Botond Nagy

Botond Nagy is 29 years old and has an impressive CV. After graduating from the "Plugor Sándor" Art High School in Sfantu Gheorghe, he graduated from the University of Arts in Targu-Mures, majoring in theatre direction. He was not more than two decades old when he signed his first show at the "Figura" Theatre in Gheorghieni. In the same year, he was to receive his professor's vote of confidence: Bocsárdi László, who invited him to stage at the "Tamási Áron" Theatre in Sfantu Gheorghe while he was still a student. Since then, his career has taken an upward path. And this thanks to his inspiration and talent, but also to the happy encounters he has had: with actors and directors, with special artistic worlds. He has participated in numerous projects and workshops with names such as Andrew Visnevski at the National Theatre of Athens within the Union des Theatres de l'Europe, Declan Donellan or Gregorz Jarzyna, he has put his directorial signature on shows staged at top theatres such as: The Hungarian State Theatre in Cluj Napoca, the National Theatre "Radu Stanca" in Sibiu, the Classical Theatre "Ioan Slavici" in Arad, the Municipal Theatre "Matei Visniec" in Suceava, the company "Figura Stúdió" in Gheorgheni, the National-Experimental Theatre "Kujtim Spahivogli" in Albania or the Theatre "Tamási Áron", the Theatre "Andrei Muresanu" both in Sfantu Gheorghe.

He was nominated for the UNITER Awards (2020) for "Best Director" with the performance "Nora" by Henrik Ibsen, produced by the Hungarian State Theatre in Cluj, then for the same performance he received the "Best Director Award from the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources". In 2017 he received the award for "Best Direction" at the Festival of Hungarian Theatres in Kisvárda (Hungary) and the Debutant award in Sfantu Gheorghe for the performance "Oneghin" after Pushkin, produced by the "Figura" Theatre in Gheorgheni.

His performances have been invited to prestigious festivals both at home and abroad, together with names such as Robert Wilson, Theodoros Terzopoulos, Oskaras Korsunovas, Pippo Delbono, Joseph Nadj, etc... MITEM Festival (Hungary), DESZKA Festival (Hungary), FITS, Interference, FNT, International Shakespeare Festival in Craiova, etc. He took part as a guest in the Special Conferences of FITS, coordinated by Georges Banu.

Botond Nagy is a director with his own, distinctive, recognizable universe. He has a specific atmosphere and even emblematic concrete technical solutions, an audiovisual ambience and an attitude that are characteristic of him.


Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu 

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