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Let`s Talk About Life!

by Ana Sorina Corneanu

Let`s Talk About Life!

by Ana Sorina Corneanu

Zsuzsánna Kovács
Gabi Albu
Florin Fieroiu
Călin Țopa
Light design:
Mircea Mitroi
Technical Director:
Adrian Ionescu

Premiere: 13.06.2021

Duration: 1 h 15 min / Pause: No


40 lei

20 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

A production of the "Ion Sava" Center for Theater Research and Creation

A performance sustained by Florentina Tilea

In a context where, in the midst of an explosion of communication and social interaction, there has been a pandemic that has thrown us all into isolation and locked us into wider or narrower pens, creating a huge mass of frustrated people whose future plans, aspirations and dreams have been taken away or at least postponed - Greta's character is emblematic. Some react by turning to an introspection for which they have not had time before, they ask themselves more or less major questions about their purpose in life, here and now, they formulate priorities, they clarify options that could radically change the course of their lives so far ... Others, like Greta, refuse to obey codes of conduct that do not suit them and choose to remain free ...

As direct as Ana Sorina Corneanu's invitation, Let's talk about life! sounds, so informal and relaxed is the content of the dramatic monologue that the young actress and writer proposes under this title, a monologue that - behold! - manages to climb the podium of the UNITER "Play of the Year" competition, being designated "Best Play of 2019"! 

Caught between what she wants and what society considers indispensable, Greta painstakingly builds a psychological escape plan that changes with each passing moment. A roller coaster of the human mind, an introspection of the soul in search of truth, a play about who we are... when we do not relate to what others expect us to be. Ana Sorina Corneanu

Man's greatest curiosity is what his life will look like, what his story will be... and whether this story will merge with a plan well established by others or will shake off predefined forms, giving free rein to the unpredictable. We cannot know in advance how exactly we will behave, how we will move forward in our story. We only know that each step we take will bring us closer to understanding our behaviour and decisions.

Greta invites us to participate in her performance, whose playwright, director and actor of each role is herself. This performance should help her decide where to take her story. Will she go in the direction that most people go, or will she be able to formulate by the end of the show what she only feels at the beginning - that she has gone in a different direction?

Greta breaks down into fragments of her existence to give voice to the shadows hidden within and to make the voices of the world that accompany her every step heard. She narrates her own thought process in the third person. All of this is nothing but a trick, a self-deprecating tool through which she gives herself the chance to reveal everything, hiding nothing, only to be faced, in the end, with a single question: Will she succeed in being different? Zsuzsánna Kovács

Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

"The revelation of this premiere, however, stems more from the phenomenal talent of Florentina Țilea, an actress so captivating that she could hold an entire auditorium spellbound if she read the phone book, and the young director Zsuzsánna Kovács, who has created a highly refined and imaginative performance that stays in the memory especially for the beauty of the extra text scenes, with shadows, music (Călin Țopa) and movement (Florin Fieroiu), and by the externalization of inner voices that give dynamism, surprise and towards the end (the imaginary interview scene) even absurd humour to this static text, but full of artistic honesty and topicality."

Alexandra Ares, Blog - Florentina Țilea electrifying in Let's Talk About Life! at NTB  

"A dramatic recital of such emotional intensity and duration, alone on stage, floating heavily (and yet, so easily!) among some inner ideas and feelings, but also among the shadows offered as "support" by the direction and set design... is not for an ordinary actress. After all this performance, the sparkle in her eyes, the feeling of beneficial exhaustion traceable at the end of this recital of great strength that Țilea manages to achieve, certainly places her in the honour gallery of women in Romanian theatre nowadays".

Bogdan Burileanu, Liternet - Impossible Floating. Let's...! Let's Talk about Life!   

"Let's Talk about Life! is a one-woman show in which actress Florentina Țilea surprises us with her naturalness and manages to convey emotion, good mood and zest for life to the audience. Moreover, it is a show that invites the audience to introspection, a show from which you will leave with some questions about life and its meaning, such as: "Do we have control over our lives or is everything already written for us?" Do you think you already have an answer? Think about it some more."

Raluca Uluiteanu, Blog - Let’s Talk about Life!  

"Let's Talk about Life!" is a show about the dreams and aspirations of each of us. About how we relate to normality as individuals and how much we are influenced by most people. About the fear of breaking out of the patterns imposed by society. It is the kind of show that raises questions and searches for answers, that does not leave you indifferent. 

Paul Duțu, Blog – Let’s Talk about Life! One-Woman-Show with Florentina Țilea  

"Actress Florentina Țilea shines in this one woman show and manages to perform a wonderful ballet between despair and self-irony, between anger and self-acceptance, between revolt and depression."

Gabriela Lupu, – Let’s Talk about Life!  

"The condition of the artist in society, of his uniqueness among others, is an intensely debated topic. It's a subject that generates conflict and resentment on both sides. Ana Sorina Corneanu proposes in the show Let's Talk about Life! staged at the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre in Bucharest, a different approach... and a more complicated one. She chooses to talk about the female artist."

Carmen Tărniceru, – Being an Artist Nowadays…  

”Very expressive Florentina Țilea in this artistic approach, well supported visually and sonically, well-structured and thought by Ana Sorina Corneanu, who signs the text of this show and Zsuzsánna Kovács, as director. Her physical abilities were fully exploited by choreographer Florin Fieroiu. The result is a performance that is far from leaving you indifferent, but also seems to transfer your anxiety and questions. Her struggle with herself, with the world, with God, is also your struggle, mine, others'."

Cristina Smadea, Agenda Liternet – Dialogue on Life with Greta  

"The path is open before you. You take your first steps, you learn to place them one after the other, you walk, you continue to walk more and more steadily, and you suddenly find yourself running. Without having given a moment's thought to all this forward movement and no one knowing exactly where to. Until one day, when you suddenly stop in the middle of the road to have a glance over your shoulder. You look back at the path you've traveled so far and know that this far has somehow been someone else's responsibility. For you to do everything you're supposed to do to feed the world's mouth, only to shut it. From now on, it's your job how to appease it, how to make it give you everything you know (and more importantly have been taught!) it needs to let you live in peace. And that's when you start to realize that you have to do a lot for it if you want to have peace, and more importantly, that no matter what you do it will always stay hungry."

Luciana Antofi, Wordpress - Florentina Țilea opens the window of loneliness in the Atelier Hall of the National Theatre: "Let's talk about life!"  


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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