Current Repertory

Love and Information

by Caryl Churchill

Love and Information

by Caryl Churchill

Irina Crăiţă-Mândră
Cezarina Iulia Popescu
Ștefan Lupu
Stage Movement:
Ștefan Lupu
Original Music:
Alexandru Suciu
Sound design:
Alexandru Suciu
Video Mapping:
Iustin Andrei Surpanelu, Mihai Apostu, Dimitris Palade
Light design:
Cristian Ciopată
George Puiu
Scene director:
Daniel Buglea

Premiere: 16.05.2017

Duration: 1 h 10 min / Pause: No


30 lei

16 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

Show not recommended for minors aged under 12


Production under the Auspices of the Ion Sava Creation and Research Centre under the 9G Programme at NTB

Love and Information, an installation-show blending theatre with elements of performative art, dance and video art, captures contemporary world, a world in which the speed of communication becomes much more important when we are talking about people’s capacity to connect.

Love and Information is building – like a puzzle – the image of the anguishing and uncertain world which we inhabit. Apparently unrelated, the scenes outline a portrait of contemporary man, through the perspective of his acute need for love in a world dominated, however, by totally different demands.

The social “landscape” captured in Caryl Churchill’s play (enacted in premiere in Romania), thus questions two key aspects defining human nature: the need to know and the need to love.

Translated by Simona Nichiteanu






Photo credit: Germain Kanda și Claudiu Mărginean

: Voicu Aaniței
Nicholas Cațianis / Idris Clate
Alex Călin
Cristina Drăghici
Dana Marineci
Lavinia Pele

„Love and Information by Caryl Churchill and enacted by Irina Crăiţă-Mândră within the 9G at NTB programme is a show comprising precisely this intellectual and emotional chaos of the individual, too hasty to build something enduring. Our lives have become modular. We are the multi-tasking kids of the dawns of a century rushing to annihilate us all in a burn-out epidemic. And if we do not have a busy schedule and do not organise ourselves with the planner in our hand, good God, how will we be able to cope with this thicket called life?

A mirror-show speaking encrypted, in the language of those who forgot to look eye to eye and hiding behind the big small screens. (...)

Actually, the most important assets of this show are precisely intelligence, humour and creativity.”

Alina Epîngeac, Yorick – Little love and much information  

”With a flexible modular structure, built from a series of short, autonomous and sometimes absurd fragments, each a narrative embryo only developed to configurate a situation in an elementary way, Love and Information, text by British Caryl Churchill, creates a panorama of the effects of the „symbiosis“ between contemporary man and information. Practically, information works nowadays like a drug controlling the user’s life. Technology – telephones, computers and communication via e-mail/Messenger/Facebook/Twitter – significantly alter daily life, so that human interaction is drastically limited or mediated through gadgets and internet (the screens are alter-egos of depersonalized and even desexualized characters).”

Oana Stoica, Dilema Veche – Performative Arts  


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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