Magda Catone

b. 24.10.1958, Bucureşti

Parts at NTB

  • Mother in Law - "Little Hell" by Mircea Stefanescu, directed by Mircea Cornisteanu, from 2024
  • Sultana - "Gallants of the Old Court", after Mateiu Caragiale, directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu, 2023
  • Judith Brewer - "The Welkin" by Lucy Kirkwood, directed by Gelu Colceag, 2022
  • Landlady - "Island" (Reading Show) by Mihail Sebastian with ending - Act III - by Ruxandra Tuchel, directed by Razvan Popa, 2020
  • Madame Dumonet - “The Silent Parrot - Nearly true histories of a nearly forgotten spy”, text and direction Nae Caranfil, 2018
  • Dorina - "Tartuffe" by J.B.P. Molière, directed by Andrei Belgrader, 2009
  • Madame Tincă - "Molto, Gran' Impressione" by Romulus Vulpescu, directed by Dan Tudor, 2009
  • Old Woman Rada - "Sanziana And Pepelea" by Vasile Alecsandri, directed by Dan Tudor, 2006
  • The Nanny - "The Passions Of Saint Tommaso d'Aquino" after Alex Mihai Stoenescu, directed by Grigore Gonţa, 2005
  • Mrs. Fuchs - "Love" by Barta Lajos, directed by regia Grigore Gonta, 2004
  • Zoe - "The Lost Letter" by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Alexandru Tocilescu, 1999


Activities outside NTB

Parts in theatre


ARCUB - Bucharest 555

Didina Strambuleanu - "The Mistress" after "The Flounder" by A.D. Hertz, directed by Armand Calinovici, 2014


The Comedy Theatre, Bucharest, 1980 - 1998

  • "Archimedes' Secret Weapon" by Dumitru Solomon, directed by Alexandru Colpacci
  • "When Comedy Was King" by Mihail Zoscenko, directed by Valeriu Paraschiv
  • "Saint Mitica Blajinu" by Aurel Baranga, directed by Valeriu Moisescu
  • "The Servant Of Two Masters" by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Tudor Mărăscu
  • "A Midsummer's Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare, directed by Alexandru Darie
  • "Troilus And Cressida" by William Shakespeare, directed by Dragoş Galgoţiu
  • "Sganarelle" by J.B.P. Molière, directed by Dragoş Galgoţiu
  • "A Stormy Night" by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Mircea Cornişteanu


State Theatre, Petroşani, 1982 - 1985

"A Man And Several Women" by Leonid Zorin, directed by Magda Catone and Claudiu Bleonţ


Parts in movie / TVseries

  • Marinică`s mother - "Meakness", directed by Cătălin Apostol, 2011
  • Cami's Mother - "Emergency", TV series, directed by Andrei Zincă, 2006
  • "Pacala Returns", directed by Geo Saizescu, 2006
  • The Mother - "Why Me?", directed by Corina Radu, 2006
  • "And Everything Was Nothing.."., directed by Cristina Nichituş, 2006
  • Mothers-In-Law, TV series, directed by Nae Cosmescu, 2005
  • Mrs. Coca - "Weekend Millionaires", directed by Cătălin Saizescu, 2004
  • "Maria", directed by Călin Peter Netzer, 2003
  • "Under Clear Moon" after Teodor Mazilu, TV series, directed by Doina Teodoru, 2002
  • "The Swans' Waltz", TV series, directed by Constantin Dicu, 2002
  • "Zapping", directed by Cristian Mungiu, 2000
  • "Face To Face", directed by Marius Theodor Barna, 1999
  • "A Mom Like No Other", TV series, regia Jacques Renard, 1997
  • Rose - "Johnny Mysto: Boy Wizard", directed by Jeff Burr, 1997
  • "An Unforgettable Summer", directed by Lucian Pintilie, 1994
  • "E Pericoloso Sporgersi", directed by Nae Caranfil, 1994
  • "The House From The Dream", directed by Ioan Cărmăzan, 1993
  • "The Oak", directed by Lucian Pintilie, 1992
  • "Staying", directed by Laurenţiu Damian, 1992
  • "I Go Crazy And I'm Sorry", directed by Ion Gostin, 1992
  • "Love And Hot Water", directed by Dan Mironescu, 1992
  • "Attack In The Library", directed by Mircea Drăgan, 1992
  • The Telephone, directed by Elisabeta Bostan, 1991
  • "Divorce Due To Love", directed by Andrei Blaier, 1991
  • Silvia - "Bat Hunt", directed by Daniel Bărbulescu, 1991
  • "Studio - Searching Star", directed by Nicolae Corjos, 1988
  • "The Tail Of The Fox", directed by Cornel Diaconu, 1988
  • "Some Awesome Boys", directed by Cornel Diaconu, 1987
  • "The Abandoned District", directed by Adrian Istrătescu-Lener, 1985
  • "Greetings From Agigea", directed by Cornel Diaconu, 1984
  • "The Escapade", directed by Cornel Diaconu, 1983
  • "The Impossible Love", directed by Constantin Văeni, 1983
  • "Too Hot For May", directed by Maria Callas Dinescu, 1983
  • "The End Of The Night", directed by Mircea Veroiu, 1982
  • "Rainbow Balloons", directed by Iosif Demian, 1982
  • "Lights And Shadows", TV series, directed by Mircea Mureşan, Andrei Blaier and Mihai Constantinescu, 1981 - 1982
  • "Why Do The Bells Ring, Mitica?", directed by Lucian Pintilie, 1981



  • The National University Of Theatrical And Cinematic Arts, Bucharest, Acting Section, class of 1982, coordinated by professor Ion Cojar and Amza Pellea.



  • Special Jury Award, Costinesti Theatre Festival For Youth, 1984;
  • Best Female Interpretation, Brasov Theatre Festival, 1983.
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