Meerkats House

by David Drábek

Meerkats House

by David Drábek

Translation: Mircea Dan Duță
Radu Afrim
Irina Moscu
Assistant Director:
Cătălin Miculeasa
Sound universe:
Radu Afrim
Sound design:
Călin Țopa
Cosmin Florea
Gesture consulting:
Filomela Salahoru
Technical Director:
Cristi Petec
Light design:
Dodu Ispas, Ștefăniță Rezeanu
Make-up artist:
Minela Popa, Mihaela Guran
George Udrea, Marius Marciu

Duration: 3 h / Pause: 15 min


60 lei

50 lei

20 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

A production of the Marin Sorescu National Theatre of Craiova

The show is not recommended for people under 16 years old
In a house filled with meerkats, alongside shoebills and a dead mole, three sisters are living. The little sister is haunted by the memory of an insane mother and has not left the meerkats for one year since the father's sudden death. The BIG one has curled up in front of the TV and eaten until she could not move anymore. The middle sister is the only one who works to maintain the meerkats house.
Above and beyond reigns the spirit of a fake Buddha. The girls are trapped in this extravagant universe.
Three men appear in their lives and shake up their existence.


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

Rozica: Raluca Păun Valerica: Iulia Lazăr
Nutzi: Ramona Drăgulescu Ion: Alex Calangiu
Lentziu: Claudiu Mihail Samuel/a: Vlad Udrescu
Buddha Boy: Cătălin Miculeasa Mother: Romanița Ionescu
Father: Constantin Cicort
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