Box Office


: Bd. Nicolae Bălcescu nr. 2, 010051, Bucureşti, sector 1

Phone: 314.71.71

Fax: 314.80.26


Opening Hours

The Schedule of the NTB Box Office:

Monday: 10.00 - 16.00

Tuesday - Sunday: 10.00 - 19.00

Ticket payment will be in cash or by card for NTB productions and cash only for other hosted events.


Ticket Booking


If you wish to book tickets for the NTB shows, please call 021.314.7171 !
Bookings are valid for 48 hours and up to 8 seats!
No bookings are accepted with less than 48 hours before the beginning of the show!


  • In the exceptional case of the unavailability of some actors, National Theatre reserves the right to make changes to the weekly schedule of performances.
  • Access to the auditorium is only allowed until the start of the performance, after this time, access to the room can be made only at break time.
  • Missing the show because at the time indicated on the ticket does not entitle the return of the ticket payment or use a performance later
  • Discount tickets can only be purchased from the Booking Office (not online or through telephone reservation) and only by presenting a student card or a pension coupon (2 seats per coupon). Only if the full-price tickets have been sold out, the discount tickets go on sale without any ID requirements.
  • Tickets can be changed only if the show was replaced by the National Theatre.
  • Out of respect for the artists and to avoid any unpleasant situation, please be punctual and do not use mobile phones during the course of the show, also is prohibited the use of the cameras, as well as audio or video recording devices.
  • At the shows of the „I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre, as a general rule, access of children under the age of 8 is prohibited. At certain shows, another age limit applies. This limit is mentioned on the poster, on the NTB website and at the box office. Please consult this information before purchasing tickets.
    Exempt from this rule are the shows of the National Theatre for Children on Sunday mornings, where the minimum allowed age is 4.

Invitations for Disabled Persons


The invitations for disabled persons are handed out every Tuesday, from 11.00 a.m., in the lobby of the Studio Hall. According to art. 21 from Law no. 448 / 2006, republished, the disabled persons shall enjoy a limited number of free seats at each show from the NTB repertoire.

Access for people with disabilities to the performance halls of the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre from Bucharest is as follows:

In the A Building (the main building, which includes the "Ion Caramitru" Hall, the Small Hall - with access from Dr. Dimitrie Gerota Street and the Open Air Amphitheatre):

- The access to the Ion Caramitru Hall is via the ramp on the left side of the entrances to the building A (ramp to the north façade of building A) on the ground floor. From the marble foyer, the elevators on the right side go up to the first floor, using the ramp with handrail that leads directly to the seats reserved for disabled people.
- The access to the Open Air Amphitheatre is on the same ramp as the Ion Caramitru Hall and from the ground floor, you go up the elevators on the right side to the 4th floor, and from there on the platform lift for disabled people to the entrance of the hall.

From the marble foyer of the "Ion Caramitru Hall" you can reach the cloakroom and the sanitary facilities for people with disabilities as follows: 
- on the right-hand side of the foyer, with a platform lift for people with disabilities;
- on the left side on the metal ramp.

- Access to the Sala Mica is via the ramp outside the building, from Dr. Dimitrie Gerota Street.

In the B Building (the central building, which includes the Media Hall on the ground floor and the Pictura Hall upstairs):

- Access to the Media Hall is directly from the parking lot in the foyer on Nicolae Bălcescu Boulevard.
- The Pictura Hall is accessed via the same entrance as the Media Hall with the two lifts on the first floor.

In Building C, for the "Atelier Hall" and "Studio Hall":

- Through the foyer of the "Media Hall" in Building B, you pass into Building C, where there is an elevator leading to level -1 (basement) for the "Atelier Hall" and to level 2 for the "Studio Room".

Hall Layout


Ion Caramitru Hall

891+26 seats


The Studio Hall

Italian Style - 541 seats


The Studio Hall

Arena Style


The Studio Hall

Elisabethan Style


The Studio Hall

Romeo and Juliet - 394 seats

  Sala Pictura 243+50.jpg

The Painting Hall

243 + 50 seats


The Small Hall

  Atelier Tectonica188.jpg

The Black Box

188 seats

  Atelier 201 Anonimul venetian.jpg

The Black Box

201 seats - Anonymous Venetian


The Black Box

128 seats - Helver`s Night


The Black Box


The Black Box


The Small Hall

130 seats


Amphitheatre Hall

300 seats


Amphitheatre for theatre shows

294 seats

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