Ana Covalciuc

b. 14.12.1984

In the current season the actor plays in:

Cherry Orchard

NTB Parts

Dunyasha - "The Cherry Orchard" by A.P. Chekhov, directed by David Doiashvili, 2017

"We Are the Last 5" by Samuel Beckett, directed by Dragoș Mușoiu, 9G at NTB, 2016

Hermia – “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare, directed by Petrică Ionescu, 2015


Activities outside NTB

Theatre Parts

Nina - “30 +” - Laura Shaine Cunningham, directed by Alex Bogdan, Godot Café-theatre, 2015

Maria - “Carousel”, after Ferenc Molnar, directed by Andrei Șerban, “L.S. Bulandra” Theatre, 2015

Woman 2 - “11.1/ Echo Point” by Rajiv Josephj, directed by Sebastian Marina, itinerant show, DramaStock production, 2015

Mara Petrescu - “The Bride Has Been Kidnapped!”, text and direction by Radu Popescu, Elisabeta Theatre, 2015

Woman with children - “4 Square Meters” – social project, directed by Ioana Petre and Catinca Drăgănescu, in collaboration with the NGO CeRe, with the participation and performance in the Bucharest neighbourhoods, 2014

Chloe - “Hell” by L. Pille, directed by Chris Simion, Godot Café-theatre, 2014

Mi Tzu Owner / Boy - „The Good Person of Szechwan” by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Andrei Șerban, „L.S. Bulandra” Theatre, 2014

Ea - „Pool (no water)” by M. Ravenhill, directed by Dragoș Mușoiu, exam for U.N.A.T.C. master’s degree, 2014

Elsa - „Blowing” by Jeroen van den Berg, directed by Florin Caracala, U.N.A.T.C. masters production, 2013

Claire - „Proof” by D. Auburn, directed by Ion Kivu, Godot Cafe-Theatre production, 2013

Tsarina - „Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession” by Mikhail Bulgakov, directed by Gelu Colceag, Metropolis Theatre, 2013

Suzanne Valadon - „Toulouse Lautrec” after M. Moretti, directed by Horaţiu Mălăele, Metropolis Theatre, 2011

Liza Ivanovna Bugrova - „Living Merchandise” after A.P. Chekhov, directed by Dragoş Câmpan, ArCub production, 2011

„Beer, Chocolate and Tobacco”, contemporary comedy, directed by Andrei Narcis Grosu, Godot Cafe-Theatre production, 2011

Dr. S… - „The Hotel” after Eric E. Schmitt, directed by Anca Mitroi Ciuclaru, UNATC, 2011

Olga Ivanovna Dimova - ”The Grasshopper” after A.P. Chekhov, directed by Elena Morar, the Comedy Theatre and Metropolis Theatre, 2010

„Party”, non-verbal show, directed by Andrei Narcis Grosu, co-production Romania-Hungary, 2009

Liudmila Spiridonovna Brandahlistova - „Tarelkin” by S. Kobîlin, directed by Gelu Colceag, Metropolis Theatre, 2009

Curan, the Storm Lord, French General, Senator etc. - „King Lear” by William Shakespeare, directed by Andrei Şerban, Bulandra Theatre, 2008

Mrs. Lisbon, Mrs. Woodhouse, Miss Arnt - ”Virgin S.” after J. Eugenides, directed by Alina Csurock, Casandra Studio (Masca), 2008

Margareta Aldea - ”The Magpies” by Al. Kiritescu, directed by Magda Catone / Florin Zamfirescu, Casandra Studio (Masca), 2008

Helena - ”A Midsummer Night’s Dream” after William Shakespeare, directed by Florin Zamfirescu, Casandra Studio (Odeon), 2007



TIFF 2015 – shortlisted for the programme „10 for Film”

Ideo Ideis Young Theatre Festival, Alexandria – trainer, 2009 - 2014

International Theatre Festival of Sibiu 2012 – participation with the show „Toulouse Lautrec”, Metropolis Theatre



Contemporary dance workshop held by Gigi Căciuleanu within the framework of the GROWASP programme, 2015

Actors at Work – Workshop held by Mihaela Mihuț and Con Horgan, members of Actors’ Studio, NY, 2015

Master class on the Meyerhold Biomechanics led by Alexey Levinsky, Hungarian State Theatre, Cluj 2012

Andrei Şerban Itinerant Academy, Ipotești (2011), Mogoșoaia (2012)

Jaques Lecoq Workshop – Actor’s Space, Barcelona, 2010

Icon Arts Cisnădie, drama workshop, Prof. Adrian Titieni, 2009

Ingenious Drama Festival, Bacău – trainer, 2009

International street theatre festival B’Fit in the Street – participation in the show „Demonics” of the Comediants troupe, Spain, 2009

Berlinale Talent Campus – within the framework of the Berlin Film Festival, workshops / seminars, 2009

Festival de Théâtre Universitaire, Nantes, France, guest show „Tailleur pour dames” by Georges Feydeau, 2006

„Coup de Theatre” Festival, Bucharest, guest shows „Tailleur pour dames”, „Exercices de style” and „Salut, Joe!” hosted by the Bulandra, Odeon and Nottara Theatres, 2006, 2005

U.N.A.T.C., “Open Doors”, Meyerhold workshop, Prof. V.Granov, 2005

“Vasile Alecsandri” National Theatre of Iaşi, “Orpheus” Festival, the show    

“One Dream, one Spell...Puck!” (William Shakespeare collage - ”Award for Best Actress”, 2004)

“V. Alecsandri” National Theatre of Iaşi, the show “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare, season 2002 – 2003

PrumACT – Unesco – Sinaia, workshop: Stanislavsky Yesterday and Today, Prof: V. Flishtinsky, 2002


Film Parts

“I am Maria” directed by Bogdan Theodor Olteanu, short film, 2014

„Speed-dating”, directed by Lavinia Cioacă, short film, 2012

“Aurora”, directed by Cristi Puiu, feature film, 2009

„Synopsis docu-drama”, directed by Vlad Trandafir, short film, 2007

„Chamber Music”, directed by Matei Mocanu, short film, 2007

“Home”, directed by Paul Negoescu, short film, 2007

“The Dot Man”, directed by Bruno Coppola, 2006    

“The Rest is Silence”, directed by Nae Caramfil, 2006

„Youth without Youth”, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, 2006

“Knot”, Media University project, directed by Alina Ciocârlie, short film, 2006    

„Third Degree Meeting”, U.N.A.T.C. project, directed by Stanca Radu, short film, 2006

“On the Other Side”, U.N.A.T.C. project, directed by Anamaria Chioveanu, short film



Acasă TV –„Dr. for Mothers” series, episode 23, 2008

TVR – „No One’s got a Christmas like Ours” show, 2008


Miscellaneous Activities

Participation in the Citizen Initiative Fair organised by CeRe with the show “4m2”, directed by Catinca Drăgănescu and Ioana Petre, 2014

Volunteering TEDx Bucharest (October 2010)

TV Mania Awards Gala – host assistant, Bucharest, 2008

Participation within the programme „Work and Travel”– U.S.A. (NJ, NY), 2007

Volunteering – Expo Diabetes, Şuţu Palace, Bucharest, 2005

Collaboration with the ARTES magazine, 2003

A.R.D.O.R. member (The Romanian Association for Debate, Oratory and Rhetoric), 1999 – 2001

Competition of Instrumental Interpretation of Romanian Music “Sigismund Toduţă” Bistriţa, 1996 (Third Prize, piano)

International Competition of Vocal and Instrumental Interpretation San Bartolomeo al Mare, Italy 1995, 5th place piano



U.N.A.T.C. “I.L. Caragiale” Bucharest, PhD studies on Theatre aesthetics, theory, pedagogy and history, 2010 - 2014

U.N.A.T.C. “I.L. Caragiale” Bucharest, Theatre Faculty, acting department, class of Prof. Gelu Colceag – Master (Pedagogy), 2008 - 2010

U.N.A.T.C. “I.L. Caragiale” Bucharest, Theatre Faculty, acting department, class of Prof. Florin Zamfirescu, 2004 - 2008

“O. Băncilă” National Arts College Iaşi, profile Theatrical Arts – degree in theatrical art, specialty “Theatre instructor”, 2000 - 2004



Nomination for the category Best Supporting Actress at the UNITER Awards Gala 2015, for the role The Owner from the show „ The Good Person of Szechwan”, Bulandra Theatre Bucharest, 2015

Rodica Tapalagă Award – for the role Olga Ivanovna from the show “The Grasshopper” after A.P. Chekhov, directed by Elena Morar –Cultural Dialogue Association, 2011

Special Jury Mention for the role Olga Ivanovna from the show “The Grasshopper” after A.P. Chekhov – Gala COMEDIA CARES FOR YOUth, 5th edition, 2010

The Best Actress in a Director’s Staging – master studies– for the part of Olga Ivanovna from “The Grasshopper” after Chekhov, directed by Elena Morar – UNATC Gala 2010.


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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