Las Meninas - FNT

by Ernesto Anaya

Las Meninas - FNT

by Ernesto Anaya

Andrei Măjeri
Irina Chirilă
Lucian Broscățean
Stage Movement:
Attila Bordás
Sound design:
Adrian Piciorea
Musical Coordinator:
Katalin Incze G.
Artistic intervention:
Ágnes Keszeg, Diana Flore
Master of sheepskin:
Péter Habala
Assistant Director:
Alpár Fogarasi
Costumes Assistant:
Carmen Cherecheș

Duration: 1 h 50 min / Pause: No


55 lei

Show Presented within the Framework of the National Theatre Festival 2019
Attention! Tickets for NTF shows will be paid at the NTB Box Office in cash only!


Producer Hungarian State Theatre, Cluj-Napoca

In a historical but significantly fictionalized society, situated at the zenith before the fall, the supreme whim is the desire for immortality. A brilliant painting proves to be the only salvation.

But the protagonist and the target of all, Diego Velázquez, perceives the respect of posterity otherwise. He resigns as a painter (not considered art at the time), chooses a serious job - palace administrator - and waits for many years to be granted a major order. The child and the others want to be immortalized in a picture "more beautiful than Mona Lisa". And so, the two universes collide repetitively, in the nuances of tragedy, comedy or parody.

"Everything is reborn death. A journey towards ruin, towards the end.” Andrei Majeri


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 


Velázquez: Ervin Szűcs                      Infanta Margarita: Éva Imre
Maribárbola: Ferenc Sinkó                      Menina 1: Gizella Kicsid
Menina 2: Emőke Kató                      Chorus: Andrea Vindis
Loránd Farkas
Róbert Laczkó Vass
Csaba Marosán
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