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by Andreas Petrescu


by Andreas Petrescu

Tania Popa
Original Music:
Liviu Elekes
Technical Director:
Adrian Ionescu

Duration: 1 h / Pause: No

07 Dec 2019 (The Painting Ha ...) 20:00

40 lei

20 lei (cu reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

After the success with "Rainbow Girl", Tania Popa returns to the NTB stage with a new exceptional one-woman-show: Extra by Andreas Petrescu.

An emotional text that presents the tragicomic story of Ania, an aspiring actress, whose life is divided between the desperate attempt to make a career in theatre and the failures of her personal life.

“Tania Popa is a ticking bomb. A luxury ticking bomb. You never know when it will explode and when it does, the reaction is strong, sweeping everything around. But not with violence, but with delicacy. With much heat.

Extra is a text especially written for her. As she received it, she threw herself at it like a hungry woman. She opened it, got dressed with it, consumed it and then it became hers. There are many actors in Romania. Many of them are good. Very good. Tania is not among them. Because Tania is among the best. And these are scarce. My words are heard on stage through Tania Popa’s mouth of and so they become more beautiful. My words mean something, they have life in them, because of her. Because that's what she knows to do. Let life explode on stage." Andreas Petrescu

Translated by Simona Nichiteanu

Credit photo Florin Ghioca


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Ania: Tania Popa                     


Andreas Petrescu about Figuranta

Up to Extra I had written only comedy. I did not look for depth, I did not necessarily look for characters ... I just wanted to make people laugh wholeheartedly. And it is not a small thing, as it might seem. It is very difficult to make a man laugh with all his soul. But then you need to move on. And? Further from here where do I want to go?

On stage, people see only the ease of the actor. His performance. The performance, not the game. As Master Mircea Albulescu said: "It is a game, it is not a toy." Viewers are free to imagine that the actor's life is wonderful and he brings the applause with him home, where he transforms them into happiness. Sometimes, that's the way it is. At other times, the loneliness that the torment of the stage brings can not be overcome even by applause.

Everything seems easy. Everything seems to be done with talent and so on. It is never like that. The Extra is a laboratory. A painful and funny one, in which the viewers come in and find out all the secrets, one by one. How to build a role? How long does it take to learn the text? How much money do you make for a show? How much does a character consume you? How much is left of you and how much do you become? Can you go mad if you're convinced that you became someone else for 2 hours on stage? What happens to the character after the actor has left the theatre and is heading home? Questions whose answers are usually shrouded in mystery. Answers that people will receive when they see Extra.

Success is easy to achieve. She got everything on a tray. She knows exactly what she has to do, she is where she needs to be every time and yet she never manages to be who she wants to be. It's like you want to run off the stage in the hall just to take a second to see yourself playing. All the secrets of theatre finally come to light one by one. All tricks are revealed. She chose to say who she is and what she wants. It's just that it may be too late. Who is she? What is she looking for? What we are looking for every moment. Something beyond the perceptible, something that will make us what we will never be. An impossible story with tears and smiles, with roars of laughter and nervous breakdowns. A madness that will keep you breathless. With the soul. This is perhaps the most important word. A woman with a bared heart is Extra.

Only the one who has not dreamed cannot understand all her struggle. When you are a kid, everyone asks you what you want to become when you grow up. You are too young to know this and yet people always ask you the question for fun. Someone whispers an answer to you. And from here on out, your whole life you are trying to reach the answer that may not even represent you. Or you may not be able to become what you answered then, because you do not have enough talent.

The extra is a girl who always wanted and was very seldom capable of. She is the girl you heard about. "Poor girl, she's such a good girl! Too bad for her. ”She is a neighbour, a colleague, she is a girl you passed by on the street and then saw in the news. You could do something for her and you did not do anything. Because you did not know. You didn't feel it. You were too worried about yourself.

But The Extra is also a show that hurts less, because life has room for laughter. The laughter that comes as a rescue. Nothing can be bad until the end. One day the phone rings and ... everything can be wonderful. Life can change within seconds.

It is about life. About hope. About us and our concerns.

Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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