Current Repertory


50 seconds

by Daniel Oltean


A different Caragiale


A Lost Letter

by I.L. Caragiale



Collective creation


Allegro ma non troppo

by Ion Minulescu


Anonymous Venetian

after Anonimo veneziano by Giuseppe Berto



by Tim Crouch


Biloxi Blues

by Neil Simon


Carnival Stuff

by I.L. Caragiale


Catch-up in the Dark

based on Edna Mazya's Games in the Backyard


Cherry Orchard

by A.P. Chekhov



by Iseult Golden and David Horan



by Alexandra Badea


Exit the King

by Eugène Ionesco



by Andreas Petrescu


Extraordinary Life

by Mariano Tenconi Blanco


Farewell Mister Haffmann

by Jean-Philippe Daguerre


Fathers and Sons

by Brian Friel, after the novel of Turgeniev


Flies, Chaff and Whipping

by Lia Bugnar


Fool for Love

by Sam Shepard


Freak Show vol. 2

by Florin Piersic jr.


Gallants of the Old Court

after Mateiu Caragiale


God dresses from the thrift

by Iulian Margu


Guided tours at the Museum


Helver`s Night

by Ingmar Villqist



by Thomas Bernhard



by Nick Payne


King Lear

by William Shakespeare


Kiritza or The game of...

A performance by Gigi Căciuleanu based on the famous texts of the poet Vasile Alecsandri


Komorebi. The light filtering through the trees

by Raluca Mănescu


Last Coffee with Iuliu Maniu

by Dinu Grigorescu


Let`s Talk About Life!

by Ana Sorina Corneanu


Light, at the end of the tunnel

by Radu F. Alexandru


Little Hell

by Mircea Stefanescu


Loose Knit

by Theresa Rebeck


Lottery Tickets

after I.L. Caragiale


M from Murphy


Machinal. The Musical

after The Adding Machine by Elmer Rice


Magic National


Matilda and the Grave-diggers

by Stela Giurgeanu


No Man`s Land

by Danis Tanović


No Matter How Hard We Tried

by Dorota Masłowska


NTB Guided Tour


Offending the Audience

de Peter Handke


Old Clown Wanted

by Matei Visniec


Once Upon a Time in Romania


Perpetual peace

by Juan Mayorga



by Marius von Mayenburg


Placebo (D)Effect

Collective creation


Powder Keg

by Dejan Dukovski


Rehearsal for a better world

dramatization by Mihai Radu and Ionuț Sociu after the novel bearing the same name by Mihai Radu


Romanian Diary. 1989

*the diary of a revolution, a documentary multimedia theatre show


Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare



by Neil Simon




Sentimental Tectonics

by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt



by Marilia Samper


Stupid Fucking Bird

by Aaron Posner


The Beauty of Venice in September

after Teodor Mazilu


The Best Child in the World

by Alina Serban


The Blizzard

by Barbu Stefanescu Delavrancea


The Clean House

by Sarah Ruhl


The Country House

by Donald Margulies


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

after a novel by Mark Haddon


The Dinner Game

by Francis Veber


The Door Mat

by Ion Baiesu


The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds

by Paul Zindel


The Forest of the Hanged

by Liviu Rebreanu


The Girl Soldier

by Mihaela Michailov


The Inspector General

by Nikolai Vasilievici Gogol


The Journey

A show by Dan Puric


The Just Assassins

by Albert Camus


The Lourcine Street Affair

by Eugène Labiche


The Magistrate

after Arthur Wing Pinero


The Man who saw Death

by Victor Eftimiu


The Memory of Water

by Shelagh Stephenson


The Merchant of Venice

by William Shakespeare


The Mousetrap

by Agatha Christie


The National Theatre for Children Abracadabra


The Nouveau Criminals

by Edna Mazia


The Seagull

by A.P. Cehov


The Silent Escape

by Lena Constante


The Silent Parrot - Nearly true histories of a nearly forgotten spy

Play in 30 scenes by Nae Caranfil


The Tempest

after William Shakespeare


The Titanic Orchestra

by Hristo Boytchev


The Welkin

by Lucy Kirkwood


The Word Progress On My Mother's Lips Doesn't Ring True

by Matei Visniec


Three Sisters

An (Un)usually Free Script Based on Chekhov


Titanic Waltz

by Tudor Musatescu


Twenty years in Siberia

after Anița Nandriș-Cudla



by Ivan Vyrypaev


Vivien Leigh: The Last Press Conference

by Marcy Lafferty


Wizard's Apprentice

A Show by Radu Gheorghe


You Say Tomato

by Joan Yago



by Margaret Mazzantini

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