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by Eugene O`Brien


by Eugene O`Brien

Translation: Andrei Marinescu
Cristina Giurgea
Cristina Giurgea
Alexandra Panaite şi Alexandra Constantin
Alexandru Darie şi Ştefan Caragiu
Light design:
Laurenţiu Iordache
Sound design:
Radu Barbu
Assistant Director:
Cătălina Baciu
Assistant Scenography:
Andrei Moacă
Lighting assistent:
Daniel Buglea

Premiere: 15.03.2016

Last performance: 28.03.2018

Duration: 2 h / Pause: No


30 lei

16 lei cu reducere (ultimul rând)

Show not recommended for minors aged under 14: scenes of sexual nature.


Production of the "Ion Sava" Centre for Theatrical Creation and Research, in collaboration with "I.L.Caragiale" National University of Theatre and Film and the Irish Embassy in Bucharest.

Edentalks about loneliness in the couple and the despair caused by the lack of trust in oneself and in the other, about the orgies of boredom born from this despair. Apparently, a simple story, namely a he and a she, each one with his/ her thoughts, with his/ her projection on incipient love and the current lack of attraction, but especially, with the drama of the marriage bed. She is fat and believes that this has caused the chasm between them. She starts turning into who she was when they met, he observes, but cannot help it or does not wish to escape the mirage of erotic phantasies and unrequited desires.

An intoxicating world swarms around them, among parties, alcohol, sex… in a paradoxical night of self-awareness. Eden is a comedy on the tragedy of loneliness or the tragedy of people becoming ridiculously lonely, because they have chosen to live together.

Eden is a show about loneliness. Loneliness as a disease of the human soul. Billy and Breda are the prisoners of their own loneliness. Although a couple, they live their lives separately, without communicating, without opening up to each other, without love, without mystery. They are becoming a contemporary Adam and Eve, inhabitants of an obsolete paradise in which they drown as time passes, haunted by dreams, phantasies and memories, sinking into their own platitude”, explained director Cristina Giurgea.

Eden is the fruit of the collaboration between the Irish Embassy (who has given a grant to a master student for enacting an Irish text), the “I.L. Caragiale” National University of Theatrical and Cinematic Arts of Bucharest and NTB (through the “Ion Sava” Centre for Theatrical Research and Creation).


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu


Breda: Victoria Dicu                      Billy: Silvian Vâlcu
Imelda Egan: Bianca Popescu                      Eilish Moore: Oana Pușcatu
Jennifer Cullen/Therese Nolan: Dana Marineci                      Tony Tyrell: Silviu Mircescu
Eoghan: Rareș Andrici                      Brefine Grehan: Mădălin Mandin
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