On the way to Iasi

by Ivona Boitan

On the way to Iasi

by Ivona Boitan

Ivona Boitan
Ileana Zirra

Duration: 1 h 20 min / Pause: No


60 lei

Independent show hosted by the National Theatre of Bucharest. The organiser is exclusively liable for the quality and content of this event!


At the request of the audience, against the backdrop of a world troubled by wars, fear and uncertainty, a stage of life we are currently facing, we are rerunning the performance On the way to Iasi, which reminds us of these experiences in the past of our history, ways of relating, living and surviving in harsh but uplifting times for the human spirit. The performance On the way to Iasi introduces us to a family made up of two sisters, wives of colonels, whose husbands are of course away at war, the period of the retreat of the troops from Bucharest to Iasi at the end of the First World War is captured, and we discover them in a great commotion because in their house, located somewhere on the road to Iasi, an important general of the Romanian Army was going to come. At the same time, it is clear from the two sisters' discussion that it is not only the joy of hosting the General that animates them, but also the fear of being discovered with "something". That something is their own sons. At the banquet given in honor of the general, the burning question of the war, the mobilization and motivation of the war, the need to unite all Romanians is of course discussed. We also learn that the general has four children, all of them serving in the army. Each character has their own attitude to country, war, union. Basically, the characters live exceptional situations that change their lives, they have their own behavior towards them, they are all mirrors in which the spectators can reflect themselves and, above all, they can reflect. The title of the play On the way to Iasi indicates exactly the state of the play, of passage, of transformation. It's not a play that talks about the ends of the road, it's not important Iasi, or Bucharest, one alliance or another, it's important the journey of each one towards the truth within, the transformation of each one in exceptional conditions, the story of a family in trials. The play talks about human dignity but also about great Romanians in a dignified country!

In 2018, the performance was part of the project Great Romania is made with great Romanians, funded by the Ministry of Culture.

The project took place in 5 historical cities of the country: Bucharest, Iasi Craiova, Alba Iulia and Timisoara.


Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu 

  Ana Calciu
Anca Sigartău
Tomi Cristin
Bogdan Iacob
Valentin Paraschivu
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