The Romanian Theatre Tour to Bucharest, Iasi and Kishinev

20 January 2017 - 22 January 2017
Fuego concert 03 April 2017
Spring brings to your city Romanian pop music, in an extravaganza of emotions and love, presented by the unmistakable Paul Surugiu-Fuego. Lo and behold, the artist of hearts goes again on tour throughout the country with a grandiose show – Leave Me My Music! – celebrating this time 10 years of national tours. The singer shall visit 20 cities, presenting to his audience an authentic music show with melody, colour, delicacy, unforgettable verses and songs. Surprises shall follow one another, for two hours in which the music of yore shall intertwine with today’s music, Fuego’s hits shall resonate in a new version and new songs shall enchant the audience. Joined by his band, Paul shall generate a musical universe in which everyone can find himself. Within the show, the artist shall launch a new discographic material, a spectacular musical-audio, created with maestro Jolt Kerestely. Leave Me My Music! is the way Paul Surugiu shows his audience that art makes us happy, even when we expect it the least. „For me, music is therapy, melody, emotion and joy at the same time, even more than a few sounds placed on a tape and a text thrown at random to be recited by an artist on a soundtrack. I also believe in music and its power, in the hits of yore and in what is created nowadays, so complex. I continue to be a romantic and I prefer to believe that we can continue to enjoy the beauty of certain songs. Leave My Music to Me! is about me and my art, about you, my audience and all the songs I have launched or sung or hummed ever since I was born, it is a tribute paid to Romanian artists and a spring extravaganza in which we shall relish, for two hours, special messages and emotions. I cannot advertise for myself, naturally, but I want to believe that we shall create an atmosphere for everyone to hear us. Alongside my band, I have prepared unique moments, musical premieres, an exceptional album, postures in which you shall see me for the first time. We shall remember parents, home, we shall float on the waves of love, dancing, listening, reciting and we shall let the song tell its own story. I think it is about time to show everyone that we need Romanian pop music, warning with respect to melodicity and messages, which the audience still needs, even if many are hurrying to consign them to oblivion. Be that as it may, but leave me my music! I look forward to seeing you!” Paul Surugiu - Fuego   For further details, you can access the following websites:,,,
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The Django Caravan - Gypsy Jazz Manouche - Emy Drăgoi 20 March 2017
Within the framework of the latest musical project initiated and launched by him - 3D Pro’ect – the well-known artist Emy Drăgoi shall present a musical genre with a special history and flavour: the Django Caravan - Gypsy Jazz Manouche - Emy Drăgoi Tribute: Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli Special guest: Ion Caramitru The Manouche jazz, originating from the French suburbs – country in which Emy Drăgoi has completed his musical studies, also receiving the title of Artist of the Year, and in which he discovered the illustrious promoters of this musical genre, Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli, living alongside David Reinhard (grandson of Django), performing shows with the latter and Trio Rosemberg, Bireli Lagrene, Didier Lockwood etc., shall be presented to the Romanian audience in a vocal-instrumental formula, special in itself, through the creation of this project - Caravana Django - Gypsy Jazz Manouche - Emy Drăgoi Django has imposed a rhythm, the “swing”, which shall mark an entire period of interwar Paris. The repertoire of this project shall include immortal themes, such as Minor Swing, Daphne, Belleville, Djangology, Swing '42 și Nuages, which became standard pieces in jazz music. First and foremost, Emy Drăgoi and Jazz Hot Club Romania shall be joined on stage by the members of the Jazz Hot Club Junior Orchestra, alongside 3D Pro’ect. These shall be joined by several other top instrumentalists from France, manouche guitarists, especially invited for this kind of music. Collaborators within this great project are also actors of the National Theatre of Bucharest: Anca Sigartău, Aylin Cadîr, Tania Popa, alongside maestro Ion Caramitru. Appreciated for their theatre and film roles, for their appearances on radio and television, they also have a solid musical background, taking the Django Caravan on a magical musical journey, accompanied by dancers of the Tango Tangent troupe. Theatre, Music and Dance shall form a whole within this project. The show is accompanied by a video projection which replenishes the magic of this show Music in the Family. Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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Concert Aurelian Temisan & Friends 20 March 2017
    On 20 March 2017, from 8.00 p.m., Aurelian Temișan invites you to a memorable Unplugged concert, hosted by the Grand Hall of the National Theatre of Bucharest! He shall be joined on stage by Cornel Ilie (Vunk), Smiley and Gabriel Cotabiţă, three beloved friends, who shall replenish an evening you shall recall for a long time. You are expected to enjoy choruses from yore and nowadays, in an elegant show celebrating love and art.   About Aurelian Temişan         For over 28 years, Aurelian Temişan occupies one of the top positions of the audience’s preferences in his capacity as vocal soloist, actor or jury member of TV shows. Beside numerous concerts and studio albums, the milestones of a successful career include: the appearance in a double role in the feature film The Second Fall of Constantinople (1993), the role Bill Flynn from the famous musical Chicago, staged by the National Theatre of Bucharest, the characters impersonated in the TV series TV Mary’s Secret (Antena 1), The In-Laws (Național TV), The Sprânceană Clan (Antena 1) and the presence in the jury of the very popular TV show I Know You From Somewhere.
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I Do Not Matter! 13 March 2017
Three great cultural cities, three grand stages and theatre shows „otherwise” for soulful people!      After the triumph from 2016, the ARTwise Tour recommences in 2017 and proposes, as a premiere, a different theatre show, unusual and topical: I Do Not Matter!. Some of the greatest Romanian stages shall host the show: - The National Theatre of Bucharest – Studio Hall (Bucharest, 13 March 2017, 7:00 p.m.) - National Theatre of Iași– Grand Hall (Iași, 21 February 2017, 7:00 p.m.) - The Bacovia Municipal Theatre – Grand Hall (Bacău, 20 February 2017, 8:00 p.m.) The play, written by a young unknown Romanian playwright, has gathered remarkable reviews for the premieres at the Elisabeta Theatre of Bucharest from November 2016. 500 spectators and theatre critics were surprised by the involvement of some of the best Romanian actors in a new private project, but also by a bold script blending dramatic tension specific to the theatre with the lyricism of live classical and folk music. Why do you need to take part in the ARTwise Tour? Because ARTwise means the promotion of young people, it means decency, high-quality culture and first and foremost it means change in terms of vision on arts and culture.   In the cast: Marian Râlea, holder of theUNITER award for best actor, shall play the leading role „Judas”, alternating with the great film and theatre actor Vlad Rădescu. The cast is replenished by actors with major roles on stages such as NTB, Odeon, the Masca Theatre, etc., illustrious actors such as Anamaria Pîslaru, Sorin Dinculescu şi Relu Poalelungi and young actors: Antonio Tadeusz Mincă, Beatrice Rubică, Altan Safta Zecheria, Georgiana Vratiu and Ştefan Opreanu. The show brings a surprise: the live soundtrack (Narcisa Băleanu, panpipe – folk music) with the extraordinary involvement of a prominent representative of the „George Enescu” Philharmonics: Adrian Petrescu, in his capacity as musical director. The tickets for all three shows are available on or at the box offices of the three theatres. The ARTwise National Tour was launched in 2016 at the Bacău Athenaeum with a modern symphonic concert, has continued with the launch of the „Nice Trilogy”, with premieres at the Elisabeta Theatre and shall continue in 2017 in the major Romanian cities, and the general public shall have the opportunity to witness theatre performances, symphonic concerts and book launches. For more details, please access the Facebook page: ARTfel acf, or download the application Clubul ARTfel from „Appstore and Google play”, free of charge.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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