Biloxi Blues

by Neil Simon

Biloxi Blues

by Neil Simon

Translation: Ştefan Statnic
Mircea Rusu
Light design:
Cristian Ciopată
Daniel Nae

Premiere: 27.06.2019

Duration: 2 h / Pause: No

02 Aug 2019 (Amphitheatre) 21:00

30 lei

16 lei

Important notice regarding the Amphitheatre shows!
Being an open-air space, in case of rain, the following rule shall apply:
- if the rain starts before the show and the setup time allows this, the representation shall be moved to one of the theatre halls. Should this not be possible, it shall either be rescheduled, the tickets remaining valid, or the ticket money shall be reimbursed, or the tickets can be exchanged for another show from the Amphitheatre programme.
- if the rain starts during the representation, the show shall be suspended, rendering its rescheduling and the ticket price reimbursement impossible.


Biloxi Blues is one of the most roaring successes on Broadway, and its author, Neil Simon, the most performed and awarded contemporary American playwright. A funny, but at the same time bitter text, a story about growing up, the army, love, sexuality, life, with its restraints and prejudice. A fresh and enthralling show, performed at the intensity of the age of the young characters. 


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu  


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Eugene Morris: Liviu Romanescu                      Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey: Daniel Hara
Arnold Epstein: Eduard Cîrlan
Dragoş Dumitru
                     Joseph Wykowski: Valentin Paraschivu
Roy Selridge: George Burcea                      Don Carney: Bogdan Florea
Mihai Munteniţă
James Hennesey: Eduard Cîrlan
Sorin Dobrin
                     Daisy Hannigan: Sara Cuncea
Rowena: Crina Matei
Silva Helena Schmidt
                     Girls: Anca Ionel
Diana Toma
Andreea Beatrice Lazăr
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