Istvan Teglas

b. 11.10.1981

Parts at the NTB

"Rehearsal for a better world", dramatization by Mihai Radu and Ionuț Sociu after the novel bearing the same name by Mihai Radu, directed by Radu Afrim, 2023

Shrdlu, Witness A - "Machinal. The Musical" after "The Adding Machine" by Elmer Rice, directed by Alexander Hausvater, 2022

Sorin - "The Seagull" by A.P. Cehov, directed by Eugen Jebeleanu, 2022

Bart - "Beginners" by Tim Crouch, directed by Bobi Pricop, 2020

Tuzenbah - "Three Sisters", an (un)naturally free script after Chekhov, directed by Radu Afrim, 2019

Varga, General Karg - "The Forest of the Hanged" after Liviu Rebreanu, directed by Radu Afrim, 2018

Charlotta Ivanovna - "The Cherry Orchad" by A.P. Cehov, directed by David Doiashvili, 2017

Mistingue - "The Lourcine Street Affair" by Eugène Labiche, directed by Felix Alexa, 2017

Artiom Gusev - "UFO" by Ivan Vyrypaev, directed by Bobi Pricop, 2017

Edgar, Gloucester`s son - “King Lear” by William Shakespeare, directed by David Doiashvili, 2016

"Magic National", concert - show, directed by Ion Caramitru, 2015

Flute - "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare, directed by Petrica Ionescu, 2015

Monika and other roles - “No Matter How Hard We Tried” by Dorota Masłowska, directed by Radu Afrim, 2015

Ariel - "The Tempest" after William Shakespeare, directed by Alexander Morfov, 2014

Ghiore / Kosta - "Powder Keg" by Dejan Dukovski, directed by Felix Alexa, 2014

Osip - "The Inspector General" by Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol, directed by Felix Alexa, 2013

He - "The Two Character Play by Tennessee Williams, directed by Iris Spiridon, 2014

"TaRaTaTam", choreographic play by Gigi Caciuleanu, 2012



Actor, employee of the State Theatre of Timişoara, 2004 - 2005

Actor and dancer at Studio M, experimental theatre, Sf. Gheorghe, 2005 - 2006

Freelance actor between 2006 - 2015


Theatrical parts:

Crespino / the Baron – "The Fan" by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Csaba Kiss (Hu)

Herve Joncour - "Silk" by A. Baricco, directed by Laszlo Beres (Hu)

Adras - "Penthesileia" by Heinrich V. Kleist, directed by Gabor Rusznyak (Hu)

Gimpel - "Gimpel the Fool" by I.B. Singer, directed by Misi Fazakas (Ro)

"Carnival" - performance, directed by Misi Fazakas                  

Petrick - "Parasites" by Marius v. Mayenburg, directed by Sorin Militaru (Ro)

The Priest – "Gypsies are Found near Heaven", directed by Beatrice Rancea (Ro)

Pierre – "The Writing" by R. Sallinger, directed by: Richard Sallinger (Hu)

The Drum Major - "Dokk", adaptation after Georg Buchner: Woyczek, directed by Uray Peter (Hu)

Alfredo Trapps - "Free", adaptation after F. Durrenmatt: A Dangerous Game, directed by Florin Vidamski (Ro)

The Man above the Abyss – "Stories from the Invisible City", movement show, directed by Vava Ştefănescu (Ro)

Valenod - "The Red and the Black" by Stendhal, direction and choreography by Adina Cezar (Ro)

The Magus – "The Engagement", adaptation after Mihai Eminescu: The Ghosts, directed by Anca Mihuţ (Ro), choreography: Adina Cezar

"Ball" – theatrical dance show, direction and choreography by Yvette Bozsik (Hu)

"A Hot Summer on Iza" - performance, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu (Ro) choreography Vava Ştefănescu

"UrbanKiss" - theatrical dance show, direction and choreography by Răzvan Mazilu (Ro)

"Body and Anti-Body" - performance, direction and choreography by Andreea Novac (Ro)

"Dance a playful body" - performance, directed by Andreea Novac

"C`est pas une chanson d`amour" – show about the image of Bucharest, directed by Carmen Vidu (Ro)

"Promised Land" – movement show, direction and choreography by Arcadie Rusu (Mol)

Enkidu – "Epic of Gilgamesh", directed by Dragoş Galgoţiu

Jason - "Medee Materiaux" by Heiner Muller, show in French, directed by Dragoş Galgoţiu

"Page out of order Not a Romanian Cinema" - performance, direction and choreography by Yoshiko Chuma (USA)

"Travellers" - performance, direction and choreography by Salome Schneebeli (Swi)

"Such Hope" - directed by Radu Afrim (Ro)

Reinhold - "Berlin Alexanderplatz" by Alfred Doblin: Berlin Alexanderplatz, directed by Dragoş Galgoţiu (Ro)

"Pretend We Make You Happy" - performance, directed by Andreea Novac

Segismundo – "Life Is a Dream" by Calderon de la Barca, directed by Dragoş Galgoţiu

Man 2 - "The Position" de Kevin Doyle, directed by Daniel Popa

"Trust me if you can" after Neil LaBute, directed by Iris Spiridon

"The Nothing Box" - performance, direction and choreography by Silvia Călin


Movie parts

"La Gomera", directed by Corneliu Porumboiu, 2019



University of Dramatic Arts, acting department, Târgu-Mureş, 2000 - 2004



Gopo Award for best supporting actor - "La Gomera", 2020

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