Open Air Hall

Terrace and AmphitheatreThe outdoors Terrace and Amphitheatre


On the terrace above the roof of the A1 building, at +17.25 meter altitude, taking advantage of the exclusive view that opens at such heights, a space was created for a cafe surrounded by a promenade terrace with tables and green areas. The panoramic view of the Capital’s centre offered by this space with transparent glass walls and ceiling is unique! The promenade terrace, decorated with green spaces, is a genuine promenade, shielded from the air flow by a transparent safety rail.


Terrace and Amphitheatre PlanOn the terrace above the Great Hall, at +24.00 meter altitude, a space for acting in the outdoors was created, in the shape of an amphitheatre for a maximum of 300 people (including the actors), with a podium for the stage, equiped and laid out according to the needs of the show’s director, steps where people can sit on pillows, and an incline for disabled people. The public can access the terrace by elevator, from the South side (Carol I Blvd.). Due to this new acting space under the starry sky, the theatrical life of Bucharest will be extended in the summer time.


Translated by Minodora Tunaru

MTTLC, The University of Bucharest

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