Current Repertory


by Tim Crouch


by Tim Crouch

Translation: Silvia Năstasie, Andrei Marinescu
Bobi Pricop
Assistant Director:
Andreea Lucaci
Nikola Toromanov
Eduard Gabia
Stage Movement:
Eduard Gabia
Dan Basu
Dan Basu
Technical Director:
Costy Lupșa, Cristian Paraschivescu

Premiere: 03.03.2020

Duration: 1 h 45 min / Pause: No


40 lei
20 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

Beginners - A show about the invisible border between childhood and adulthood, the children we were and the adults we will become.

In the absence of parents, children must replace them and face the challenges of adulthood: accepting one another, coping with change and even saving the planet. Among all these challenges, there is also adventure, play and drama, because Beginners is also a play about the healing power of art in the face of loss and suffering.

"In Beginners, children are the traces that adults allow to mature without watching over their maturation. They are a kind of crust over which the years settle and grow, seemingly forgetting where they came from. Adults are melting in the children's quest to understand them. In the absence of adults, children are the spectacle of the end of one world and the beginning of another. I am the creation that allows "to live its childhood" on the playground illuminated by tough questions. Which only children take the liberty to ask. Because in their world, it is time for radical confrontations with everything "not allowed" when we grow up. When we need to become responsible adults. The age of children is the emancipatory irresponsibility that has the potential for total change. Their age is the revolution. " Mihaela Michailov

A show full of fantasy and mystery, twists and surprises, with adult and child actors, a staging that will put our senses to trial, playing at the same time with our minds.

Translated by Simona Nichiteanu


Photo credit: Andrei Gindac, Ioana Teodora Raicu, Catalin Asanache

Joy: Ada Galeș                      Lucy: Raluca Aprodu
Bart: Istvan Teglas                      Nigel: Alexandru Potocean
Sandy: Ciprian Nicula                      Joy child: Chloe Basu / Eva-Ilinca Crudu / Maria Moustache
Lucy child: Maria Luana Colica / Erica Mihaela Tanasov                      Bart child: Rareș Gheorghe / Victor Vasilescu
Nigel child: Radu Anghelina / Ștefan Popa                     
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