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29 September 2018
Radu Beligan Centenary 14 December 2018
At the 100th anniversary of the birth of Radu Beligan, on December 14th, 2018, starting from 5.00 p.m., the Bucharest National Theatre, in partnership with the Capital City Hall and the ArCub Cultural Center, invite you to the event Radu Beligan Centenary. A complex man of theatre - actor, director, professor, manager and theatrical animator - Radu Beligan was born on December 14th, 1918, just a few days after the birth of Great Romania, whose destiny was to be tied up to the end of his life. His artistic career extends over several periods of our history, from capitalism to communism and the post-revolutionary present. He has enjoyed great success since his youth and has been part of the golden cast of the shows directed by Sica Alexandrescu's after Caragiale's plays, his name becoming synonymous with Rică Venturiano and Agamita Dandanache. In the 1960s, he was the founder of the Comedy Theatre, which, in the long era of communist dictatorship and the aesthetics of socialist realism, introduced a breath of amazing modernity, propelling Romania into a remarkable international theatre circuit. He has been managing, for 20 years, the Bucharest National Theatre, where performances were presented according to the Romanian and universal dramaturgy, as well as the texts of foreign authors banned at that time. The event shall be moderated by theatre critic Marina Constantinescu and shall be held as follows: 5.00 p.m.: Video-mapping projection on the facade of the Studio Hall; Studio Hall Foyer: Opening of the Radu Beligan exhibition (exhibition shall be open between December 14th and 21st, 2018). 5.30 p.m.: Studio Hall Foyer: Launch of the album "Radu Beligan - 100". 6.00 p.m.: Painting Hall: Radu Beligan evocation with the participation of: Felix Alexa, Simona Bondoc, Ion Caramitru, Mihai Calin, Florina Cercel, Marius Manole, Sanda Manu, Maia Morgenstern, Ludmila Patlanjoglu, Mircea Rusu and Adrian Vasilescu. We thank the Romanian Television for the archive images used in this event.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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5 High Schools - 5 Theatres Gala 10 December 2018
On Monday, December 10th, 2018, starting at 5 pm, the Majestic Hall of the Odeon Theatre shall host the 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres Gala of this year at the 8th edition. Five theatre troupes from five other high schools in the capital shall take the Odeon stage to present the shows prepared during the project. ECDL Romania, together with UNITER, the Bucharest City Hall and Bucharest School Inspectorate and partner theatres, the I.L. Caragiale National Theatre of Bucharest, the Small Theater, the Ion Creangă Theatre, the Jewish State Theatre and the Nottara Theatre invite you to applaud the young artists. 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres is an educational project of tradition, which supports the involvement of high school students in cultural activities, their access to institutions and plays, at the same time challenging them to a performance contest. Since October, five theatres have opened their season for 150 other pupils from five high schools in the capital, including members of school theatre troupes. They have watched free of charge plays from the repertoire of each of the partner theatres in the project 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres 2018: The I.L. Caragiale National Theatre of Bucharest The Jewish State Theater, Ion Creanga Theatre, The Nottara Theatre and the Small Theatre. The new schools participating in this edition of 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres are: Ioan N. Socolescu Technical College of Architecture and Public Works, Cantemir Voda National College, Emil Racovita National College, Dinu Lipatti National College of Arts, St. Joseph's Roman Catholic College. The high school troupes were coordinated by the theatres in the staging of a short play, written by Romanian authors. Their work shall be finalized with the representations, judging and awarding of the five high school performances in the 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres Gala. Young people shall have the opportunity to climb the stage of a major Romanian theatre, perform in front of a jury of professionals and be applauded by a large audience. Since the first edition that started in 2011 at the initiative of ECDL Romania, 1,200 students from 35 different Bucharest high schools participated in 5 High schools - 5 Theaters. Alternative education is essential for the development of young people, who must continue to focus on true and fair values, including cultural values. ECDL initiatives promote the balanced development of young people pursuing international IT & C careers and certifications, but also understand the act of culture as a complement to the knowledge and skills accumulated in school. We are waiting for you on Monday, December 10th, 2018, from 5 pm, at the Majestic Hall of the Odeon Theatre in Bucharest. You can find out more about the project 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres on or   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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The Silent Parrot - Nearly True Stories about a Nearly Forgotten Spy, for the first time at TNB! 08 December 2018
One of the most renowned Romanian film directors, the multi-award-winning Nae Caranfil, three decades after his debut in cinematography, is at the end of 2018 at the brink of a bold actor: even if at the beginning of his career, theatrical performances in Bucharest and Piatra Neamt, the director is now in the first collaboration with the National Theatre, where, with a personal project, he signs both the script and the direction of one of the most delicious stories about diplomacy, politics, espionage and alcove - in a surprising comic mix. The Silent Parrot - Nearly True Stories about a Nearly Forgotten Spy, a two-act play by Nae Caranfil, is an incredible but real story, centered around one of the most enigmatic and fascinating figures of the 18th century. By his true name Charles-Geneviève-Louis-Auguste-André-Thimothée d'Eon de Beaumont, the transvestite spy Charles d'Eon / Lia de Beaumont, historically known as the Knight d'Eon, lived half as a woman. More precisely, 33 years of his life he lived travestied as a woman and another 49 as a man, confusing the world, intriguing it, seducing it, and almost always achieving substantial personal advantages. An ambivalent being, sometimes treacherous, sometimes wild, but faithful to his King Louis XV, he became a legend as the first secret agent of French history. A show of real historical characters and deeds, rife with humour, charm, boldness, about political and amorous intrigue, held at one of the most extravagant imperial courts of the world, that of Russia, during the reign of Elisabeth I.  At Studio Hall, in Dragos Buhagiar’s baroque scenography, Nae Caranfil brings on stage a society oscillating in a perpetual and dangerous game between truth and lie. In the cast of the show: Vlad Logigan and Claudiu Bleont - starring Miruna Bilèi, Raluca Petra, Mihai Calota, Eduard Cirlan, Magda Catone, Tomi Cristin, Marius Rizea, Alexandru Georgescu, Dragos Stemate, Eduard Adam, Cosmin Dominte, Axel Moustache, Dragos Dumitru, Mihai Muntenita, Daniel Badale. An exquisite artist, whom the audience and critics have been able to admire more than once as a screenwriter and director, while specialist juries have rewarded his talent at numerous national and international festivals, Nae Caranfil is the author of movies, such as E pericoloso sporgersi, Asphalt Tango, Dolce far niente, Philanthropy, The Rest is Silence, Closer to the Moon, 6.9 on the Richter Scale, which have brought him international acclaim since his debut, constantly maintained by his subsequent achievements. The first performances are scheduled for December 8th and 9th. The next show, the last in 2018, is scheduled for December 13th. The show resumes on Thursday, January 10th, 2019. All shows start at 7.00 p.m.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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Did you know that... 2 06 December 2018
The plot of „The Mute Parrot” is set in one of the world’s most extravagant imperial courts – the court of Czarina Elisabeth I, daughter of Peter the Great and Empress of Russia from 1741 – 1762. Elisabeth was famed for spending excessive amounts on court ceremonies, the foreigners being fascinated by the luxury of the sumptuous balls. There was a never-ending chain of parties, and her favourites were the ones where men participated travestied as women, and women as men.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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