On a Spider’s Web

by Alexandru Popa

On a Spider’s Web

by Alexandru Popa

Vlad Zamfirescu
Mădălina Marinescu

Pause: No


120 lei

Independent show hosted by the National Theatre of Bucharest. The organiser is exclusively liable for the quality and content of this event!

The show has Englishsurtitles!

The surprise event of the year in Romanian drama!

The entire team of the famous show "All inclusive" - ​​actors, director, producer, playwright - are preparing, in absolute premiere, a new exceptional theatrical production.

Andu announces to his wife that he will go to the monastery the next day. For good. Irritated by what seems to be a flat joke in the middle of the night, Alma, Andu's wife, starts the war. She also decides to leave first. To be "redeemed" before him. Friends are summoned. Each camp receives reinforcements. Surprises come one after another. And the ending ………. leaves deep traces.

An intense story that seduces the spectator with laughter, behind which worlds are built in which "truth is not always the most honest answer for the other."

Medeea Marinescu, Vlad Zamfirescu, Mirela Oprisor, Andi Vasluianu and Diana Roman, the protagonists of this show, achieve an exceptional artistic performance, carrying the audience, with talent and refinement, through a carousel of emotions.


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

Andu: Vlad Zamfirescu                      Alma: Medeea Marinescu
Lori: Mirela Oprișor                      Petru: Andi Vasluianu
Doroteea: Diana Roman                     
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