All inclusive

by Alexandru Popa

All inclusive

by Alexandru Popa

Vlad Zamfirescu
Mădălina Marinescu

Pause: No


130 lei

Independent show hosted by the National Theatre of Bucharest. The organiser is exclusively liable for the quality and content of this event!


The premiere of the show All inclusive, the most recent production directed by Vlad Zamfirescu, took place at the National Palace for Children, to a full house. Medeea Marinescu, Marius Manole, Mirela Oprişor, Vlad Zamfirescu and Diana Roman have offered a true feast of comedy in front of an overcrowded hall. The audience has laughed to one’s heart, at a play performed in verve and scattered with situations of a comic irony and funny cues. In the end, the rapturous applause which has lasted minutes in a row has crowned the launch of a new triumphant show.

The plot revolves around the family consisting of Maurice (Marius Manole), Margaret (Medeea Marinescu) and their daughter, Adele (Diana Roman). Arrived at the age of 40, with a daughter aged 20, the two parents seem to be on a perpetual quest of an undefined ideal, always longing for something else than life has offered them until that moment. Their existence takes an unexpected turn when Adele, young student, announces that she is living a love story and is expecting a child from none other than her teacher Vincent (Vlad Zamfirescu). Adela’s father as well, Maurice (Marius Manole), is undergoing a midlife crisis, believing that he shall find happiness in the very arms of jolly Monique (Mirela Oprişor), the sister of her daughter’s lover. What happens when the protagonists of this script are faced, you shall discover while witnessing the show.  

Do not miss the encounter with representative names of the new golden generation of Romanian theatre, in this new savoury comedy in which bursts of laughter are intertwined with the authentic experience and moment of great emotional tension. The show is directed by Vlad Zamfirescu, and the stage design is created by Mădălina Marinescu.


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

Margaret : Medeea Marinescu Maurice : Marius Manole
Monique : Mirela Oprișor Vince : Vlad Zamfirescu
Adele : Diana Roman
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