Evgheni Oneghin - FNT

Dance Show

Evgheni Oneghin - FNT

Dance Show

Artistic manager:
Boris Eifman
Piotr Ilici Ceaikovski, Alexander Sitkovetski
Zinovi Margolin
Olga Shaishmelashvili, Piotr Okunev, Anna Iacușcenco
Gleb Filștinski, Boris Eifman

Duration: 2 h / Pause: 10 min


150 lei

110 lei

75 lei

Show Presented within the Framework of the National Theatre Festival 2019

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Producer Eifman Ballet, St. Petersburg, Russia

A performance by Boris Eifman after the Alexandr Pushkin verse novel

The show is the dance version of Alexander Pushkin's novel, in which Boris Eifman, one of the greatest contemporary choreographers , designated in the New York Post an "extraordinary theatrical magician", combines the elements of classical and modern dance, in a sound universe in which Tchaikovsky's music alternates with Alexander Sitkovetski's rock.

"When I think of a ballet based on great literature, I do so with the desire to produce, by means of choreographic art, an emotional impact of the wisdom and creative force of our great predecessors. My language, that of the body, the oldest means of expression, projects universal spiritual values, to which everyone has access. Thus, I use a literary resource to bring to attention the really important issues for my contemporaries, those that can only be transmitted through the great art of dance.

Why did I choose the novel in verse, Eugene Onegin? What was important to me? Literary critics, the researchers called this book an "encyclopedia of Russian life". Pushkin, through his extraordinary life and precise mastery with which he uses the word, through his great talent in deciphering psychologies, described the Russian national character of his time, composed a poetic image of the Russian soul - mysterious, unpredictable, of an unmatched sensitivity.

I sought, through my art, to decipher this enigmatic Russian soul. My choreographic interpretation of Eugene Onegin is yet another attempt to express the mystery of the human soul through dance.

I have brought Pushkin's characters in modern times, in these new circumstances and conditions, which seem more dramatic, sometimes even extreme, times in which the old world collapses and the new reality forces its rules. I needed this kind of experiment to find an answer to the really important question for me: what does the Russian soul mean today? Has it retained its originality, mystery, attraction? Where would the characters of this novel go today? From this "encyclopedia of Russian life", what was the reflection of the time and what did last, over generations of my compatriots, as a central issue? Choreographic art does not offer our society solutions for the trials to which it is subjected. However, the creative approach, the weighing, their analysis take it further and make it better."


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 


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