The Romanian Theatre Tour to Bucharest, Iasi and Kishinev

20 January 2017 - 22 January 2017
The Stradivarius Gala 10 April 2017
On Monday, 10 April 2017, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra invites you to the first edition of the Stradivarius Gala. An event highlighting the craftsmanship of the most famous luthier in the world, Antonio Stradivarius, the concert shall be hosted by the Grand Hall of the “I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest, starting from 7.30 p.m. Alongside conductor George Tudorache, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra invites you to take part in a special evening, giving you the opportunity to listen to the wonderful music of W.A. Mozart. The invited soloists shall perform on Stradivarius violins and are two of the most appreciated performers of the international musical stages: Genevieve Laurenceau - **Stradivarius violin 1682 **and Svetlin Roussev - **Stradivarius violin 1710 Camposelice**. The programme further comprises the Divertimento no. 1, KV136 and Divertimento no. 3, KV 138. Founded in 2007, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra is a first-class Romanian musical ensemble. It was founded by three young and ambitious musicians, composed of the most valuable Romanian instrumentalists. Desiring to offer music lovers the possibility to get in touch with quality music, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra has developed original and innovative concepts, transposed on the stage of the Hello Culture! annual season. The mission of the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra is promoting excellence in music and attracting young people to the concert halls. Partners: the Mayor’s Office of District 6, the European Cultural Centre of District 6, PONSA, Texcargo, Media partners: Adevărul, Dilema Veche, EuropaFM, Media Advertising   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu
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Fuego concert 03 April 2017
Spring brings to your city Romanian pop music, in an extravaganza of emotions and love, presented by the unmistakable Paul Surugiu-Fuego. Lo and behold, the artist of hearts goes again on tour throughout the country with a grandiose show – Leave Me My Music! – celebrating this time 10 years of national tours. The singer shall visit 20 cities, presenting to his audience an authentic music show with melody, colour, delicacy, unforgettable verses and songs. Surprises shall follow one another, for two hours in which the music of yore shall intertwine with today’s music, Fuego’s hits shall resonate in a new version and new songs shall enchant the audience. Joined by his band, Paul shall generate a musical universe in which everyone can find himself. Within the show, the artist shall launch a new discographic material, a spectacular musical-audio, created with maestro Jolt Kerestely. Leave Me My Music! is the way Paul Surugiu shows his audience that art makes us happy, even when we expect it the least. „For me, music is therapy, melody, emotion and joy at the same time, even more than a few sounds placed on a tape and a text thrown at random to be recited by an artist on a soundtrack. I also believe in music and its power, in the hits of yore and in what is created nowadays, so complex. I continue to be a romantic and I prefer to believe that we can continue to enjoy the beauty of certain songs. Leave My Music to Me! is about me and my art, about you, my audience and all the songs I have launched or sung or hummed ever since I was born, it is a tribute paid to Romanian artists and a spring extravaganza in which we shall relish, for two hours, special messages and emotions. I cannot advertise for myself, naturally, but I want to believe that we shall create an atmosphere for everyone to hear us. Alongside my band, I have prepared unique moments, musical premieres, an exceptional album, postures in which you shall see me for the first time. We shall remember parents, home, we shall float on the waves of love, dancing, listening, reciting and we shall let the song tell its own story. I think it is about time to show everyone that we need Romanian pop music, warning with respect to melodicity and messages, which the audience still needs, even if many are hurrying to consign them to oblivion. Be that as it may, but leave me my music! I look forward to seeing you!” Paul Surugiu - Fuego   For further details, you can access the following websites:,,,
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