbia war is compressed to the essence in the show blending dark humour with tragedy and not taking any side of the belligerent parties. All enemies are the same, only their names differ. Two soldiers, one Bosnian, the other Serbian, wake up trapped in the trenches between the lines. They speak the same language, know the same people, watch the same football games or movies, but loathe each other. A third soldier is lying on a landmine which, at the slightest movement, is about to explode, killing everyone around. The two enemies are obliged to dismantle the situation together and decide to resort to the United Nations. The peacekeeping force appears, accomanied by CNN. A local episode acquires global connotations, attaining unimaginable levels of the absurd.

Based on a script written by a Bosnian author, with a Bulgarian director and Romanian cast, No Man’s Land by NTB is not only a parable about war, but also about the vanity of life and human nature.

The play represents an adaption for the stage of the film No Man’s Land (script and direction by Danis Tanović), winner of the Oscar Award for Best Foreign Film, 2001.

Alexander Morfov is one of the best known Bulgarian theatre directors, with highly successful shows not only in his native country, but also on the stages on important theatres in Russia, Macedonia, and Israel etc. He won numerous national and international theatre prizes, among others  „Askeer” and „Icarus” (Bulgaria), the „Golden Muse”, the „Golden Soffit”, the „Golden Mask”, the „Crystal Turandot” and the „Seagull Award” (Russia). No Man’s Land represents his third collaboration with the National Theatre of Bucharest, after The Visit by Friedrich Dürrenmatt and The Tempest by William Shakespeare, the latter bringing actor Mihai Călin the Uniter Award for the role Caliban.


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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The Studio Hall 19:00 Buy tickets
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Cera: Mihai Călin                      Ciki: Richard Bovnoczki
Nino: Ciprian Nicula                      Rambo / General Schwartz: Marcelo-S Cobzariu
Sergeant Marchand: Rareș Florin Stoica                      Captain Dubois: Mihai Munteniţă
Pierre, Unprofor soldier: Ionuț Toader                      Georges, Unprofor soldier: Andrei Atabay
Mile, serbian officer: Denis Hanganu                      Bosko, serbian soldier: Vitalie Bichir
Celo, bosnian officer: Eduard Adam                      Emir, bosnian soldier: Mădălin Mandin
Mirza, bosnian soldier: Adrian Iosif Pop                      Sergeant Müller, sapper: George Piștereanu
Jane Livingstone , CNN reporter: Alexandra Sălceanu
Aylin Cadîr
                     Martha: Fulvia Folosea
Soldiers / Reporters: Nicolae Dumitru
Ionuț Niculae
Aurel Ungureanu
Silviu Negulete

“No Man’s Land” finally marks an event for the autumn season. A very topical theme, taken over from a film, unexpectedly brought to life by a special team – director, scenographer and actors – presenting it in a theatrically impressive, attractive manner. It is a show of emotions, of challenge and surprises the way a contemporary tragedy is enveloped in bitter humour".

Ileana Lucaci, Spectator – The stage, the “screen” of an impressive show   

"Alexander Morfov comprises in No Man’s Land the entire hatred of mankind for universal love. And immediately, innocence appears and turns into a close connection– the one between the hatred towards captivity and the love of freedom. A freedom of word and of movement. The impossibility to be reborn every time hope is near, becomes natural, because war is a world, and the world itself is reflected in a war".

Dragoș N. Savu, Dilema Veche – Hate for Love        

"...the ample set design, well layered, à la The Lord of the Rings, “speaks for itself” and enables the troupe of actors to split the story line. The directing thought insinuates itself aptly, among blood and mud, to surprise the actors’ eloquent faces and, as with Reinhardt, the playful lighting generates an enveloping atmosphere with psychological valences (light-design: Chris Jaeger). The reason for hatred – derived from that “Divide et impera” – dominates the dramatic script, and the system of theatrical symbols helps the spectator to penetrate easier into the philosophy of the abysses.

The cast, well chosen, weaves a colourful tapestry of characters on the thin thread between justice and revenge, honesty and manipulation.

The entire show No Man’s Land communicates emotionally, whereas the musical inserts highlight the dramatic and ironic side, as light contributes to the stylization of the scenic pose. Through the careful selection of the actors from the cast, the director has created a special atmosphere between stage and hall, between the authors of the show and the audience".

Mădălina Dumitrache, Web cultura – The Brothers under Deus ex machina    

"The theatre is alive, it is about here and now, about immediate emotion. It is not cut during editing, the sound is not processed, and sequences are not remade. Theatre is ruthless and contaminating. One could say „au theatre comme à la guerre”.

Alexander Morfov is one of the brightest ideas of manager Ion Caramitru. Inviting this fertile director, captivating, interesting, with a charismatic personality to enact on the stage of the Bucharest National Theatre has endowed the repertoire with a little more dynamic, colour and energy. Alongside Nikola Toromanov, who achieves a fascinating scenery with installation allure, the light design signed by creative Chris Jaeger, No Man's Land turns into a theatrical show in which tension goes hand-in-hand with anecdotal humour and tragic emphases naturally alternate with irony.

No Man's Land is a show you can take along with you, it is the kind of story over which the curtain never falls. Go and see maybe the bravest and most disturbing theatrical production in town!"

Răzvana Niță, – Treading with me over me


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu  

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