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14 September 2018
5 High Schools – 5 Theatres brings again the teenagers on stage and in the forefront 03 October 2018
On Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, a new edition of the project dedicated to pupils, 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres, commences. At the launching event, all the participants of this year are expected – high school students and teachers from Bucharest, organizers and partner theatres. The launch is scheduled at the I.N Socolescu Technical Architecture College, as of 11:00. ECDL Romania, alongside its partners, UNITER, the Mayor’s Office of the Bucharest Municipality, the School Inspectorate of the Bucharest Municipality and the Small Theatre, the I.L. Caragiale National Theatre of Bucharest, the Ion Creangă Theatre, the Jewish State Theatre and the NottaraTheatre, are inviting you to meet the young artists and theatre spectators. 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres is an educational project which arrived at the 8th edition, supporting the involvement of high school students in cultural activities, through their access to institutions and theatre plays, challenging them at the same time to a show contest.    The theatres are reopening their season to further 150 pupils, including members of the school theatre troupes from other 5 high schools of the capital. These shall witness free of charge plays from each of the partner theatres of the project 5 High Schools – 5 Theatres: the Small Theatre, the I.L. Caragiale National Theatre of Bucharest, the Jewish State Theatre, the Ion Creangă Theatre and the NottaraTheatre. The new schools participating in this edition of 5 High Schools – 5 Theatres are: the Ioan N. SocolescuTechnical Architecture and Public Works College, the CantemirVodă National College, the Emil Racoviţă National College, the Dinu Lipatti National Arts College, the St. Joseph Roman-Catholic College. This time as well, the teenager troupes have been coordinated by the partner theatres in staging a short play. In the year of the Centenary, texts by Romanian playwrights shall be adapted. The project shall unfold in the time frame October-December 2018 and shall be finalised with the 5 High Schools-5 Theatres Gala, when the representations, the arbitration and the awarding of the five plays presented by the teenagers shall take place. The youngsters shall then have the opportunity of climbing on a major Bucharest stage, of performing in front of a jury of theatre professionals and be applauded by a wide audience. On Wednesday, at the launching event of 5 High Schools – 5 Theatres, we undertake to find out which are the stages of this edition and we shall draw the working groups for the brief plays. Since the very first edition which started in 2011 at the initiative of the ECDL Romania, over 1000 pupils from 30 different Bucharest high schools have taken part in this project. Alternative education plays a vital role in the development of young people, who must further be directed towards real and correct values, including cultural values. The ECDL initiatives promote the balanced development of youngsters, pursuing international careers and IT&C certifications, but also understanding the act of culture, as a completion of their knowledge and competences gained in school. You are welcome on Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, from 11:00 a.m., to the Festive Hall of the I.N. Socolescu Technical Architecture College (12 Occidentului St., Bucharest).  You can find out more information on the project 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres on or on ECDL – European Computer Driving Licence – international standard for the certification of digital competences.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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Romeo and Juliet –A drop of love in an ocean of hatred 29 September 2018
The I.L. Caragiale National Theatre of Bucharest announces the premiere of the show Romeo and Juliet, after William Shakespeare, in the dramaturgical vision and direction of Yuri Kordonski, on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September 2018, from 7.30 p.m., in the Studio Hall. Play of striking contrasts, of poetic antagonisms and devastating conflicts, drop of love in an ocean of hatred, Romeo and Juliet invites you to meditate on the contemporary world. The tragic story of the lovers from Verona, representing two families in a battle for life and death, in a society dominated by hatred and revenge, suffocated by the violence so familiar for our times, where the difference between sexes has almost vanished in the dizzying cavalcade for dominance, proves as vivid and acute as in the time of its writing. With this new enactment, Yuri Kordonski returns to NTB after 13 years since the blockbuster Heart of a Dog after Bulgakov, having Marius Manole in the role of the stray dog Sarik, creation which propelled the latter to the top of the most gifted young actors. Meanwhile, the artistic biography of the Russian director who settled in America has added further major shows on the Romanian stages: Uncle Vanya by Chekhov (UNITER 2002 award for best director), The Marriage by Gogol, Crime and punishment after Dostoyevsky, as well as Bury Me Behind the Baseboard after Pavel Sanaev, all enacted at the Bulandra Theatre of Bucharest, rewarded with countless prizes for performance. At the UNITER Awards Gala, the show Last Day of Youth, after Tadeusz Konwicki, from the "Radu Stanca" National Theatre of Sibiu, has received in the year 2012 the Best Show Award, and in 2017, The Lower Depthsfrom the Hungarian State Theatre of Cluj –Award for Best Director.Other international distinctions for his work are the Golden Light (St. Petersburg), the award of the European Theatre Union for the best enactment, as well as awards from the Romanian Ministry of Culture. Starting with 1989, he enacted theatre plays in over 20 countries worldwide, exceeding 40 enactments up to date. The show Romeo and Juliet promises a surprise both for the spectators expecting a classical enactment of the Shakespearean masterpiece, and for the ”fans” of the Russian director, who shall discover it from a completely different posture than the one known from the shows directed so far in the Bucharest theatres. The director, alongside the cast, open an excellent modern perspective on the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, leaving the life and exuberant energy of youth to find its path unhindered towards the heart of spectators of any age. The ample cast includes the actors: Marius Manole, Razvan Vasilescu, Ioan Andrei Ionescu, Costina Cheyrouze, Florentina Tilea, Lari Giorgescu, Victoria Dicu, Mihai Calota, Ada Gales, Emilian Marnea, Rodica Ionescu, Cosmina Olariu, Eduard Adam, Florin Calbajos. In the lead roles: Crina Semciuc and Ionut Toader. The scenery bears the signature of Dragos Buhagiar, the costumes were created together with Ioana Smara Popescu, and the choreography belongs to Florin Fieroiu. Show not recommended for children aged under 14. The next performances shall take place on the 10th and 11th October 2018, from 7.30 p.m., in the Studio Hall.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu  
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Ion Caramitru received the title of Honorary Doctor 20 September 2018
Ion Caramitru, director of the IL Caragiale National Theatre of Bucharest, received the title of Honorary Doctor of the Academy for Music, Theatre and Fine Arts in Kishinev, at the National Theatre Reunion, which takes place from 19th to 30th September 2018. At the current 4th edition, the National Bucharest presented, on the stage of the Mihai Eminescu National Theatre in Kishinev - organizer of the encounter, the show The Letter after "A Lost Letter" by IL Caragiale, directed by Horatiu Malaele. The Honorary Doctor awarding ceremony took place in the historical hall where, 100 years ago, the Country Council voted the Union of Bessarabia with Romania. A touching event, emphasizes the press beyond the Prut, which took place in front of a theatre hall bursting with theatre lovers, directors, actors, culture people and friends. "It is also touching that this ceremony takes place in the hall where the decision of the Country Council for the Union with the Mother Country was signed - stated Ion Caramitru for Radio Kishinev. I do not think there may be a better time to say once more what is obvious, to say once in the most beautiful Romanian language that we are brothers, to publicly expose our desire to be once again what we have been, and always the same, and that historical accidents only strengthen these feelings, do not destroy them. " The actor and director Ion Caramitru, the director of the National Theatre of Bucharest and the President of the Romanian Theatre Union, is also an Honorary Doctor of the ESRA University of Audiovisual Arts in Skopje (2016), the Ovidius University in Constanta (2012) and the George Enescu University of Arts ", Iasi (2008). The ceremony was concluded by Eminescu's poetry recital Nostalgia for Eminescu, which Ion Caramitru has been performing with clarinetist Aurelian-Octav Popa since January 2012, dialogizing in an unusual stage formula, in which the spoken word is replenished with music, a show based on selections from the great poet's poetry, prose and philosophy manuscripts.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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NTB Inaugurates the New Amphitheatre 24 May 2018
  In the warm season, NTB invites you to its new Amphitheatre, on the roof of the Grand Hall The summer season brings to the Capital’s landscape a new outdoor playground, which shall bear the name Amphitheatre, located on theroof of the”I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre, at the highest level of the building, above the terrace offering a unique panorama of the Bucharest centre. The new Amphitheatre shall host, beside the shows from the current and future NTB repertoire, adapted to the conditions of this new space, also representations of other institutions interested in renting this space. The new stage can offer a unique framework for varied artistic manifestations, appropriate for the warm season, from May to October: theatre plays, recitals, concerts, fashion shows, jazz evenings, one woman and one man show etc. Not lastly, within the framework of the programme "Open Doors to Everyone", NTB actors are invited to propose projects especially dedicated to this space, which shall function in the summer season. With a capacity of 299 seats, arranged on seat rows in steps, the new Amphitheatre has the following features: The structure is located at the altitude +24.50 m / wing A1. At the same altitude, the following spaces are located: - The actual ”Hall”, with a surface of de 431,56 sqm; - 5 fitting rooms (93,33 sqm); - The foyer and space for the actors’ regrouping (103,22 sqm) ; - The technical booths for lights and sound (17,40 sqm) The performance space has a surface of approximately 230 sqm. The space has a wood imitation floor, practical from an acoustic point of view and more appropriate for the artistic act, covered with a stage carpet. There is no surmounted stage, but traversables can be installed. The space does not have an attic, nor backstage: the scenery can only be fastened through counterweights. The reflectors for the stage lighting are located under a metal semi-cylindrical canopy with a diameter of 2m, located circularly above the acting space. The Amphitheatre launch shall be hosted on the evening of 24th May 2018, when the guests to the event shall be able to try out the possibilities of the new NTB acting space, which opens the gates for the spectators at night, for a first summer season, which we wish to be as manifold as possible.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu    Photo gallery
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