Current Repertory

The Mousetrap

by Agatha Christie

The Mousetrap

by Agatha Christie

Translation: Irina Margareta Nistor
Erwin Șimșensohn
Liliana Cenean
Vlaicu Golcea
Light design:
Daniel Klinger
Technical Director:
Adrian Ionescu, Luțu Scobeniuc

Premiere: 22.12.2017

Duration: 2 h 30 min / Pause: Yes

24 Feb 2018 (The Studio Hall) 19:00
07 Mar 2018 (The Studio Hall) 19:00

70 lei

50 lei

20 lei (cu reducere)

„There is mystery in all of us...”

The Mousetrap, directed by Erwin Șimșensohn, the show putting the little grey cells to work, is an irresistible classic thriller blending dark humour, suspense, extreme situations, emotion and twisted mind games. At stake being Agatha Christie, „the Queen of Crime”, of course nothing is what it seems to be, everyone has something to hide and the surprises unfold step by step... wrong. Thus, an idyllic British scenery becomes over night the site of a formidable detective novel, in which every gesture represents a potential evidence in court.

In a rural English mansion, in full (and convenient) snow storm, several eccentric travellers remain stuck in the snow, isolated from civilization and the surrounding world. But what seems at first only an unpleasant situation, to be handled by the consumer protection, rapidly turns into a race of suspicions, fears and hidden truths. And this because on the radio, among the news about the condition of roads and a little jazz, an unsettling announcement slips. A murder has taken place in London, and the suspect, whose particulars could fit anyone (even the unusual guests), is out there. Through a last call before the collapse of telephone lines, the police announce that it shall send an agent to the remote guesthouse. Can the guilty one be among the guests?

The Mousetrap, the second show directed by Erwin Șimșensohn at NTB, after The Memory of Water, is a captivating enactment, with an exceptional cast, clever lines, refined British humour and an exciting plot, whose denouement seems to rewrite itself in everyone’s mind, as new clues appear. Each character becomes a suspect and each reversal – a coup de théâtre, in this new enactment of one of the most famous plays worldwide.

In London, The Mousetrap premiered on West End in 1952. It is considered one of the most long-lived shows in the history of theatre, being performed for almost 66 years without interruption: it already had over 27000 representations, and the cast comprised over time more than 400 actors.


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu

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The Studio Hall 19:00 Sold Out
The Studio Hall 19:00 Sold Out
Mollie Ralson: Ileana Olteanu                      Gilles Ralson: Dragoş Stemate
Florin Călbăjos
Christopher Wren: Lari Giorgescu
Petre Ancuța
                     Mrs Boyle: Simona Bondoc
Major Metcalf: Tomi Cristin                      Miss Casewell: Ada Galeș
Cosmina Olariu
Mr. Paravicini: Mihai Calotă
Silviu Biriş
                     Commissioner Trotter: Gavril Pătru
Răzvan Oprea
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