Go for it!

by Alexandru Popa

Go for it!

by Alexandru Popa

Vlad Zamfirescu
Mădălina Marinescu
George Jipa
Assistant Director:
Mădălina Ciupitu
Bogdan Marina

Pause: No


150 lei

Independent performance hosted by the National Theatre from Bucharest. The responsibility for the quality and content of this event lies solely with the organizer!


The cast brings together seven star actors, for the first time in the same show, all on the same stage: Mirela Oprișor, Vlad Zamfirescu, Marius Manole, Diana Roman, Medeea Marinescu, Șerban Pavlu și Andi Vasluianu. A hysterical mother, desperate to be exposed in public (Mirela Oprișor); a husband lost in his own helplessness, a couple in which communication died long ago, constantly embarrassed by... the embarrassing and disarming mediocrity of his wife, easily mistaken for stupidity (Șerban Pavlu); a lonely teacher, who carries his secrets with him, a slightly sad misfit with no horizon (Marius Manole); two politicians corrupt to the core, she, opportunistic and conquering (Medeea Marinescu), he, opportunistic and full of charm (Vlad Zamfirescu) - two people who could be the perfect couple, at a table, on a terrace, in anonymity, but who in public hunt each other down; two television men, he, with experience in life and television, the kind of conqueror who flirts without scruples, but who in the end turns out to have the most scruples (Andi Vasluianu), she, the sexy, aspiring, seemingly unapproachable young woman, basically willing to do anything for another step in her career (Diana Roman). A world built from top to bottom of appearances and which is revealed in the clash in the TV studio, where the masks begin to fall. And the ending brings with it a twist that brings a smile to the lips. Go see "Go for it!" You'll laugh, you'll be moved, you'll hear brilliant lines that will twist in your mind for a long time, you'll question yourself, you'll think about the meaning of the word "tolerance," you'll wonder how much truth weighs and how much lies, how much you hide and how much you leave uncovered, how much you differentiate between yourself and the role you play, how much you live for yourself and how much for your image in the eyes of others. You will certainly discover something about yourself.

The performance is a Cortina Ag production


Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu 

  Marius Manole
Medeea Marinescu
Mirela Oprișor
Diana Roman
Vlad Zamfirescu
Andi Vasluianu
Șerban Pavlu
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