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Premiere: 30.10.2018

Pause: No


50 lei

Important notice regarding the Amphitheatre shows!
Being an open-air space, in case of rain, the following rule shall apply:
- if the rain starts before the show and the setup time allows this, the representation shall be moved to one of the theatre halls. Should this not be possible, it shall either be rescheduled, the tickets remaining valid, or the ticket money shall be reimbursed, or the tickets can be exchanged for another show from the Amphitheatre programme.
- if the rain starts during the representation, the show shall be suspended, rendering its rescheduling and the ticket price reimbursement impossible.


Concert show

The concert title is Saftita and is inspired by the Romanian folklore transposed on Balkan rhythms. It is a mix of psychedelic syntethizers over a dulcimer, reed pipe and flute, and other classical instruments from the Romanian folklore. Traditional Romanian music combined with modern sonorities makes the message and the essence of our folklore to be translated into a universal language.

Marius Mihalache, the musician who has succeeded in conferring incredible valences, subtleties and resonances to the dulcimer, rivalling with sonorities specific to classical music, shall be accompanied on stage by Arabela Nicolau (vocal), Marius Gagiu (flute, reed pipe), Lorin Mihalache (drums) and Florin Parfene (bass).

The career and consecration of artist Marius Mihalache confirms once again the fact that talent knows no borders. At the age of 10, he wins his first award in Athens, Greece, and with 17 he performs on his dulcimer Rachmaninov, Chopin, Schuman, Schubert and Mozart raising thousands of applauses at the Scala di Milano. It follows the encounter with the one who shall be his mentor, renowned American artist Chick Corea, and he is offered the opportunity of performing in the opening act of the latter’s concerts. He records alongside Gloria Gaynor and Nina Simone. Furthermore, he has a series of collaborations with Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica, Steve Vai and Kitaro, as well as other internationally known artists.


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

Dulcimer: Marius Mihalache                      Vocal: Arabela Nicolau
Drums: Lorin Mihalache                      Flute, Reed Pipe: Marius Gagiu

"If you have never listened to Marius Mihalache charming the dulcimer, it is high time that you buy tickets for Săftița. If you know what he can accomplish with this intrument, it is again appropriate to purchase tickets, because you shall hear sonorities not characteristic to him (it is a sign that MM still has lots to say from a musical point of view!). If you wish to disconnect from the daily madness, go to NTB to get your dose of beauty and optimism. I conclude by thanking them for saving my end of the year and for helping me to bid farewell to 2018 in an appropriate manner: with a smile on my face".  

Nona Rapotan, BookHub - Saftita Seduces and Brings Audience to NTB  

“His instrument with strings and hammers proved to be lacking complexes faced with famous arias composed by Rachmaninov, Chopin, Schumann, Schubert or Mozart. One of the most important moments of his career was the encounter with Chick Corea, with whom he performed a series of concerts. He played and made recordings with Gloria Gaynor, Nina Simone, Steve Vai, Kitaro and other well-known musicians worldwide, acquiring his prestige as an original instrumentalist, gaining from the fiddler dulcimer a wealth of sonorities, some of them never encountered. Among them, he shares a few in the concert-show in Bucharest".

Bogdan Burileanu, Liternet – Some Folklore, Some Virtuosity... - Saftita  

“Remote from sticky phrases and other advocacy or arrogance, Marius Mihalache has conquered through authenticity: jovial, courteous, deeply magnetic. Thanks to the suave wench and the instrumentalists in the arena, Marius Mihalache demonstrated that direct simplicity, flawless musicality and the irresistible dose of authenticforce and agility are attributes of a successful project: Saftita”. 

Madalina Dumitrache, Bel Esprit - Saftita Opens the Gate towards FolkLand – Saftita  

”Saftita” by Marius Mihalache means quality music and impeccable artists. ”Saftita” by Marius Mihalache means magic”.

Simona Ionita, Book Agency – Archaic and Postmodern Sounds for the Dulcimer   

“Marius Mihalache and his son Lorin Mihalache, have a stellar encounter on the Studio Hall stage...  I bet you shall leave in ecstasy after their performance”.

Horia Ghibutiu, Days and Nights - 5 to do in Bucharest  

"Who thought the dulcimer was just an accompaniment specific to tarafs or the bands of fiddlers is mistaken! One can play Bach on the dulcimer (according to someone), and Marius Mihalache is one of the few (maybe even the only one) who can do that.

Unusual sounds propagate miraculously from the instrument's strings, and his colleagues, one by one, Marius Gagiu (cavalier, flute, flute), Nicu Balan (bass chaired), Lorin Mihalache (19-year-old son of Marius Mihalache, drums) and soloist Arabela Nicolau complete a group that simply fascinates through the way of recomposing and performing familiar themes from Romanian folk and classical music. "

Danut Deleanu, The Resistance Movement - “Stefan Iordache” Theatre Festival. The Show "Saftita" - Marius Mihalache and His Enchanted Dulcimer  


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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