Deputy General Manager of The National Theatre of Bucharest

Mircea Rusu

b. 28.06.1956, Săcele

Parts at NTB

Mr Peachum - "The Threepenny Opera" by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Gelu Colceag, 2024

Claudius - "Gertrude" by Radu F. Alexandru, directed by Silviu Purcărete, 2023

Pierre - "The Dinner Game" by Francis Veber, directed by Ion Caramitru, from 2022

Stefan Tipatescu - "A Lost Letter" by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Horatiu Malaele, 2022

"The Beauty of Venice in September", after Teodor Mazilu, directed by Mariana Camarasan, 2018

Manuel - "Island" (Reading Show) by Mihail Sebastian with ending - Act III - by Ruxandra Tuchel, directed by Razvan Popa, 2020

The Man - „Shadows” by Marilia Samper, directed by Vlad Cristache, 2017

Vink - "Clay" by Marijke Schermer, directed by Vlad Massaci, 2016

Richard - "The Lover" by Harold Pinter – from the coupe show "Two x Two", directed by Vlad Stanescu, 2012

Stefan Tipatescu - "The Letter" after A Lost Letter by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Horatiu Malaele, 2012  

Alfred Miller - "The Visit" by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, directed by Alexander Morfov, 2011

Banquo, a Scottish Doctor - "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare, directed by Radu Penciulescu, 2011

The Committee President - "The Avalanche" by Tuncer Cücenoğlu, directed by Radu Afrim, 2010

Jack - „Dancing at Lughnasa" by Brian Friel, directed by Lynne Parker (Ireland), 2006 

Grigori Dekanozov (the Hospital Manager) - „How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental Patients" by Matei Visniec, directed by Florin Fatulescu, 2007

Şerban Saru-Sineşti - „Dance of the Fairies" by Camil Petrescu, directed by Claudiu Goga, 2007

Kerjentev - „Thought" by Leonid Andreev, directed by Felix Alexa, 2005

Bormenthal - "Heart of a Dog" after Mihail Bulgakov, directed by Yuriy Kordonskiy, 2005

Boss Dumitrache - „A Stormy Night" by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Felix Alexa, 2002

Verşinin - „Three Sisters" by A.P. Chekhov, directed by Yuri Krassovski, 2002

Protasov - „The Living Corpse" by Lev Tolstoi, directed by Gelu Colceag, 2001

Salvatore Sally Morella - „North Shore Fish" by Israel Horovitz, directed by Ion Cojar, 1999

Vaska Peppel - „Night Lodging" by Maxim Gorki, directed by Ion Cojar, 1998

Kittel - „Ghetto" by Joshua Sobol, directed by Victor Ioan Frunza, 1993

Yasha - „The Cherry Orchard" by A.P. Chekhov, directed by Andrei Serban, 1992

Jean - „Miss Julie" by August Strindberg, directed by Stefan Iordanescu, 1992

Ralph Clark - „Our Country’s Good" by Timberlake Wertenbaker, directed by Andrei Serban, 1991

Sebastian - „The Night of Kings" by William Shakespeare, directed by Andrei Serban, 1991

Jason - „The Greek Trilogy" after Euripides and Seneca, directed by Andrei Serban, 1990


Directing activity:
National Theatre Bucharest

"Matilda and the Grave-makers" by Stela Giurgeanu, 2020

"Biloxi Blues" by Neil Simon, 2012 and 2019


Activities outside NTB

Theatrical parts


The State Jewish Theatre

Hoke Coleburn - "Driving Miss Daisy" by Alfred Uhry, directed by Caludiu Goga, 2009

Franz - „The Game of Kings" by Pavel Kohout, directed by Felix Alexa, 2008 


Lucia Sturdza Bulandra Theatre, Bucharest

Camus - „Le premier homme", directed by Cătălina Buzoianu, show in French, UNESCO project 2004, Sinaia

Davud - „ Bird Colonel", directed by Alexandru Dabija, 2002

Laertes - „Hamlet" by William Shakespeare, directed by Liviu Ciulei, 1998

Richard - „Everything in the Garden" by Edward Albee, 1996


Tony Bulandra Theatre, Târgovişte

Eduard Damson - „The Gift of the Gorgon" by Peter Shaffer, directed by Victor Ioan Frunză, 2005


Levant Theatre, Bucharest

Axel - „The Pelican" by August Strindberg, directed by Cătălina Buzoianu, 1995


Metropolis Theatre, Bucharest

"Love Stories" by Radu F. Alexandru, directed by Claudiu Goga, 2011

Satin -"Night Lodging" by Maxim Gorki, directed by Mircea Marin, 2008

5 characters - „Decomposed Theatre" by Matei Vişniec, directed by Cătălina Buzoianu, 1994


National Theatre Arad

Nae Girimea - „Carnival" by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Ştefan Iordănescu, 1987


Youth Theatre Piatra Neamţ: 1986 - 1990

Troilus - „Troilus and Cressida" by William Shakespeare, directed by Ştefan Iordănescu, 1987

Rudy - "The Red Passion" by Mihail Sorbu, directed by Nicolae Scarlat, 1986

Pepelea - "Sânziana and Pepelea" by Vasile Alecsandri, directed by Andrei Mihalache, 1986


Movie parts

Colonel Alexandrescu - "Red Gloves", directed by Radu Gabrea, 2010

The Writer - "Hellenic Love", directed by Geo Saizescu, 2011

„Black Sea", directed by Andrew Reuland, 2006

„Ambassadors, Seek Country", directed by Mircea Daneliuc, 2003

„The Death Triangle", directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu, 1999

„Too Late", directed by Lucian Pintilie, 1996

„State of Things", directed by Stere Gulea, 1996

„Terente – the King of Swamps", directed by Andrei Blaier, 1995

„The Mirror", directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu, 1993



Cezar Boboc - „A Step Forward", Pro TV series, directed by Alex Berceanu, Jesus del Cerro, Luis Santa Maria, 2007

Mircea - „A Second Chance", directed by Adrian Sitaru, Pro TV series, 2006

Silviu Stamate - „The Sins of Eve", directed by Iura Luncaşu, Pro TV series, 2005

Daniel - „Corps et ames", directed by Laurent Carceles, M6 series, 2003

„The Lover of the Great Lady Dracula" by Fănuş Neagu, directed by Constantin Dicu, TVR 1 series, 2003

„Impossible Marriage" by Alex Ştefănescu, directed by Silviu Jicman, TVR 1 series, 2002

„The Reluctant Detective" by George Arion, directed by Silviu Jicman, TVR 1 series, 2001

Paul - „Jusqu`à ce que la mort nous sépare", directed by Lionel Epp, TVR 1, 1999

"Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" directed by Olimpia Arghir, TVR 1, 1994

„As You Like It" directed by Olimpia Arghir, TVR 1, 1992


Television theatre

25 filmed theatre plays, directed by: Silviu Jicman, Olimpia Arghir, Dominic Dembinski, Cornel Todea, Constantin Dicu, Viorel Sergovici.



The National University of Theatrical and Cinematic Arts Bucharest, acting department, year 1986, class of university professor Ion Cojar

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