Current Repertory

Old Clown Wanted

by Matei Vișniec

Old Clown Wanted

by Matei Vișniec

Ion Caramitru
Assistant Director:
Patricia Katona
Florilena Popescu Fărcăşanu
Liliana Cenean
Costumes Assistant:
Maria Dore
Light design:
Chris Jaeger
Florin Fieroiu
Călin Țopa
Dolls creator:
Ioana Creangă
Scene director:
Viorel Florea

Premiere: 08.01.2017

Duration: 2 h 15 min / Pause: Yes

28 Jan 2017 (The Studio Hall) 19:30
02 Feb 2017 (The Studio Hall) 19:30

70 lei

50 lei

20 lei

Old Clown Wanted, by Matei Vişniec, new premiere at NTB, in the Studio Hall, directed and conceived for the stage by Ion Caramitru, shall bring on stage (but also in the hall and foyer) the display of the impossible, the encounter with absolute illusion and the mirage of boundless freedom. Everything, in an enactment filled with humour, delicacy, tender cynicism, soulful stunts, in which theatre and circus are intertwined on the common realm of the spectacular.

Three old clowns, Nicollo, Filippo and Peppino, meet in front of a hiring notice, ready to give their best for the last trick, the supreme frolic over which the last curtain may fall. The body is playing tricks on them, but the mind is vibrating, hypnotising, and the remembrance of past glory turns the whole world into an extravaganza, into a miraculous manège, a surrealist scenery.

The audience is an amused accomplice in this adventure, a game of life and death in which nothing is what it seems to be, and the theatre hall transforms itself, unknowingly, into a circus ring, where you can find fantastic characters, but also your own stray dreams.

Old Clown Wanted gives the spectators the occasion to re-encounter three very gifted young actors of NTB: Petre Ancuţa, Emilian Mârnea and Florin Călbăjos, whom you could discover in the concert-show ActOrchestra (directed by: Horia Suru), but also in Magic Naţional (where they performed also under the coordination of Ion Caramitru). This time, they shall be the illusionist-artists, expressive and surprising, combining music, pantomime, magic and charming performance in order to build characters at the threshold between reality and fantasy.

The play Old Clown Wanted is the last written by playwright Matei Vişniec before leaving Romania, and in 1991 it received the UNITER Award for best Romanian play.


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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The Studio Hall 19:30 Buy tickets
The Studio Hall 19:30 Buy tickets
Filippo: Petre Ancuța                      Nicollo: Emilian Mârnea
Peppino: Florin Călbăjos                      : Magicianul Antonio
Vanda Rotaru
Constantin Rotaru
Clovnul Cristiano
Miss & Eliz
Bogdan Andreescu
Camelia Lazăr
Valentin Iancu
Mariana Ionescu
Cristian Enoiu
Alyssa Andreescu
Aysha Ibeido
Gamze Saldiz
Julia Petreanu
Marius Gagiu
Robert Stan
Robert Stan Jr.
Tiberiu Eftimie
Clara Toplicianu
Lorena Sanda
Viorel Florea
Aurelian Ungureanu
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