The audience is a mirror for you to look into on stage and which showes just how much love do you have to give.

Costina Cheyrouze

b. 30.01.1978, Constanţa

Parts at NTB

  • Lady Capulet - "Romeo and Juliet" after William Shakespeare, directed by Yuri Kordonsky, 2018
  • Lily - "Loose knit" by Theresa Rebeck, coordinator Ion Caramitru, 2018
  • Cocuța Micșoreanu - "Allegro, ma non troppo" by Ion Minulescu, directed by Răzvan Popa, 2014
  • Helge - "The Visit" by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, directed by Alexander Morfov, 2011 
  • Christine - "The Dinner Game" by Francis Veber, directed by Ion Caramitru, 2010
  • Ann Deever - "All My Sons" by Arthur Miller, directed by Ion Caramitru, 2009

Activities beside NTB

Parts in theatre

Cochet Image Store, Bucharest

  • Lydia - "Spike Heels" by Theresa Rebeck, directed by Roberta Serban, 2009

Jean Bart Theatre, Tulcea

  • The Countess - "The Marriage Of Figaro" by Pierre Beaumarchais, directed by Radu Olareanu, 2008

State Theatre, Constanţa

  • The Woman - "Terrorism" by Oleg and Vladimir Presniakov, directed by Felix Alexa, 2008
  • Vivienne - "A Flea in Her Ear" by Georges Feydeau, directed by Ion Lucian, 2008


Luni Theatre @ Green Hours, Bucharest

  • She - "Crisis Or Another Love Story" by Mihai Ignat, directed by Traian Soimu, 2006

The Comedy Theatre, Bucharest

  • Guest - "Chirita Of Barzoieni", directed by Iarina Demian, 2004

Prometheus Club, Bucharest

  • Dariusca - "Ward No. 6", after A.P. Chekhov, directed by Adrian Berinde, 2007

Sutu Palace, Bucharest

  • "Broadway Magic cabaret", musical director Calvin Mc Clinton, 2004

Cassandra Studio, Bucharest

  • Selah - "Dead Man's Blues" by Caridad Svich, directed by Radu Grigore, 2003
  • Lady, Woman, Sister - "Don Juan Comes Back From The War" by Ödön von Horváth, directed by Peter Kerek, 2003

The Romanian Literature Museum, Bucharest

  • "A'int Misbehavin cabaret", musical director Calvin Mc Clinton, 2002

British Council, Bucharest

  • "Harap Alb (White Moor)", musical project, script by Ioana Ieronim, based on a story by Ion Creanga, musical director Calvin Mc Clinton, 2002

Radiophonic Theatre, Bucharest

  • A - "Challenge Or Flight, What Happiness" by Doru Motoc, directed by Mihai Lungeanu, 2007



  • The National University Of Theatrical And Cinematic Arts, Bucharest, Acting Section, class of 2004, coordinated by professor Adrian Pintea;
  • Summer School - Arcus - William Shakespeare & A.P. Chekhov, a bilingual project, Romanian - Hungarian, 2001;
  • Musical Studies - Mc Clinton Foundation, 2001 - 2003;
  • Summer School - Arcus - I.L. Caragiale, 2002;
  • National University Ovidius, Constanta, Psycho-Pedagogy - English, 1997 - 2000;
  • The Pedagogical College Constantin Bratescu, Constanta, 1992 - 1997.


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