Delhi Dance - FNT

by Ivan Vîrîpaev

Delhi Dance - FNT

by Ivan Vîrîpaev

Translation: Elvira Rîmbu
Radu Afrim
Cosmin Florea
Andrei Cozlac
Sound universe:
Radu Afrim

Duration: 2 h / Pause: No


65 lei

53 lei

Show Presented within the Framework of the National Theatre Festival 2019
Attention! Tickets for NTF shows will be paid at the NTB Box Office in cash only!


Producer "Vasile Alecsandri" National Theatre of Iasi

In a show of atmosphere and state, where the dream and realism can be substituted for each other, Radu Afrim creates a suspended universe pulsating like a heart, a trance world which absorbs one in its rhythm, in the dance like a seal.

In a hospital hallway, six characters in search of the self, near death, experience love, hatred, remorse, separation; they seem to tell the same story, but they are placed in different situations and have different reactions to the signs of destiny.

Inside the dance / You feel / So peaceful / Inside / Outside / Both in the beginning and at the end / In the depth of the dream and at the surface of the dream are the titles of the seven acts of the play that are linked through hypnotic meaning, like a mantra. Of the Delhi dance.

Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 


Ecaterina: Ada Lupu                      Lera: Tatiana Ionesi
Andrei: Dan Prisacariu                      Mother: Pușa Darie
Asistent: Livia Iorga                      Olga: Marina Munteanu
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