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19 Jun 2021 A New Premiere at NTB: Carnival Stuff
A New Premiere at NTB: Carnival Stuff

"Carnival Stuff", a show of vitriolic humour, directed by Alexandru Dabija! One would think that Alexandru Dabija "reads" Caragiale in a "different" key. In fact, he looks at him inwardly, and he likes what he sees. And with what he likes he identifies. A Caragiale lucid and cynical to the point of cruelty with his heroes, a side that Dabija exploits with great interest in his performances. Let's remember his previous production, at the National, with "Lottery Tickets" (!), a show that enjoyed, in the Caragiale anniversary year 2012, praiseworthy reviews, attentive interpretations, several awards and participation in important festivals. A shattering vision of contemporary human emptiness and derision is also offered with "Carnival Stuff"; a modern staging faithful to the Caragialian text, with a humour that is no longer benevolent but rather vitriolic. A provocative performance whose aesthetics is close to that of the silent film, which brings to light the absurdity of the human condition with realistic means. The stage set (Raluca Alexandrescu's set; Liliana Cenean's costumes) and the scenic movement (Florin Fieroiu) capture the whole mechanism of this classic black and white comedy in which the destinies of the puppet characters are trapped as if in a mill, "pervaded" by the thought of revenge in their own foolishness and imbecility. Rejecting the temptation of the carnival with confetti, Alexandru Dabija proposes a dizzying carousel of emptiness and nothingness. Starring: Irina Movilă, Natalia Călin, Rodica Ionescu, Claudiu Bleonț, Gavril Pătru, Emilian Oprea, Marius Rizea / Ionuț Toader, Mihai Munteniță, Mihai Calotă and Ciprian Nicula. The preview of the show will take place on 19th and 20th June 2021, at 8.00 p.m., and the official premiere is scheduled for 26th June 2021, at 8.00 p.m., at the Studio Hall. Until the end of July, when the season closes, you still have a few more opportunities to see the new show at the National Theatre of Bucharest. We look forward to seeing you at the theatre! An additional invitation: In the series #MemoryABC on the NTB Facebook page, we invite you to watch a moment of theatrical history in which you will find out how the first performance of Carnival Stuff was received by the audience and the press of the time, more than 136 years ago! You will also find out about the cast of that first production. We look forward to your impressions on our Facebook page, please include the hashtag in your reply: #MemoryABC.     Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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27 May 2021 Ion Olaru - Instants of Life
Ion Olaru - Instants of Life

After a long break, we invite you to the opening! With the resumption of theatrical activities in all its performance halls (at 50% capacity for the time being), starting May 15th, 2021, the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre reopens the exhibition spaces in the foyer for visits. In this context, we invite you on Thursday, May 27th, 2021 at 6.00 p.m., in the NTB Media Foyer (wing facing Intercontinental), to an encounter with the artist Ion Olaru and the art critic Virgil Mocanu, during the opening of the exhibition Instants of Life, an opening postponed by more than two months since the actual opening of the exhibition! On display is a wide selection of works by Ion Olaru, the scenographer - painter, author of dozens of television and theatre scenographies, as well as scenographies for animated films, painter, creator of icons or surprising "micro-monuments of universal harmony" (according to Corneliu Antim, art critic), elaborated from an unusual material... gourd! The selection was put together by the curator of the exhibition, Ioana Alexandru, the artist's daughter. Ion Olaru graduated in 1971 from the Nicolae Grigorescu Art Institute (scenography section), where he later became a lecturer himself and is one of the most creative and prolific television set designers, where he worked for almost four decades (between 1971 and 2008), and was awarded the APTR Prize for lifetime achievement in 2005.  He is a member of UAP, Bucharest branch, scenography section. Attending the opening, entering the exhibition, and visiting it still requires wearing the mask inside and observing the social distancing rules imposed by the current epidemiological situation. Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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26 Apr 2021 HOP Gala - Young Actor’s Gala, 2021 edition
HOP Gala - Young Actor’s Gala, 2021 edition

Motto: "Caragiale - a world in motion"What a world! What a world! What a world!(A Lost Letter, Act IV, Scene 4) UNITER announces the organization of the pre-selection for the HOP! Young Actor’s Gala, 24th edition.The 2021 HOP Young Actor’s Gala continues with the theme: Choreographic Theatre. The DanceActor as a Phenomenon of Contemporary Theatre and will also take place under the wand of the well-known choreographer and dancer Gigi Căciuleanu.This year as well, the pre-selection will take place based on the video recordings sent by the competitors. We address all the actors who graduated from college (bachelor's degree), up to 33 years old. For both sections, Individual and Group, the pre-selection will be carried out as follows:- Presentation of a moment of movement and text prepared by the competitor (maximum 10 minutes in the Individual section and maximum 15 minutes in the Group section).In the construction of the moment, the competitors will treat the text by means of choreographic theatre, in a mixed form - free combination of verbal and non-verbal forms.Maximum composition of a group - 7 people.In the construction of the presented moments, we will follow the original treatment through text and movement (in equal ratio, 50/50 between words and movement) of some pages of free choice from the work of Ion Luca Caragiale: Plays, Sketches, various texts (articles, poems etc. ). Guidelines:• Monologues and / or Dialogues set in motion (Verb - Word / Verb - Action)• Verbal and situational humour taken towards the Danced Act ...• Dynamic relationships between characters (Why not reinvented? Why not even coming from different texts?)Refinement of gestures that populate both the actual texts of the plays, moments and sketches, as well as very precise captions or indications of attitudes and play appearing as filigree, between the lines, with the same “choreographic force” as the text itself.A revisited Caragiale, over space and time, now that Ionescu's absurdity is not only familiar to us, but has even become a classic.Moments of humour or humour about love and hate, about stupidity and intelligence sketched not only in word or gesture, but also in elaborate movement.Those admitted will present the moment prepared, live, at the 2021 HOP Gala.Candidates must send to the email address the video recording of the prepared moment (landscape format), a resume, a copy of the graduation diploma (or certificate issued by the faculty), a photo (portrait, 300 dpi resolution), the title and the logistical and technical information for the presented exercise. The deadline for submitting registration materials is July 15th, 2021.UNITER Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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