Artistic Director

Marius Bodochi

b. 06.09.1959

Parts at the NTB

"A few people away from you" by Dan Coman, directed by Radu Afrim, joint production of NTB - "George Coșbuc" Cultural Centre Bistrița, 2024

The Spirit - "Gertrude" by Radu F. Alexandru, directed by Silviu Purcărete, 2023

Mircea Negrescu - "Rehearsal for a better world", dramatization by Mihai Radu and Ionuț Sociu after the novel bearing the same name by Mihai Radu, directed by Radu Afrim, 2023

Father - "The Word Progress On My Mother's Lips Doesn't Ring True" by Matei Visniec, directed by Botond Nagy, 2023

Stepan Fedorov, Skuratov - "The Just Assassins" by Albert Camus, directed by Mihai Maniutiu, 2022 

Walter Keegan - “The Country House” by Donald Margulies, directed by Claudiu Goga, 2022

Sorn - "Stupid Fucking Bird" by Aaron Posner, directed by Razvan Oprea, 2021

The Manager - "Island" (Reading Show) by Mihail Sebastian with ending - Act III - by Ruxandra Tuchel, directed by Razvan Popa, 2020

Miles - "Loose knit" by Theresa Rebeck, coordinator Ion Caramitru, 2018

Theseus, Oberon - "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare, directed by Petrica Ionescu, 2015

Soldier, Colonel - 'Terrorism" by Presniakov Brothers, directed by Felix Alexa, 2015

Simon / The Guardian - "Powder Keg" by Dejan Dukovski, directed by Felix Alexa, 2014

Ken Gorman - "Rumors" by Neil Simon, directed by Ion Caramitru, 2013

Mr. Leon - "The Man Who Saw The Death" by Victor Eftimiu, directed by Dan Tudor, 2013

General Inspector - "The Man and His Old Crock" by George Ciprian, directed by Anca Bradu, 2011

Aristah Dominikovici Grand Scobique - "The Suicide" by Nikolai Erdman, directed by Felix Alexa, 2009

Costache Caragiali - "Molto gran'impressione" by Romulus Vulpescu, directed by Dan Tudor, 2009

Yoshio - "Forbidden Passions" by Yukio Mishima, directed by Issey Takizawa, 2007

Pacala- "Sanziana and Pepelea" by Vasile Alecsandri, directed by Dan Tudor, 2006

Tommaso - "The Passion of Saint Tommaso d'Aquino" by Alex Mihai Stoenescu, directed by Grigore Gonţa, 2005

Alex -  "Sonata for Saxophone and Eve" by Eugen Şerbănescu, directed by Mihai Manolescu, 2004

Moghilă - "Sunset" by Barbu Ştefănescu Delavrancea, directed by Dan Piţa, 2004

Theseus, Oberon - "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare, directed by Felix Alexa, 2003

Doctor Jindrich Foustka- "Temptation" by Vaclav Havel, directed by Mihai Manolescu, 2002

Jihei - "The Love Suicides at Amijima" by Chikamatsu Monzaemon, directed by Alexandru Tocilescu, 2000

Karenin - "The Living Corpse" by Lev N Tolstoi, directed by Gelu Colceag, from 2005

Alfredo - "The Queen Mother" by Manlio Santanelli , directed by Gelu Colceag, 2005

Dionysos - "The Bacchae" after Euripides, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu, 1997

Henry Bolingbroke - "Richard II" by William Shakespeare, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu, 1997

The Corpse - "The King and the Corpse" by Vlad Zografi, directed by Andreea Vulpe, 1998

Hans - "Ondine" by Jean Giraudoux, directed by Horea Popescu, 1997


Activities outside NTB:

Parts in theater


The National Opera

Salieri - "Amadeus", stage adaptation after Peter Schaffer, directed by Marcel Top, 2010


Theatrum Mundi of Bucharest: 2002 - 2003

The King - "Exit the King" by Eugen Ionesco, directed by Victor Ioan Frunza

Beranger  - "The Pedestrian and the Fury" by Eugen Ionesco, directed by Alexander Hausvater


Cluj - Napoca National Theatre

  • Christopher Flanders - "The Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore" by Tennessee Williams, 1982 (debut)
  • Antipholus - "The Comedy of Errors" by William Shakespeare, directed by Borna Baletic (Croatia)
  • Henry II - "Becket" by Jean Anouilh, directed by Victor Ioan Frunză
  • Alfredo - "The Queen Mother" by Manlio Santanelli, directed by Mona Chirilă
  • Hinkfuss - "Tonight We Improvise" by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Anca Bradu
  • Tempter Reginald - "Murder in the Cathedral" by Thomas Stearns Elliot, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu
  • The King - "Escurial" by Michel de Ghelderode, directed by Dorel Vişan
  • Coriolanus - "Coriolanus" by William Shakespeare, directed by Cristian Teodor Popescu
  • Juan - "D.J. 38" directed by Jean Dusessois (France)
  • The Dying Man - "The Illuminated Week" by Mihai Săulescu, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu
  • Avram Iancu - "Avram Iancu" by Lucian Blaga, directed by Horea Popescu
  • Sam  - "Sam" by G.M Zamfirescu, directed by Tudor Chirilă
  • Eugenio - "The Café" by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Sorana Coroamă Stanca
  • Cleonte - "The Bourgeois Gentleman" by J. B. P. Molière, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu
  • Abram - "Squaring the Circle" by  Valentin Kataev, directed by Dorel Vişan
  • Maru -  "The Dancing Soiree" created and directed by Sorana Coroamă Stanca
  • Hemon - "Antigone" by Sophocles, directed by Elemer Kincszes
  • Nichita - "The Man andHis Old Crock" by George Ciprian, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu
  • The Captain -"The Execution Is Postponed" by Mircea Vaida, directed by Aureliu Manea
  • Him - "I'm not the Eiffel Tower" by Ecaterina Oproiu, directed by Andrei Mihalache
  • Cassio - "Othello" by William Shakespeare, directed by Dan Alexandrescu
  • Heracles - "Alcestis" by Euripides, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu


Satu Mare North Theater: 1984 - 1985

  • Bobby - "The Hotel Room", directed by Victor Tudor Popa
  • Jupiter Amphitrion - "Amphitrion" by Peter Haks


Parts in movie:

  • Iacob - "Iszka utazasa", directed by Csaba Bollok, 2007
  • Fredi Cornea - "A Roof over the Head", directed by Adrian Popovici, 2006
  • Caius - "The Dream Woman", directed by Dan Piţa, 2005
  • Gelu - "3 Păzeşte" ("Call-down"), directed by Ovidiu Georgescu, 2003
  • Radu - "The Tenderness of Grasshoppers", directed by Dan Necşulea, 2002
  • Vlad - "Dracula the Impaler", directed by Adrian Popovici, 2002
  • Clam  Karl Martinitz - "The Bridge Man" coproduction of Austria, Hungary, Germany, 2001
  • Cara - "The Idle Princes of the Old Court", directed by Mircea Veroiu, 1995



  • Tony Sprânceană - "The Sprânceană Clan" , TV Series Antena 1, 2007
  • Gelu Popovici  - "Voice from the Heart", TV series Antena 1, 2006
  • John Doe - "The Witnesses", directed by Dan Piţa
  • Adam - "P. U. 239", directed by C. Lăzărescu
  • Teodor Teia Krai - "The Proffesional", directed by Horea Popescu
  • Virgil - "Mountain Vacation", directed by Olimpia Arghir
  • Manole - "The Master Builder Manole", directed by Olimpia Arghir
  • The King - "Escurial", directed by Olimpia Arghir
  • The Priest - "Whirling Waters", directed by Victor Ioan Frunză


TV Shows:

  • "Gaz pe Folk" , TVR 2 2008
  • "The Revolt of the Classics", TVR Cultural 2004 - 2008
  • "Miss Beach", TVR 2, 2005
  • "Honoris Causa", TVR Cultural, 2003 - 2004
  • "The Kitsch Sign of the Zodiac", TVR Cultural, 2002 - 2003
  • "Love Stories", Prima TV, 1999 - 2000



The Theatre Institute in Târgu- Mureş, class of 1982 ,coordinated by professor Constantin Codrescu


Awards and Distinctions:

  • "Rhinoceros" magazine award for male performance: Marius Bodochi, for the role of Sorn in Stupid Fucking Bird by Aaron Posner, directed by Răzvan Oprea, 2021

  • Honorary Citizen of Cluj Napoca, title granted in May 2008
  • Order of Cultural Merit, First Class, given by the Presidency of Romania, 2004
  • "The Young Actor" Gala Award, Costineşti 1985 and 1986
  • "Romanian Humourists' Asociation" Award at the Gala of Dramatic Recitals, Bacău, 1991
  • Award for "Best Actor", "Silvia Popovici" Foundation, 1998
  • Award for "Best Male Performance" at The Festival of Romanian Drama, Timişoara for the part in "Exit the King" by Eugen Ionesco, 2002
  • Nominalized for "Best Actor" at "UNITER", 2003 for the role of Berenger I, The King from "Exit the King", Theatrum Mundi, Bucharest 2003.
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