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On the Roof

by Gigi Caciuleanu

On the Roof

by Gigi Caciuleanu

Gigi Căciuleanu
Choreography Assistant:
Lelia Marcu - Vladu
Paul Ilea / Sensor
Texts / Drawings:
Gigi Căciuleanu

Premiere: 27.07.2019

Last performance: 21.05.2022

Duration: 1 h / Pause: No


40 lei

20 lei (cu reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

Choreographic Theatre

The Magic Amphitheatre on the rooftop of the National Theatre of Bucharest seduced me and inspired me ever since the moment I presented my show "TextShop". I proposed to Mr. Caramitru to offer to the National Theatre, as a gift, a show created on purpose for this space. This triggered the idea of ​​an ad-hoc company composed of some of the shortlisted Hop Gala finalists.

Of course I would have liked to co-opt in the company (baptized "Ad-Hop" Company) all those chosen by the jury to participate in the Young Actor Gala final, being convinced that each of them would have been able to participate in the creation I propose. But ... not all of them could be available to work offhandedlyduring the holiday months ...

Selection for the show On the Roof was based on two criteria:

1. Calendar availability

2. Ability to face, to prove to be fast, original and creative, against the improvisation test everyone has been confronted with at the Hop Gala preselection, in addition to the previous work they have done.

On the Roof: I thought the show as the invention of a world of contemporary jesters, a universe that uses a choreographic theatre language: a poetics of spatial geometry, a mathematics of clown jugglers; Verb - Action (the dance movement) in alternation, (and / or symbiosis), with Verb - Speech (poetic metaphor).

Reinventing a vocabulary: an Introfugue, a Frolic Bullet, a Groundling, a Teetotum, a Skew Fallen, a Ricochet, a Spinner, a Flying Meander and many others ...

I relied on what I was inspired first of all: youth and the availability theatrical-bodily features of the ones I discovered working on the preparation of the Hop Gala and of course taking into consideration the specific theme I have tackled upon this event:

"The DanceActor, the protagonist of the Choreographic Theatre - a requisite factor for the theatrical creation of the future." Gigi Caciuleanu

The show is produced by NTB, through the "Ion Sava" Centre for Theatre Research and Creation, in partnership with UNITER, the Art Production Foundation / Gigi Căciuleanu “Ad Hop” Company, with the support of JTI,  within the 9G at NTB programme.


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 


Credit foto: Florin Ghioca 

DancingActors: Adela Mihai / Ana Vișan
Adrian Loghin
Alexandra Oişte
Alin Potop
Andrei Atabay
Andrei Ianuş
George Olar
Ioana Beatrice Tănasă
Eva Danciu
Maria Panainte
Mihai Vasilescu
Nadina Cîmpianu / Iuliana Danciu
Nicolae Dumitru / Bogdan Iacob
Theodora Sandu
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