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Buy Nothing Day

by Kim Atle Hansen

Buy Nothing Day

by Kim Atle Hansen

Translation: Ilinca Hărnuţ şi Simona Cuciurianu
Horia Suru
Assistant Director:
Mădălin Hîncu
Live DJ:
Andreea Veder
Special Effects:
Daniel Radu
Image and Video Editing:
Răzvan Mihalachi, Lucian Alexe
Arh. Bogdan Costea
Assistant Scenography:
Ana Ivan
Anca Miron
Make-up artist:
Diana Ionescu, Tania Presura, Iulia Băjenaru, Cristina Hurduc, Irina Cajvaneanu
Ioana-Iulia Goicea
Musical training:
Monica Ciută
Alexandra Pașca
Light design:
Cristian Șimon, Claudiu Stan, Richard Stan
Mac Gheorghiu, Călin Tzopa, Sorin Brehuescu
Scene director:
Viorel Florea

Premiere: 05.11.2014

Duration: 1 h 10 min / Pause: No


30 lei 

16 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

Show not recommended for minors aged under 16; licentious language/ of sexual nature


Co-production: A show created by ProDrama in partnership with National Theater of Bucharest's "9G" Program, supported by Arcub. 


“Buy Nothing Day” is a fresh show which feels the young generation’s pulse in a brave and witting manner. Loaded with vital messages from the present-day social, political and economical spheres, “Buy Nothing Day” tells us about the change that emerges from every individual. The play makes a call to humor (without drifting into sarcasm), activism (with no suggestion of extremism) and to contemporary, scintillating artistic solutions in terms of sound, set and design.

Petra (Ilinca Harnut) and Andrei (Rolando Matsangos) want to draw attention over consumerism and the exploitation of Third Word workers. Kati (Cristina Gavrus) and Irina (Olivia Alexandra Nita) want to become stars by singing at a “Save the Planet” event. Toma (Andrei Morariu) and Petru (Emil Mandanac) want to protest to improve the living conditions from the nursing home they work at. Ana (Simona Cuciurianu) wants to be more than just a clothes shop assistant. Their paths meet at the mall. This visit will change their lives.

Kim Atle Hansen is a Norwegian play writer, actor and activist, author of several plays about problems of today’s society. He works at Norske Theater, and “Buy Nothing Day” is his most known play, set so far in the UK, Brazil, Italy, The USA and Russia. “This text is destined rather to a performative convention than a type of emotionally motivated game”


: Simona Cuciurianu
Cristina Găvruș
Ilinca Hărnuț
Rolando Matsangos
Emil Măndănac
Andrei Morariu
Olivia Niță
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