Petrică Ionescu

1965-1970, B.A. Theater & Cinema University Bucharest

Stage director of Shakespeare, Kafka, Mrozek, Caragiale performances in Bucharest University

1969, World Theater Festival, Nancy, France: «The Last Lesson»

«Conu' Leonida Dealing with Reaction» at Nottara Theater, Bucharest (performance censured by the regime)

1970, Florence Theater Biennale (leaves Romania subsequently)

1973-1990, mounted many theater performances in France, England, Germany, Ireland ( Shakespeare, Kleist, Gozzi, Ionesco, a.s.o.)

Author of other performances such as his own creation «L’Atlantide» at Chaillot Theater, Paris, and «L’efance de Vladimir Kobalt» at Paris/Nanterre Theater.

Directs and designs operas and musicals on the most prestigious international venues: Operas in Paris Garnier and Paris Bastille, Bordeaux, Nice, Marseille, Avignon; Orange; Toulouse, Nancy, Lyon, Lille; Metropolitan N.Y.; Scala, Milan, Venice, Rome, Catania, Spoleto Italy and USA;  Wien; Geneva; Stuttgart, Nurenberg; Liceo Barcelone; Santiago de Chile; Monte-Carlo; Amsterdam; Liege-Belgium; Bucarest; Tokyo; Helsinki-Finland

Stage director and set designer for ballet performances by Noureev, Caroline Carlson and a.s.o.


Film maker for his own and Caroline Carlson’s shows

Lately, authored shows on stadiums in Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Genf, Melbourn, Hambourg, Hanover, Munich – « Aida » on Stade de France, Paris (83,000 attendees per night)

Involved in musicals, i.e.  « Romeo and Juliet » which brought more than 1,000,000 people in the French concert halls.

In Romania he directed "Oedip" by George Enescu during the "George Enescu International Festival - 2003" at the Bucharest Opera. He also directed "The Bourgeois Gentleman" by Moliere, as part of the "Sommet de la francophonie 2006" held in Bucharest.

Designed special events, shows, parades, a.s.o. : Disneyland, Paris; Orlando; Los Angeles.

Art Director for «Space Festival» – Disneyland, Paris.

Art Director for the Philips Angkor Wat Project.


Photo by Florin Ghioca

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