I believe that I owe my success to convince the audience and make them love me to a total comitment in this love relationship.

Lamia Beligan

b. 23.08.1966, Bucureşti

In the current season the actor plays in:

Loose Knit The Suicide Vivien Leigh: The Last Press Conference

Parts at NTB:

  • Paula - "Loose knit" by Theresa Rebeck, coordinator Ion Caramitru, 2018
  • Marta - "Coming Clean" by Petr Zelenka, directed by Alexandru Mâzgăreanu, 2011
  • Raisa Filippovna - „The Suicide" by Nikolai Erdman, director Felix Alexa, 2009
  • Maria - „The Misunderstanding" by Albert Camus, director Felix Alexa, 2006
  • Tatiana Nikolaevna - „The Idea" by Leonid Andreev, director Felix Alexa, 2005
  • Lucie - „The Navel" by Jean Anouilh, director Radu Beligan, 2004
  • Dolly - „Anna Karenina" by Helen Edmundson, director Alice Barb, 2003
  • Maşa - „Three Sisters" by A.P. Cehov, director Iuri Krasovski, 2002
  • Osan - „Crucified Lovers" by Chikamatsu Monzaemon, director Alexandru Tocilescu, 2001
  • Veturia - „Whims at the Union" by I.L. Caragiale, director Gelu Colceag, 2001
  • Coralia - „The Sacrificial generation" by I. Valjean, director Dinu Cernescu, 1999
  • Farida - „The Chops" de Bertrand Blier, director Gelu Colceag, 1998
  • Tamara, Sachs - „Taking Sides" by Ronald Harwood, director Radu Beligan, 1997
  • Ruth Kelly - „Harvey" by Mary Chase, director Tudor Mărăscu, 1995
  • Johanna - „The Lonely Way"  by Arthur Schnitzler, director Mihai Berechet, 1988
  • Saşa - „The Sea-Wall" by Julius Edlis, director Anca Ovanez Doroşenco, 1986
  • Girl - „The Girl from Andros" by Terenţiu, director Grigore Gonţa, 1985
  • Saşa - „The Notes of A Stranger"  by Fiodor Mihailovici Dostoievski, director Ion Cojar, 1979, (Debut)

Activities beside NTB:

Theatre Parts:                       

Odeon Theatre, Bucharest

  • "Confession at Tanacu" - after Tatiana Niculescu Bran, directed by Andrei Şerban, 2008

Craiova National Theatre: 1990 - 1996

  • Muriel - „Animal Farm"  by George Orwell, director Cristian Hadji-Culea, 1994
  • Sonia - „Uncle Vanea" by A.P. Cehov, director Mircea Cornişteanu, 1994
  • Choir - „Phaedra" by Seneca, director Silviu Purcărete, 1993
  • Witch - „Ubu Rex with Scenes from  Macbeth" by Alfred Jarry and William Shakespeare, director Silviu Purcărete, 1990
  • Honey - „Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" by Edward Albee, director Mircea Cornişteanu, 1990

Teatrul Mic:

  • Liza - „Children of the Sun" by Maxim Gorki, director Cristian Hadji-Culea, 1997

    Film parts:
  • Ida - "At your own risk", directed by Filip Renc, 2008
  • Therese - „Le Pere Goriot", director Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe, 2004
  • Christine Etchigolan - „Une place parmi les vivants", director Raoul Ruiz, 2003
  • Delphine - „Accords et a cris", director Benoit D'Aubert, 2002
  • Edith - „Natures mortes", director Patrick Malakian, 2000
  • Isabelle - „Le corps du delit", director Jean-Claude Romme, 1996
  • Martha - „Deluxe Hotel", director Dan Piţa, 1992
  • Alina Iorga - „Traveling in Front of Wolves", director Constantin Văeni, 1990
  • Gioia - „The Sand of the Urns", director Frieder Schuller, co-production Germany - Romania, 1986

TV Shows:

  • Tania Belinski - „Emergency Room", director Andrei Zincă, 2006
  • Ana - „The Tenderness of the Locust", director Dan Necşulea, 2002
  • Amalia Ienciu - „Witnesses", director Şerban Marinescu, 2001
  • Nina - „Immoral Story" by Rodica Ojog Braşoveanu, director Constantin Dicu, 2000
  • Honey - „Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?" by Edward Albee, director Olimpia Arghir, 1995
  • Ana - „Vox Maris",  director Viorel Sergovici, 1993
  • Măriuca - „The Hatchet", teleplay by Mihail Sadoveanu, director Anca Ovanez Doroşenco, 1985
  • Ioana - „The Unseen Eyes", director Dan Necşulea, 1984


Art and Cinema Institute,Bucharest, classof 1990, coordinated by professor Ion Cojar, assistant Adriana Popovici

Diploma Exam: Gwendolyn- „Good Evening, Mr. Wilde", director Ion Cojar, Casandra Studio

Nominations and Awards

The Silvia Popovici Foundation Award for best actress in 1998 and 1999

The Silver Lion for the "Luxury Hotel" motion picture, directed by Dan Pita, for playing Marta, in 1992

The Acting Award for Gwendoline in the musical comedy based on "Good evening mister Wild", in the Liverpool International Festival, 1990

The "Cultural Merit" Medal awarded the President of Romania, Ion Iliescu.

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