The Japanese culture celebrated at the ”I.L. Caragiale National Theatre through two exceptional events

12 June 2018 - 19 June 2018
NTB shall feature The Tempest at the International Theatre Festival of Beijing 22 June 2018
At the end of a successful season, the National Theatre of Bucharest arrives this month on the Asian continent, to China’s capital, with one of the most appreciated artistic achievements of the last seasons. Upon the invitation of Beijing People's Art Theatre and taking into account the profile of the International Theatre Festival of Beijing and the coordinates of the hosting theatre (Capital Hall, with over 900 seats), the ”I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre shall present The Tempest by William Shakespeare, directed by Alexander Morfov, with Ion Caramitru in the role of magician Prospero. Multi-awarded show, which already reaped a few significant international successes, The Tempest in this version for the stage is ornate with the spectacular stage set of Bulgarian Nikola Toromanov, as complicated, as it is easily adaptable to different performance spaces. Organised in the time frame 22 June - 8 July 2018 by the renowned theatre from China’s capital, the festival includes three representations of the Romanian show The Tempest, on the days of 22, 23, 24 June 2018, from 7.30 p.m., which shall take place on the main stage, Capital, in a hall of over 900 seats. The Beijing People’s Art Theatre was founded in 1952 by Cao Yu (1910-1996), considered in China the most important playwright of the 20th century, who revolutionized inland drama, pioneer of the Huaju genre (theatre based on word and marked by Western influence), author of plays, such as: Thunderstorm (1933), Sunrise (1936), Peking Man (1940) – cherished as one of the chefs d’oeuvre of modern Chinese drama, The Family (1942), The Bridge (1945), Courage and the Sword (1961), Wang Zhaojun (1979). The history of this theatre commences after the formation of the People’s Republic of China, more precisely in 1956, when Cao Yu chooses the Capital Hall, after his appointment as manager of the future People’s Art Theatre, position which he held until his death, according to Wikipedia. Under the leadership of Jiao Yuyi, starting with the eighties of the past century, the theatre troupe gains a new momentum, as famous actors were joined by more and more young and gifted actors. Over 300 plays from different eras, Chinese and foreign, have been performed in the theatre halls. In the six decades of activity, the People’s Art Theatre from China’s capital has made itself known worldwide, its shows being represented on numerous stages from the Unites States of America, Europe and Russia, but also Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. Beside the Capital Hall, the theatre owns two further show halls, one being based on the theatrical experiment, the other, the first Chinese hall baptized after the name of a famous director, Ju Yin, is intended for introducing the wide audience to the performing arts. From a decade to another, this theatre has developed a unique style, has gained more notoriety, through various enactments and notable artistic achievements, presenting a rich repertoire, from the classical to the experimental one, being visited by millions of spectators yearly. This major tour of the National Theatre of Bucharest represents a significant endeavour of Romanian cultural diplomacy, contributing to the tightening and deepening of relations with one of the greatest countries of the world, opening the path for the continuation of an active dialogue in this field. The tour is produced with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute and Allianz Ţiriac Insurance.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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NTB Inaugurates the New Amphitheatre 24 May 2018
  In the warm season, NTB invites you to its new Amphitheatre, on the roof of the Grand Hall The summer season brings to the Capital’s landscape a new outdoor playground, which shall bear the name Amphitheatre, located on theroof of the”I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre, at the highest level of the building, above the terrace offering a unique panorama of the Bucharest centre. The new Amphitheatre shall host, beside the shows from the current and future NTB repertoire, adapted to the conditions of this new space, also representations of other institutions interested in renting this space. The new stage can offer a unique framework for varied artistic manifestations, appropriate for the warm season, from May to October: theatre plays, recitals, concerts, fashion shows, jazz evenings, one woman and one man show etc. Not lastly, within the framework of the programme "Open Doors to Everyone", NTB actors are invited to propose projects especially dedicated to this space, which shall function in the summer season. With a capacity of 299 seats, arranged on seat rows in steps, the new Amphitheatre has the following features: The structure is located at the altitude +24.50 m / wing A1. At the same altitude, the following spaces are located: - The actual ”Hall”, with a surface of de 431,56 sqm; - 5 fitting rooms (93,33 sqm); - The foyer and space for the actors’ regrouping (103,22 sqm) ; - The technical booths for lights and sound (17,40 sqm) The performance space has a surface of approximately 230 sqm. The space has a wood imitation floor, practical from an acoustic point of view and more appropriate for the artistic act, covered with a stage carpet. There is no surmounted stage, but traversables can be installed. The space does not have an attic, nor backstage: the scenery can only be fastened through counterweights. The reflectors for the stage lighting are located under a metal semi-cylindrical canopy with a diameter of 2m, located circularly above the acting space. The Amphitheatre launch shall be hosted on the evening of 24th May 2018, when the guests to the event shall be able to try out the possibilities of the new NTB acting space, which opens the gates for the spectators at night, for a first summer season, which we wish to be as manifold as possible.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu    Photo gallery
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