Macbeth - The Nameless Theatre, Khishinev

after William Shakespeare and Eugène Ionesco

Macbeth - The Nameless Theatre, Khishinev

after William Shakespeare and Eugène Ionesco

Translation: de Horia Gârbea (din ediția Shakespeare, Opere, coordonată și îngrijită de George Volceanov)
Mihai Țărnă
Mihai Țărnă
Assistant Director:
Larisa Dasca
Musical composition:
Alexandru Dicusar
Costume painter:
Inga Botnariuc
Adrian Suruceanu
Body expression:
Oleg Mardari
Special Effects:
Victor Zburliuc
Light design:
Eduard Chiperco, Tudor Carapascal
Sound director:
Vlad Vascan
Aerial acrobatics:
Veronica Mereuță
Paintings selection:
Patricia David

Duration: 3 h / Pause: Yes


100 lei

80 lei

60 lei

The performance is presented by the Nameless Theatre, Republic of Moldova


A modern vision of the classic "Macbeth", directed by Mihai Tarna, inspired by the works of William Shakespeare and Eugène Ionesco. A classic tragedy that brings to the fore frantic passion, political upheaval and defiance of moral values. The three witches' prediction that Macbeth is destined to become king makes Macbeth and his wife, Lady Macbeth, welcome the news as an all-too-welcome reality. Staying overnight in Macbeth's castle, Duncan, King of Scotland, in the throes of the feast, is assassinated. Macbeth becomes King of Scotland, thus the prediction of the three witches comes true. The swamp of pride deepens Macbeth, and Lady Macbeth can no longer comfort her husband, feelings of remorse begin to consume her, and the loss of sleep is their reward for betrayal and murder.

Macbeth's next encounter with the three witches predicts that only a man unborn by woman can kill him, and that only then would his end be possible. Could this be true?


Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu 

Macbeth: Alexandru Rusu Lady Macbeth: Mihaela Popescu
Duncan: Alexandru Dicusar Banquo: Petre Dragancea
Macduff: Marius- Cătălin Tulum Lady Macduff: Victoria Manciu
Malcolm: Ion Gîrneț Ross: Nicu Ciumașu
Cawdor: Ion Munteanu Fleance: Cristina Lungu
The Door-keeper: Valentin Munteanu The Witches: Antonia Barancea
Victoria Țurcanu
Rada Mișcoi
The Killers: Vitalie Mândrescu
Valentin Munteanu
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