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11 Aug 2020 Ion Caramitru MasterClass. Poetic Copyright
Ion Caramitru MasterClass. Poetic Copyright

During this period, the “Ion Sava” Centre for Theatrical Research and Creation organizes the MasterClass Poetic Copyright, held by Ion Caramitru, in which a large part of the National Theatre actors participate: Lamia Beligan, Amalia Ciolan, Ileana Olteanu, Monica Davidescu , Florentina Țilea, Costina Cheyrouze, Rodica Ionescu, Aylin Cadîr, Irina Cojar, Fulvia Folosea, Silviu Biriș, Ovidiu Cuncea, Tomi Cristin, Eduard Adam, Lari Giorgescu, Ionuț Toader, Ciprian Nicula, Mihai Munteniță, Axel Mustache, Petre Ancuța, Alex Voicu. Fine and experienced actor of poetic expression and its contained meanings, Ion Caramitru wrote in the Dilema veche magazine from April, an explicit essay, with the value of an acting manifesto, about the transfiguration of the written word into lived emotion. This route-concept is the starting point and the method of rediscovering the lyrics of Nichita Stănescu, Nina Cassian, Mihai Eminescu, Leonid Dimov, Tudor Arghezi, Geo Bogza etc. Poetic Copyright By Ion Caramitru The artistic existence I have traveled so far has been, more or less, under the sign of poetry: as a genre, on the one hand, as a chance, on the other. An actor’s job involves observing life in all its details. But it expresses itself, it ends with the utterance on a stage of words, lines, lyrics that do not belong to the artist and that are the absolute property of an author. In Shakespeare, for example, the author decided that the characters should speak sometimes in prose, sometimes in verse. It is a balance that implies vague musical knowledge, but, necessarily, a serious culture of contrasts, of paradox. And, of course, a real sense of humour. Poetry is a miracle of the use of language, of literary language in this case. And this not only because it saves typographic space and paper, but also because, in a minimal setting, it hides deep meanings. In poetry, what is read is less significant than what must be deciphered from the mysteries of metaphor or symbols. Poetry attaches to one word another, in a logic that belongs neither to spoken language nor to literary prose. The associations of words that produce metaphors or poetic symbols are surprising, strange, contradictory most of the time. Deciphering and understanding poetry involve undergoing several stages. The first is intimate reading, in solitude. By simple reading, you approach the text without hesitation. Then when, still alone, you read it aloud and approach it from the perspective of sound. It can also happen, then, that after reading it in your mind and out loud, you want to "tell" it to someone, to check what he meant "to say". Check if the intention was perceived. This adds to the reading the ambition to translate the text of its substance into the interlocutor’s language. The next step of approach, of perceiving the hidden mystery, is the more or less spontaneous memorization of the verses. You learn them for yourself and you say them with the voice of thought. Then follows (in my case, ours, the actors') the climax, when you go on stage and utter the poem in front of the audience. In this situation, it acquires special values. I would call them unexpected usage values. The utterance that interests me is that of meanings. In a poem that excites you, you must intuit the hot moment of the poet's inspiration, the one that dictated to his hand to write. The poet conveys a good, a finished good, frozen in the page. I take it as such and pass it through the filter of my sensitivity. I am amazed by the aesthetic value, by the world I discover behind the metaphor and fascinated by the author's temperament. Poetry has become, organically, mine too. And that is why I feel attracted, I find myself forced to say it. I hurry back to the place where the poet sought, in solitude, to master the words. I feel the warmth of the moment of grace, I am a direct partner. Poetry becomes mine too. I willingly master it and add my speech to the method. I go on stage and claim copyright. All this receives meaning and aura when I take Eminescu's poetry as my ally. Through him, I fell in love with the Romanian language. He knew best that the worlds of poetry are the worlds of our dreams. That is why, having him by my side, I have the courage to go on stage and publicly claim the right to be an author myself. Text published on April 30th, in Dilema Veche magazine   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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03 Sep 2020 New rules for the audience
New rules for the audience

The obligations of the audience regarding measures to prevent contamination with SAR-CoV2: Ensuring the health of employees and the audience are the priority objective of these measures. - wearing the mask (medical / non-medical) throughout the event, from the entrance into the lobby and throughout the show, until leaving the building. To provide effective protection, the mask must cover the mouth and nose. Attention! The theatre reserves the right to perform an observation screening at the entrance and to prevent access by persons with symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, sneeze, rhinorrhoea, general altered state) and temperature exceeding 37,3 °C. - The thermal scanning will be carried out by the theatre staff. People who refuse to have their temperature checked will not have access to the theatre. - Disinfecting hands with alcohol-based disinfectant to be made available on entry. - Observance of a minimum distance of 1,5 m between persons - from the entrance to the theatre, the showrooms, the toilets, and the exit from the hall. - The performances will take place without breaks to avoid crowding in the lobby areas; - The distance between the stage and the spectators must be at least 3 m; - As regards the distribution of seats in the hall (both online and at the box offices): An empty seat will be allocated between spectators; - Viewing the show is only allowed by keeping the individual seat in the hall and wearing of protective masks; Staff will make sure that social distance is observed during the show; - Spectators shall not consume food and drink within the premises of performing establishments and/or concerts, except for pre-packaged liquids. Ticket sales will be made as much as possible online, so that physical contact is minimized at locations. In the case of ticket purchases at the ticket office, the use of contactless card or telephone payment is encouraged. Thank you for your understanding and you are most welcome to the theatre!   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu

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16 Sep 2020 Bucharest - One Heart. One Story.
Bucharest - One Heart. One Story.

561 years since the first documentary attestation of Bucharest Between September 16th and 20th, 2020 - we celebrate the Capital in a safe setting of access to art and culture: • Exhibition of moving urban art: personalized trams with graffiti; • iMapp Bucharest 2020 International Festival online; • Video projections on the facades of some buildings in the heart of the city - the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre of Bucharest, InterContinental Hotel and the University of Bucharest. To mark the celebration of the 561st anniversary of the first documentary attestation of Bucharest, the Capital City Hall, through Creart, proposes to the audience the special project Bucharest - One Heart. One Story. This dynamic concept, which will take place between September 16th and 20th, 2020, can be enjoyed by anyone, safely. Hosted in the open air, the project “Bucharest - One Heart. One Story. ” will reach the major areas of the Capital, emphasizing the ability of art both to traverse various environments and social contexts, as well as to celebrate the city through unity, messages, colour and beauty. It does not involve crowding participants in dedicated public gatherings, but bringing artistic acts on their daily route, as follows: The exhibition of moving urban art "Bucharest - One Heart. One Story. ”: From September 20th to December 10th, 2020,Seven tram sets (lines 1, 10, 21, 25, 27, 40 and 41), which transit the most important areas of the Capital, will be transformed into a real moving graffiti exhibition by some of the best street artists in Bucharest, coordinated by curator Mihai Zgondoiu: Irlo, Home Boy, Kero Zen, Ocu, Mser, Obie Platon, Erps, Square Cat, Robert Obert, John Dot's , Mircea Modreanu, Lux, Mircea Popescu, Graffetele (Irina Mocanu, Sandy Bălășoiu), Livi Po, Sweet Damage Crew (To, Shatran, Pandele, Cage). Thus, art reaches the eyes of viewers, without the need to bring people together in an event and a dedicated space.From September 20th, in partnership with the Bucharest Transport Society, the moving mural art exhibition will offer Bucharest residents a modern cultural alternative, whereby the identity of an effervescent and vibrant Bucharest is expressed - stories that transcend images and challenge the viewer to see beyond them. And to discover, in another way, this phenomenon of urban art, as well as the beautifully outlined messages of street artists. Video projections on the facades of three buildings in the heart of the Capital - University Square: Sunday - September 20th, 2020In order to offer the public, in safe conditions, a unique show, with the theme of a strong message - "Bucharest - One Heart. One Story. ” - and to generate an echo this year locally, nationally and internationally, given the current worldwide situation, video projections will take place on the facades of three buildings in University Square, important landmarks in the history of the city: the "I.L. Caragiale ” National Theatre, the InterContinental Hotel and the University of Bucharest. The projections will not have sound, and the artistic content will be short-lived (in a loop), so that passers-by do not park, thus avoiding congestion.These screenings will animate the downtown Capital on Sunday, September 20th, on Bucharest Day, between 8:30 and 11:00 p.m. Three of the most important teams of video artists in Romania will create video content on the theme “Bucharest - One Heart. One Story. ” And various animations will run on each building, which will be synchronized to create a perfect show.The project „Bucharest - One Heart. One Story. ” revolves around the solidarity campaign "One World. One Heart. ”, initiated by the iMapp Bucharest International Video Mapping Festival, organized by the Capital City Hall, courtesy of creart, through which a message of solidarity and hope was sent that resonated worldwide, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. IMapp Bucharest 2020 online festival: from September 16th to 19th, 2020Because, in recent years, iMapp Bucharest, organized during the event "Bucharest Days" - on the occasion of the city's celebration, has won many fans in the Capital, in the country and around the world, it will take place in 2020, but in a separate format, which takes into account the need for physical distance and the safety of citizens: thus, one of the most important 3D video mapping events in the world, an international competition organized annually by the Capital City Hall, through Creart, which in 2019 became the Winners League, will take place online this year.Thus, one of the most recent memorable stories from "Bucharest Days" will be told using modern means of communication, addressing both local and national and international audiences, who show a major interest in this event and for this emerging art form - video mapping.The iMapp Bucharest 2020 online festival will follow two complementary lines: iMapp Talks: from September 16th to 18th, 2020For three days, from September 16th to 18th, the most important voices in the international world of video mapping will gather within webinars and conferences with managers of the most famous light festivals in the world, international artists, organizers and specialists in video projection, respectively over 20 speakers in 6 live and recorded sessions, moderated by Vlad Craioveanu. The iMapp Talk project will take place daily, from Wednesday to Friday, between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. and from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.These online mini-events are dedicated to the general audience and the visual arts, and the streaming will be available to those interested on the iMapp Bucharest online channels. Online retrospective of the iMapp Bucharest Festival: Saturday, September 19th, 2020.The iMapp Bucharest Festival will culminate with a retrospective of the I - VI editions, in the online environment, including the best works projected over the years in this international video mapping competition, respectively those of the winners of the Jury Awards and the People’s Choice Awards in each year. iMapp Bucharest 2020 will be a 100% virtual edition and will take place on Saturday, September 19th, at 8:00 p.m. During live streaming, the public will be able to choose their favourite by voting online.Happy birthday, Bucharest!  Details on: // f / creartpmb // // f / iMappBucharest Organizers: Capital City Hall, through creart Partner: Bucharest Transport Company With the support of: „I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest / / InterContinental Hotel // University of Bucharest // Apa Nova Media partners: Magic FM // Romania TV Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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