NTB-TV, Live Broadcasts from July 20th, 2020!

Starting with July 20th, 2020, the “I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest will launch a series of live broadcasts on theatre premieres and other artistic events, projects and programmes organized by the theatre team and its collaborators. The live broadcasts, made by the NTB Media Studio team, will host actors, directors and various other artists involved in the projects that come to life here. The charm of these live broadcasts will consist, among other things, in the fact that the spectators present online will be able to send questions and messages during the broadcasts, entering dialogue with the protagonists.

These broadcasts will be hosted by the NTB YouTube channel, under the name NTB-TV, an online channel managed by the communication-promotion team of the National Theatre, which launched this project, encouraged by the success earned, among the spectators, by the streaming broadcasts made between March and June 2020 by NTB.

The proposal was made to create an alternative online schedule for spectators interested in theatre, stage, the life of artists and artistic activities that take place around theatre performances. We want this communication channel to remain dedicated to theatrical life only, avoiding any interference with other topics that populate media channels. We propose, therefore, to our future spectators, that during these live-streaming rounds we all comply with the rule of the game, that of avoiding any deviation from this strictly cultural direction.

NTB-TV aims to be an oasis of clean information, in which we can communicate with artists, on topics strictly related to their artistic activity, their projects, dreams and professional desires.

Therefore, the slogan under which NTB-TV will operate is:

In a world that is too hectic, artists bring balance!

Because our website is the handiest communication interface with our audience, you can also access on this page the NTB - TV broadcasts in order to be submitted by visiting the links below:

The schedule of live broadcasts will be announced through online media (NTB Facebook,, NTB Twitter).


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