A new show by Alexander Morfov at NTB: The Merchant of Venice!

20 September 2019

The I.L. Caragiale National Theatre of Bucharest announces the premiere of The Merchant of Venice  by William Shakespeare, which will take place on September 20th and 22nd, 2019, from 7.30 pm, in the Studio Hall. A new Shakespearean enactment at NTB, a new collaboration between the Bucharest National Theatre and Bulgarian director Alexander Morfov. Seconded in this endeavour by lighting designer Chris Jaeger (England), choreographer Inga Krasovska (Latvia), Gabi Albu (sets) and Liliana Cenean (costumes), Alexander Morfov is already at his fourth collaboration with NTB, after TheVisit by Fr. Dürrenmatt, The Tempest by W. Shakespeare and No Man's Land by Danis Tanovic. Written at the end of the sixteenth century, The Merchant of Venice is still an extremely topical play about money, greed, love and inter-racial tensions, about discrimination and revenge. The most controversial Shakespearean writing, "The Merchant of Venice" has imposed one of the most fascinating characters of universal drama, Shylock, the Jewish loan shark consumed by the desire to take revenge against his rival, the Christian merchant Antonio. The great controversy surrounding this writing, on the grounds that literary exegesis has given contradictory opinions, is whether the text is antisemitic or not. Well-known literary critics have accused the play of powerful antisemitism, while for others, the immortal Will does nothing but describe a profound human drama.  "The Merchant of Venice" - One of the darkest Shakespearean comedies, in which the love story of Bassanio, the man who lost his fortune and who has to borrow money in order to be able to woo the woman he loves, integrates into the much more dramatic story of the Jewish loan shark Shylock and his desire to get a pound of the meat of the Venetian merchant Antonio. In the NTB show, drama and comedy, farce and romantic entanglements intertwine with absolute moral dimensions, in an impressive cast, with Ion Caramitru in the role of Shylock, and with a scenography that takes us directly to the heart of Venice. A captivating enactment, with dynamic rhythms, which showcase Shakespeare's extraordinary creative power. In the cast, alongside Ion Caramitru: Richard Bovnoczki, Ada Gales, Alexandru Potocean, Cosmina Olariu, Siviu Mircescu, Flavia Giurgiu, Ciprian Nicula, Emilian Marnea, Mihai Calota, Petre Ancea, Florin Calbajos, Mihai Muntenita, Stefania Circu, Cristina Simion, Shahbazimoghadam Mohammad Jawad, Dragos Dumitru. The following performances are scheduled for: October 4th and 13th, 2019, from 7.30 pm and, in the morning, on October 5th, from 11.00 am. Tickets areavailable at the NTB Box Office, as well as online on   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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The National Theatre of Bucharest announces the opening of the new season 2019-2020

12 September 2019

As every year, in mid-September, the I.L. Caragiale National Theatre of Bucharest announces the season opening. The first shows are scheduled for the weekend of September 13th - 15th, 2019, and the tickets have been put up for sale online and at the Theatre’s box office. Since the first weeks of the new season 2019-2020, some of the most appreciated performances of the repertoire will be seen. To the NTB stages shall return, one by one, titles that have reaped meaningful applause and appreciation, such as: "Exit the King", "All My Sons", "The Dinner Game", "The Idol and Ion Anapoda", "The Man Who Saw Death ", "Little Hell" , "Shadows", "Mouse Trap"," Titanic Orchestra ","The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time", "Powder Keg", "Sentimental Tectonics", as well as the recent premieres: "The Nouveau Criminals", "The Door Mat", "Class", "50 Seconds". In the next period, the summer season on the rooftop, from the Amphitheatre, unfolded throughout the summer season under the title Summer Nights, on the Theatre Rooftop, continues to seduce the spectators at late hours of warm and clear evenings, announcing shows until the end of September. After the theatre halls went on vacation, the audience retreated to the welcoming and comforting atmosphere of the theatre space above the Grand Hall, where these summer evenings were animated, for the first time after the NTB reconstruction and the inauguration of this new space, by theatre, music, dance or film. The Hop Young Actor’s Gala had a prologue here, through the premiere of the show On the Roof, a project coordinated by the exceptional artist Gigi Căciuleanu and welcomed with great enthusiasm by the public and critics. In September, the performance based on the play, designated at the UNITER Awards Gala "The best Romanian play of the year 2017", 50 Seconds by Daniel Oltean, was invited to attend the Festival Days and Nights of Theatre in Braila. Towards the end of September, one of the most recent premieres, production of the past season, the enactment of the play The Nouveau Criminals by Edna Mazia, will have two performances on the stage of the "Mihai Eminescu" Theatre in Kishinev, on the occasion of the Romanian National Theatres Reunion. The NTB conferences will have a new format this autumn, being organized in October, in partnership with Dilema Veche, in November, with România literară and in December, with Revista 22. The first conference within the new season series is scheduled for September 29th, 2019. Afterwards, in spring, the threshold of the 18th birthday having passed, the programme for children, the National Children's Theatre, co-produced by the Abracadabra Foundation and NTB, is preparing to commence the 19th season in which the youngest of the theatre spectators will continue the Theatre Game under the guidance of the beloved Magician of Stories, Marian Râlea and his team. The "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre of Bucharest announces, for the new season, two enactments aftercornerstone titles of universal dramaturgy, under the signatures of two successful directors and with winning casts. The first new enactment on the National stage for the autumn season is in an advanced stage of rehearsals, at which the Bulgarian director Alexander Morfov is working. With three previousNTB productions, The Visit, The Tempest and No Man's Land, a director with an internationally acclaimed originality, Morfov has returned to the Bucharest National Theatre for a new Shakespearean challenge. This time, his choice is the play The Merchant of Venice, with Ion Caramitru in the role of Shylock and with  Ada Galeș, Richard Bovnoczki, Alexandru Potocean, in other lead roles, assisted by an extensivecast. Sets: Gabi Albu, Costumes: Liliana Cenean, Choreography: Inga Krasovska, Light Design: Chris Jaeger. Written at the end of the 16th century, "The Merchant of Venice" is still an extremely topical play about money, greed, love and inter-racial tensions, about discrimination and revenge. Shakespeare remains "our contemporary," as Jan Kott stated more than four decades ago. The first performances are scheduled for September 18th and 19th, and the premiere on September 20th and 22th, 2019, at the Studio Hall. Also in September, at NTB, the rehearsals for a new show will commence, directed by Radu Afrim. Three Sisters by AP Chekhov, to be premiered in December 2019. The constantly updated information, schedule of shows and events held at NTB and all details about the various activities of the theatre, as well as new interactive communication possibilities and an online questionnaire open to viewers on the page Your Opinion can also be found during the new season on and on our social media pages. So we are waiting for you to join us! The 2019-2020 Season opens at the National!   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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NTB Amphitheatre. Open-Air Cinema

02 August 2019

On the NTB, until the end of September, cultural and artistic genres, diversity and summer (but also cultural) debate meet under the summer night sky, at the very km 0 of the Capital, in an exciting night program. From May until the end of July, the NTB Amphitheatre offered 50 most diverse events: theatre and dance performances, jazz, rock, folk concerts etc. Young artists or established names encountered on the theatre a large, open, enthusiastic audience. August will be a full month at the Amphitheatre, as well. 31 events are ready to fill the halls and summer nights up on the theatre. And from August 4th, we invite you to the Open-Air Cinema. The Amphitheatre programme - summer nights up on the theatre will be complemented with movie evenings: award-winning films, previews, news, guests and discussions with filmmakers, all on the roof of the National Theatre until September 30th. The project is created in collaboration with TIFF Unlimited, the streaming platform of the Transilvania International Film Festival, and will include a selection of the best films from TIFF 2019. The first screening of the NTB Amphitheatre (Sunday, August 4th) is the documentary Woodstock: Three Days that Defined a Generation, launched 50 years after the festival that would change the world. Woodstock: Three Days that Defined a Generation has had a unique and successful projection within TIFF. Among the titles offered are award-winning films, popular films and premiere films, such as: Monos (directed by Alejandro Landes), a story about survival, power and anarchy, the winning film of the Transylvania Trophy; A Faithful Man / L'homme fidèle, the romantic comedy directed by Louis Garrel, with Laetitia Casta and Lily-Rose Depp, which won the Special Jury Prize and will run in preview, due to enter the cinema on September 20th. Other titles from the TIFF selection of the 2019 edition of TIFF Unlimited, such as Woman at War (directed by Benedikt Erlingsson), is an impressive story of a woman determined to fulfil her plans, available on, Double Lives / Double vies, a well-dosed comedy with Guillaume Canet and Juliette Binoche signed by Olivier Assayas, recently launched in cinema, The Bra, by the multi-award-winning director, writer and producer German Veit Helmer, with Maia Morgenstern in one of the lead roles. The cost of a ticket that offers access to a movie is 30 lei. Tickets can be purchased on   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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The NTB Amphitheatre. An Outdoor Stage

19 April 2019

The outdoor amphitheatre is a unique stage in Romania, a place up the National Theatre, 24 meters above University Square. At NTB, from May to September, cultural and artistic genres, diversity and the summer (and cultural) debate meet under the summer night sky, at the very km 0 of the capital, in an exciting and varied nocturnal programme. Theatre and dance performances, jazz, rock or folk concerts, art films or the latest cinematic productions, meetings with artists will be seen and experienced this summer under the starry sky of Bucharest in the NTB Amphitheatre. Famous names and young artists, performances from the National Theatre repertoire, as well as productions of independent theaters will outline the summer experienced above Bucharest. When the city goes on holiday, we will meet you on the roof of the National Theatre, at the Open-Air Amphitheater, to open the Summer Season together! We have prepared an appealing and relaxing offer. Let us count this summer together unforgettable encounters, shows, concerts, movies and nights! The NTB Amphitheatre is an open-air cultural supplement recommended during springtime and summer, indicated against rainy clouds or canicular asthenia. It is also recommended as therapy for sea, mountain and holiday longing. The amphitheatre helps an audience suffering from excessive boredom at the office during the summer (and not only). Expert advice: If you go to the restaurant on the terrace, located under the open-air amphitheatre, you can see one of the most beautiful panoramas of the capital! The Amphitheatre programme is created with the support of the Magdalena Foundation and Ovidiu Buluc. Translated by Simona Nichiteanu                                                            

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Virtual Tour of a Unique Project

05 April 2016

  Starting with the month of April 2016, on the website of the ”I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre, a totally exceptional virtual tour can be accessed, in the form of an interactive documentary film, consisting of 310 panoramas, enabling the navigation of the NTB building, inside and outside, before, during and at the end of the restyling works of the theatre building. The material published on the website further includes the virtual presentation of the sceneries of six performances from the NTB production of the last years: Scourge, The Avalanche, Master Leonida Facing the Reactionaries, Lottery Tickets, The Cherry Orchard, The Visit. The time frame for the creation of the 310 published panoramas (accomplished in the period 2010-2016) has been estimated to over 1500 hours and approximately 30.000 separate photographs have been used. The high-resolution images enable the study of the spaces in detail and from a bird’s eye view, presenting the users even areas inaccessible to the audience (workshops, dressing rooms, the costume stock, the off-stage area etc). The application is accompanied by a brief ”visualisation guideline” in Romanian and English. Not lastly, the publishing of this complex virtual tour also aims at promoting the « new » National Theatre as an institution open to a new audience, interested in theatre, but also in the latest technologies. The material used for the creation of the virtual tour is part of an extensive documentary archive compiled over 7 years, in the time frame 2008-2016. Completed at the end of 2015 (except for some photographs taken in 2016), the archive comprises video and photo materials, panorama images, architecture layouts, interviews and media coverage, following the National Theatre evolution and of its former and current employees throughout the entire duration of the building site for the building restyling. Through the spatial and temporal deployment, the archive has been first and foremost gathered as a study material on the topic of the architecture project, of the habitation of areas and the place occupied by NTB in the public space, aimed at both the audience and theatre professionals or those wishing to pursue a training in this field. The project has been entirely produced, in his capacity as author, by Mihai Bodea-Tatulea, graduate of the National University of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography, who even from the launch of his initiative, had the theatre’s consent to film and shoot all key moments in connection with the evolution of the institution. The entire documentary archive is subject to a potential publishing, and the author is seeking financial aid for supporting this effort. The National Theatre encourages the affiliation of other people, institutions or companies for supporting the project continuation.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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