The Romanian Theatre Tour to Bucharest, Iasi and Kishinev

20 January 2017 - 22 January 2017
Unplugged - Aurelian Temișan & Special Guests 26 June 2017
Look who is performing with Temișan at the new exceptional concert prepared by NTB on 26th June 2017! Alongside guests such as Gabriel Cotabiță and Cornel Ilie from Vunk, two of the best feminine voices shall join the jury member from I Know You from Somewhere. Following the success with the Unplugged concert on 20th March at NTB, but also of the unique show concept in the Romanian musical landscape, Aurelian Temișan returns with renewed strength and other surprises. The artist plans a new concert – soulful for the soul – and makes a date with all lovers of his music, still at NTB, this time on 26th June! Temi's special guests are, as on 20th April, Gabriel Cotabiță and Cornel Ilie from Vunk, but the novelty is that the boys shall be joined by two of the best feminine voices in Romania, Paula Seling and Nico! “The Unplugged concert organised on 20th March at NTB was very successful, so that we thought of redoing this great show at NTB as well, this time on 26th June, where I expect all fans of my music! It is a soulful concert for the soul, as I slowly started to accustom my listeners. I am glad to notice that the effort paid off, as this concept which seems to enjoy an extremely good lane in the scenery of Romanian concerts takes wings! It is my second Unplugged concert, I am creating it with an ampler staging, more credibility, as a proof that beside the three exceptional guests I had on 20th March and who shall join me on stage on 26th June as well, more precisely Gabriel Cotabiță, Cornel Ilie (Vunk), two new friends shall come in addition, Paula Seling and Nico. You are most welcome to join us!”, declared Aurelian Temișan.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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