Matei Lucaci-Grünberg

b. 23.03.1989

Plays in current season :

Helver`s Night

Shows Directed at NTB

"Helver's Night" by Ingmar Villqist, 2021


Professional Experience

"Rom the Great", directing and script, short film, (national high school competition), 2007

"The Chairs" by Eugène Ionesco, theatre director, staged at the George Coşbuc National College.

"About Nos", directing and screenplay, portrait film, first year, UNATC (International Movie Festival), 2008

"The Stoker", directing and screenwriting, short film, portrait, first year, UNATC, 2008

"3 Transactions", documentary, exchange of experience with the University of the Arts in Karlsruhe, coordinating professor Andrei Ujică, 2009

“Elsa / ICM”, promotional film, 2009

“The First Morning After”, docu-drama, directing and adaptation after Jean-Claude Kaufmann, year II , UNATC, 2009

“The Last Customers”, co-director and co-writer with Sarra Tsorakidis, independent short film (Cinemaiubit Film Festival and Stone Film - screenplay distinction), 2009

“Royal”, short film, director and co-writer -writer, adaptation after C. Bukowski year III, UNATC, (Cinemaiubit Festival - Image Award from the Romanian Society of Cinematography), 2010

*Anonimul Festival, 2011

*Best film festival Brasov, 2011

*7arte fest, 2011

*Hyperion StudFest, 2011

*Constanţa National Film Festival, 2011

*Nice, 2011

“What’s Wrong?”, short film, director and screenwriter, UNATC, 2011

*Cinemaiubit Festival - Best Actor Award: Anghel Damian, 2011

“Rebelion”, short film, director and screenwriter, UNATC, 2012

*Cinemaiubit Festival - Scenography Award, Cinemaiubit Foundation Award and Poster Award , 2012

*IPIFF, 2012

*Sighişoara Film Festival, 2013

*Geo Saizescu Festival - Directing Award, 2013

*International Festival of Theatre and Film Schools Classfest

“Stress Control”, video for the play “The Most Beautiful”

“Multitouch”, advertisement, project made by Postru

“SickSound Crew”, album launch spot, 2013

“Let's Hamlet!”, short film, project with the EupeSticlă acting school, 2013

“The Boys Sometimes Too”, short film, director and screenwriter, UNATC, 2013

*Cinemaiubit Festival - Rector's Award and Poster Award, 2013

*Dakino Festival, 2013

*Short Film Corner Cannes, 2014

*Next Festival, 2013

*Victoria Film Festival, 2014

*Stone Film, 2014

*Cluj Comedy, 2014

*Anonymous Festival, 2014

*Ti mishort, 2014

*Douban, 2014

*South-Eastern Europe Cinema Schools Festival, Istanbul, 2015

*Comedy Short Film Festival, 2014

*Film4Fun, 2014

*FFEST, 2014

*IPIFF, 2014

*Mediawave Hungary, 2014

“Unemployed Entrepreneur”, spot , 2014

“Caravan Next”, promotional spot

“Screen.2 Telephones”, playwright and director, independent play, Godot Cafe Theatre, 2014

*Hop Gala 2014 - "Cornel Todea" Award for Best Actor Troupe, Award for best performance, Award for performance and stage performance - Tavi Costin

*FNT - Excelsior Theatre, 2014

*FNTI - Mignon Theatre, 2014

*International New Theatre Festival, Arad, 2015

*FestCo - Comedy Theatre, 2015

*Undercloud, 2015

*White Night of Independent Theatre, 2015

*Alba-Iulia National Festival of "Stories", 2016


ECDL, promotional spot for the computer driver's license, 2015

"Scooby Doo", director, theatre show produced by Warner Bros and Phoenix Ent. at the Palace Hall

“Screen.2 Telephones”, playwright and director, show performed with the troupe of teenagers from Victoria Art

*Festival “Laughing and Crying”, Brașov - Best Actress Award Ioana Niculae, best actor Șerban Melnic, 2015

*Maiart Festival, Bucharest - Award for Best Actress Ioana Niculae, Second Prize for Best Actor Șerban Melnic, Best Supporting Actress 2nd place Maria Turcu, 2015

*Idfest Bacău - Audience Award for Best Performance, Award for Best Supporting Actor Șerban Melnic, Award for Best Leading Actress Ioana Niculae, 2015

“Jurassic Experience”, director, theatre show produced by Phoenix Ent., Palace Hall

“Bones for Otto”, short film director, written by Lia Bugnar, produced by Aparte Film, CNC financing

*TIFF, 2016

*HBO and Shorts TV broadcast

*Divan Film Festival, 2016

*Anonimul, 2016

*The White Night of Romanian Film, 2016

*Karlovy Vary - Future Frames, 2017

*ImagineIndia - Short Films, 2018

*Filmfest Einsiedeln, 2018

*GOPO nomination - young hope, 2017

“All New People”, director, play written by Zach Braff, independent production, Godot Cafe Theatre, 2015

“Fragile, Handle with Care”, short film, director and co-writer, independent, 2015

“Saturday, Showers! ”, co-playwright and director, Godot Theatre, 2016

*Undercloud Festival, 2016

*Mircea Albulescu Festival in Câmpina - Directing and Dramaturgy Award

*Matei Brancoveanu Gala - Theatre Award

*Constanța Independent Theatre Festival (FITIC), 2017

ANAF TV spot series, director

“The Secret of the Secret Weapon” by Alexandru Tatos, theatre show produced with ARCUB funds at NTB, Media Hall, director, 2017

“The Trial of David M. Golan” by Matei Lucaci-Grunberg, show performed by the Jamias-Vu Association, Balcescu Center, 2017

*Constanța Independent Theatre Festival (FITIC) - Drama Award, 2017

*Comic7B Buzău Festival, 2017

*Constanța Independent Theatre Festival (FITIC) - Nomination for Best Director / Best Actor in a Leading Role - Tavi Costin, 2018

*Playwrights Tour (Iași, Târgu-Mureș, Timișoara), 2019

Spot OMV, director and screenwriter, directed by Publicist and ParcFilm, 2017

“Rest in Peace”, director, short film, produced by Castalia Pictures, post-production, 2017

“Horsepower” by Daniel Sandu, show by Jamais-Vu Association, Godot Cafe-Theatre, 2018

*Constanța Independent Theatre Festival (FITIC) - Award for Best Performance / Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role - Cristian Bota, 2018

*Bucharest Fringe, 2018

“Who is afraid of Mitica or Caution, water is cut off!” by Sever Bârzan, show made by Jamais-Vu Association, GreenHours, 2018

*Playwrights Tour (Iași, Târgu-Mureș, Timișoara), 2019

*Caleido, 2019

“Read to Live!” - project co-financed by AFCN and created by the Jamais-Vu association - nominated for AFCN awards (inclusion 6ocial).

“Broadcast: Titanic Waltz”, adapted after Tudor Mușatescu, Anton Pann Theatre in Râmnicu Vâlcea, 2019

*Oravița Centenary Showcase, 2019

*Artists for artists, 2019

*UNITER 2020 - Andrei Cătalin, nomination for best supporting actor

*Festco, 2020

Playwrights’ Tour - ongoing - project co-financed by AFCN - micro-seasons with the performances of the Jamais-Vu association in Timișoara, Iași, Târgu Mureș.

“Libretto Solitudine”, collective text coordinated by Matei Lucaci-Grunberg, a sad musical comedy about loneliness, project co-financed by AFCN, Greenhours, 2019

*SocolArt - cultural incubator, 2019

*Undercloud, 2019

*Versus Vâlcea, 2019

*Caleido, 2019

*FITIC 2019 - Award for Best Actress - Reka Szasz, Award for Best Actor - Ștefan Huluba

*NottDependent, 2021

“Ava-Show” - dramaturgy, show staged by Ilinca Priscariu, 2019

Trainer Ideo Ideis, 2020

Trainer ID -Fest, 2020

Nostalgic New Year's Eve in collaboration with the Anton Pann Theatre of Râmnicu Vâlcea, broadcast on RTV, 2020

"Libretto Impostura" - collective text coordinated by Matei Lucaci-Grunberg, Unteatru (within the Caleido festival) and at the Infinite Theatre, 2021

*NottDependent , 2021

Trainer Ideo Ideis Theatre Camp, 2021

“InstaShakespeare”, concept by Matei Lucaci-Grunberg, improvisation show (long-form type) based on the work of the famous author, 2021

*Improfest, 2021


Miscellaneous activities

ECDL employee, 2008 - 2016

Trainer for art of the actor and film director within the project, 2012 - 2013

Graduate of 10 day MBA (ESCP - EAP) - European Entrepreneurs, 2012

Trainer for art of the actor and theatre and film directing at VictoriaArt private school (Victory of Art), 2013

President of the Jamais-Vu Association, 2014

Presenter of the “Evening on the Wave” show on Radio Guerrilla, 2016 - 2018



PhD UNATC, Univ. Prof. Dr. Laurenţiu Damian, 2013 - 2020

Master’s degree UNATC, Film Directing, class of Univ. Prof. Dr. Marius Şopterean, Associate Professor Dr. Doru Niţescu, 2011 - 2013

UNATC Bachelor's Degree, Faculty of Film and TV Directing, class of Univ. Prof. Dr. Laurenţiu Damian, Bucharest, 2008 - 2011


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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