Răzvan Popa

Directed shows:

"Island" (Reading Show) by Mihail Sebastian with ending - Act III - by Ruxandra Tuchel, 2020
"Allegro, ma non troppo" by Ion Minulescu, National Theatre of Bucharest, 2014
"Bride for Rent" by A. Lindgren, Tony Bulandra Theatre, Targoviste, 2018
„Inaccessible Love" by Paul Emond, La Scena Club
„ The History of Communism Told for Mentally Ill" - lecture show, by Matei Vişniec, The Odeon Theatre
„3 Nights with Madox" by Matei Vişniec, The Casandra Studio
„Don Juan Dies Like the Rest of Them" by Teodor Mazilu, NTB, Amfiteatru lounge, directing exam, second year


Parts at NTB:        

  • Citizen - "A Lost Letter" by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Horatiu Malaele, 2022
  • Ion Marian - "Allegro, ma non troppo" by Ion Minulescu, directed by Razvan Popa, from 2018
  • The Bodyguard - "The Inspector General" by Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol, directed by Felix Alexa, 2013  
  • Cpt. Suciu - „The Special Hospital" by Iosif Naghiu, directed by Ştefan Iordănescu, 2010    
  • Sarovkin - „The Heart of a Dog" by Mihail Bulgakov, directed by Yuriy Kordonskiy, 2005
  • Bogdan - „Sunset" by Barbu Ştefănescu Delavrancea, directed by Dan Pita, 2004
  • Jeppo Liveretto - „Lucrezia Borgia" by Victor Hugo, directed by Cristian Ioan, 2004
  • The Serbian- „New Year's Eve at the Terzo Mondo" by Ovidiu Moldovan, directed by Mihai Manolescu, 2003
  • The Man with the pills - „The Bureau of External Information" by Mircea Radu Iacoban, directed by Mihai Manolescu, 2002
  • The Captain - „The Name of the Rose" by Umberto Eco, directed by Grigore Gonta, 1998
  • Celebinus - „Tamburlaine the Great" by Christopher Marlowe, directed by Victor Ioan Frunza, 1995
  • Clytandre - „The Learned Women" by J.B.P. Molière, directed by Lucian Giurchescu, 1999
  • Val Xavier - „Orpheus Descending" by Tennessee Williams, directed by Mihai Manolescu, 1995


Activities outside NTB:                 

Parts in theatre


Ion Dacian Operetta Theatre
Billy Flynn - "Broadway Bucharest", musical, directed by Beatrice Rancea, 2010


The „Eugene O`Neill" Romanian-American Theatre: 1994 - 1995

  • John Landis - „Fifth of July " by Lanford Wilson, directed by Eliott Swift


The Jew State Theatre: 1988 - 1994

  • Gregor - „The Gates of the Forest" by Ellie Wiesel, directed by Dinu Cernescu
  • Bearl - „Hershale", directed by Harry Eliad
  • The Singer- „Jew Song Concert", directed by Harry Eliad


The Iaşi National Theatre: 1984 - 1988

  • The boy - „The Hut" by Mircea Radu Iacoban, directed by Eugen Todoran
  • Mihai - „The Last Trip" by Eugen Lovinescu, directed by Dan Stoica
  • Frolov - „Farewell in June!" by Aleksander Vampilov, directed by Anca Ioviţă


Pipp Simmons Group:

  • Officer SS - „About Music", directed by Pip Simmons


Debut: Algernon - „Good Evening, Mr. Wilde" Music-hall by „The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde, directed by Sanda Manu, 1983


Parts in movie

  • SS Officer - „Youth Without Youth", directed by Francis Ford Coppola, 2005
  • Dr. Basarab Pădureţu - „And All Was Nothing", directed by Cristina Nichituş, 2005
  • The Doctor- „Conclusion", directed by Gabriel Şandru, 2005
  • Muller - „Caved in", directed by Richard Pepin, 2005
  • The Commandant - „Le domaine perdu", directed by Raoul Ruiz, 2005
  • Allain de Pareille - „Les Rois Maudits", directed by Iosee Dayan, 2005
  • Marechal Ney - „Battleground Waterloo", directed by Michael Ojeda, 2005
  • Lieutenant - „Seven Seconds", directed by Simon Fellows, 2004
  • Bartender - „A Second of Hate", directed by Cristina Iliescu, 2004
  • John, the DP - „Method", directed by Duncan Roy, 2004
  • Bosnian business man - „Sex Traffik", directed by David Yates, 2004
  • Inspector - „Une place parmi les vivantes", directed by Raoul Ruiz, 2003
  • TV Presenter - „Hertz ohne Krone", directed by Peter Patzak, 2003
  • „Callas Forever", directed by Franco Zeffirelli, 2002
  • Radio Director - „Hautes frequences", directed by Gerard Cuq, 2001
  • Commando 1 and Seal's Captain - „Diplomatic Siege" (Enemy of my enemy), directed by Gustavo Graefmarino, 1999
  • Assistant - „Retro Puppet Master", directed by David DeCoteau, 1999
  • Duke of St. Yves - „Excalibur Kid",  directed by James Head, 1999
  • Vlad Tomescu - „ A Carton of Kent And a Pack of Coffee", directed by Cristi Puiu, 1999
  • „Quo vadis", directed by Martin Papirowski, 1998
  • Citizen - „Aliens in the Wild, Wild West", directed by George Erschbamer, 1998
  • Flic - „Homicide conjugal", directed by Gerard Cuq, serial TV, 1998
  • Kashka - „Little Ghost", directed by Linda Shayne, 1997
  • Liviu Balş - „Woman in Red", directed by Mircea Veroiu, 1997
  • Lebrac - „Le corps d'un homme", directed by Claude Michel Rome, 1996
  • Montolon - „Napoleon", directed by Martin Papirowski, 1996
  • The Witness - „Passion Mortelle", directed by Claude-Michel Rome, 1995
  • Detective - „Meurtres par procuration", directed by Claude Michel Rome, 1994
  • Scalinger's servant - „Nostradamus", directed by Roger Christian, 1993
  • Provost - „Trancers IV", directed by David Nutter, 1992
  • Ştefan - „Stres", directed by Leonard Henţiu, 1989
  • Mihai - „Keep Me Only to Yourself", directed by Virgil Calotescu, 1986
  • Gigi - „The Champ „Fourth Fence Near the Dock", directed by Cristiana Nicolae, 1986
  • The kid - „The Rally", directed by Mircea Drăgan, 1985
  • Dan Ionescu - „Matter of Fact", directed by Andrei Blaier, 1984
  • Mihai - „Parallel Destinies", directed by Ilie Sterian, 1983
  • George - „Alone by Kart", directed by Tudor Mărăscu, 1982
  • The sword swallower - „The Mysteries of Bucharest", directed by Doru Năstase, 1981
  • „Wonder Kids", directed by Florica Holban, 1981
  • German Ensign - „The Silence from the Depths", directed by Malvina Urşianu, 1980
  • The Angel - „On the Hand Car", directed by Vladimir Ilniţki, IATC production, 1980
  • „Kids, Where Do We Play?", directed by Florica Holban, 1980



  • Margelus Supusu - „The in-laws", directed by Nae Cosmescu, National TV
  • King and Zeus - „Quarrel of the Gods", directed by Silviu Jicman, TVR



  • University of Theatre and Film Arts,  Bucharest, Directing section, 2004 promotion, professor Valeriu Moisescu' class, Nicolae Mandea's assistant
  • University of Theatre and Film Arts, Bucharest, acting section, 1984 promotion, professor Sanda Manu's class, Cătălin Naum and Geta Angheluţă's assistant.
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