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Longing for Eminescu

Longing for Eminescu

Ion Caramitru

Premiere: 14.01.2012

Duration: 1 h 15 min / Pause: No


50 lei

Important notice regarding the Amphitheatre shows!
Being an open-air space, in case of rain, the following rule shall apply:
- if the rain starts before the show and the setup time allows this, the representation shall be moved to one of the theatre halls. Should this not be possible, it shall either be rescheduled, the tickets remaining valid, or the ticket money shall be reimbursed, or the tickets can be exchanged for another show from the Amphitheatre programme.
- if the rain starts during the representation, the show shall be suspended, rendering its rescheduling and the ticket price reimbursement impossible.
Poetry and music show dedicated to the actor Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan
The recital is based on Mihai Eminescu's poetry, prose and philosophy manuscripts and proposes an unusual dialogue in which the spoken word is complemented by intermezzos from classical and contemporary music. The show has been successfully performed on various stages in Europe, the United States and Canada.
This is an unusual show that includes selections from the great poet's poetry, prose and philosophy manuscripts. The thickness of Eminescu's work was in his famous box, which he carried along wherever he moved and where he was carrying his notebooks and notations, and which were finally printed by a digital system, facsimiled by the Romanian Academy. Ion Caramitru
"The style of my musical contribution to this performance imagined by Ion Caramitru (...) is like a window to poetry. It is not an illustration, but a special kind of speech. The arts are proud, they do not resemble each other, but they can meet if they reach that superior level of shared joy." Aurelian-Octav Popa
Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
: Ion Caramitru
Aurelian Octav-Popa
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